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#rockbox log for 2018-11-15

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19:37:24asymsuconHi Bilgus
19:37:50asymsuconI'm trying to update the last SD card boot built from your mediafire to the latest version
19:38:44asymsuconEnsuring that the .clipzip file is on the SD card, it still returns an error "No .rockbox directory"
19:40:47Bilguselaborate on latest version
19:42:15Bilgusdo you mean the latest dev version @, a version You built or a version I built?
19:43:45asymsuconlatest version downloaded from
19:46:17Bilgusthe latest dev version doesn't have multiboot enabled, it is enabled by the bootloader but without a conforming version the sd card it will not boot it
19:47:35asymsuconI was under the impression that the patch was implemented long time ago
19:47:44Bilgusyou would still have to patch in order to get the multiboot bootloader to recognize it
19:48:23asymsuconso I have to build it from scratch?
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19:49:01Bilgusfor the bootloaders yes but the actual firmware to run it is still on hold till either JHMikeS fininshes his filesystem updates or they get abandoned and we decide on another course of action
19:50:45Bilgusyes you would have to build it yourself, Is there some change you need that the other build don't have?
19:52:12asymsuconnope, it was just a notion to update the FW after about 16 months, and to get USB Audio support
19:52:34asymsuconbut now checking that it's not in the build too
19:52:54asymsuconand that there might be possible conflict
19:53:44BilgusI'll update the builds when I have a few hours free in the next week or so
19:55:16asymsuconok, thanks
19:55:59asymsuconI'll check if I still have that mediafire link bookmarked somewhere...My workstation is a mess, I've been relocating the last 3 weeks
19:57:06asymsuconand no update on the faulty LCD on my other ZIP, but when I press down on the display, it fixes itself
19:57:42asymsuconthanks a bunch, I now remembered that you posted the links on the forum, should have checked there before asking..
19:57:44Bilguspersonally I'd just jam something in it
19:58:00asymsuconyep, that's my idea for a fix of that sort :)
19:58:22asymsuconanything else might be asking for trouble
20:07:54asymsuconNot sure if it's intentional or not, but when the Clip+/Zip is off, the charging gets slower and it stops around 75%.
20:08:28asymsuconI personally welcome this, because it puts less stress on the battery, and allow more cycles in the end
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