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#rockbox log for 2018-11-26

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10:51:58CH23Would it be possible to build an iPod 6g/7g classic bootloader containing just rockbox and apple's disk mode?
10:52:22CH23'possible' as without a lot of reverse engineering
10:53:21CH23and are the chances of bricking a device by doing this higher, than by normal dualbooting?
11:06:36CH23actually the reason i'm asking is because I keep booting into the normal ipod firmware and all i want is it to boot in rockbox when i hit 'select', and disk mode when i hit any other button
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15:36:27massaIs there an official way to create an (publicly accessible) branch of the current rockbox master?
15:37:07massa(for development of a new port)
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19:54:55danielp3344am I muted?
19:55:05bremnershould you be?
19:55:07danielp3344good, thx
19:55:31danielp3344bremner: I am bridged through matrix, sometimes my freenode nick doesnt work right
19:55:58danielp3344I am working on a port for the sony NWZ-S615F
19:56:32danielp3344I took it apart, scanned pcbs, found manuals etc but forum registration is disabled :-(
19:57:01danielp3344can I get some help with that here?
20:01:58Bilgusforum registration is disabled or the wiki?
20:02:32danielp3344errr, wiki sorry
20:04:41Bilgusah ok so what you need to do is try to do the registration (clearly you already did) and take your name you tried to register and send a request by email to bjorn ( the address is at the bottom of the registration page)
20:04:59danielp3344ok thx
20:05:42Bilgusso send bjorn a request title it Rockbox Wiki Registration or something like that and give him your wiki user name and wait a week or two till he has a chance
20:06:13danielp3344sounds doable
20:06:35Bilgusthen you'll need to ask for write access in here after you receive your user name and password
20:06:50danielp3344do you want to put the data I have up for me?
20:07:05danielp3344I have scans, service manual and complete schematics
20:07:10BilgusIt is a bit annoying but it sure beats the alternative of a spammed wiki
20:07:51BilgusIf you want them up now zip it up and put it someplace I can access it and I can put them up for you in the next day or two
20:08:26danielp3344thank you!
20:08:33danielp3344Ill post a link in a sec
20:08:48BilgusInclude the test you want along with headings because I don't intend to be you editor just copy and paste lol
20:09:02danielp3344ok ;-)
20:09:30danielp3344unfortunately the scans and schematics are on my desktop at home so when I get back later today I'll link them for you
20:12:37Bilgusno problem
20:13:46danielp3344could you answer a n00b question?
20:14:22Bilgusyou are better off just asking it and someone might be able to answer it
20:15:23danielp3344why does rockbox typically supplement the OEM fw instead of building a complete replacement?
20:15:58Bilgusfirst safety
20:16:34danielp3344how so?
20:17:16Bilgusand it also depends on the player for instance most of the sansas the OF is compressed and our bootloader is placed beside it
20:18:18Bilguswell if you screw something up royally you have a method to use the device and the sonys and agptek rocker do so more out of ease of porting because it takes a long time to do it from baremetal
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20:19:29Bilgusin those cases you have an already working interface you can hook
20:20:01danielp3344ok, makes sense
20:28:11danielp3344so, I downloaded the OEM firmware installer (windows) I unpacked it and it creates a file of about 11M that looks like the firmware. should I try to put this in the root dir and see if it updates?
20:33:09BilgusSonyNWZ I've no experience with it whatsoever I'd suggest reading the manual / wiki on it
20:33:29danielp3344I did...
20:36:26danielp3344well, it looks like scsitools will do it
20:36:36danielp3344now I just need to see if it works
20:39:18danielp3344would it be really stupid to just install a version or rockbox from a very similar device and see if it works?
20:40:56BilgusI don't think I'd risk my device but If you have a way to restore it I can't see it being a major problem
20:41:17BilgusI think first I'd try dumping the device and making a backup
20:41:33danielp3344how can I dump it?
20:44:10Bilguspamaury would be the official source on that
20:45:17danielp3344I dont have the hardware available to easily dump the hardware
20:49:11Bilgusthen maybe you shouldn't do it without more information I (We) wouldn't want you to brick your device with no way back
20:51:12danielp3344agreed, I *did* find it in a pile of junk though ;-P
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21:07:17danielp3344ok, I found a 'test' mode that allows flashing
21:14:34danielp3344I successfuly flashed new fw!
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21:15:58danielp3344I suppose I can try a port now?
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21:44:25danielp3344the wiki talks about "bootloader" vs "firmware" how are these different and which does what?
21:44:59danielp3344I would assume "bootloader" is hardware init/load fw off main flash whereas fw is the actuall ui?
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22:06:06thomasjfoxdanielp3344: exactly :)
22:06:36danielp3344thx, are they usually on the same chip?
22:07:14thomasjfoxno idea, I would guess so (saves costs)
22:07:48danielp3344and for rockbox the actual fw is in the .rockbox dir correct?
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23:14:28__builtinmassa (logs): usually we just develop in a gerrit patch
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