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#rockbox log for 2018-12-03

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12:00:59ulmutulfoolsh: I've found the culprit. I'll push a fix when I find some time.
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19:10:41Bilguswodz (logs) Have you verified if the volume up keys work on the rocker? I saw your keymap patch and noted that the other person that submitted a patch in gerrit [] had to switch to using BUTTON_VOLUP instead of BUTTON_VOL_UP
19:14:02BilgusI also don't see BUTTON_VOL_UP defined here:
19:26:04speachyrocker seems to work with the latest commit, at least in the WPS.
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20:10:35Bilgusspeach it'd be the volume control within a menu I believe
20:10:43Bilgusspeachy *
20:17:32speachyvol up/dn don't work in the menus, from what I can tell.
20:18:38Bilgusfor instance if from the WPS you go to the Context Menu you should be able to change the volume while the menu is up
20:19:38BilgusIf not I'd say BUTTON_VOL_UP/DN is indeed undefined
20:22:00speachynope, not in the normal or context menus.
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20:29:50otyughHey there. Great project. I was wondering on a "accessibilité standpoint", what would be the cheapest hardware available and still sold that can carry rockbox ? I'm mainly looking at a way to read mp3/ogg without selling a kidney.
20:31:10Bilgusfor sure the AGPtek ROCKER if we are talking about buying it new
20:31:29speachyyeah, the rocker is probably the best bet right now.
20:31:36Bilguseven versus used in some cases
20:32:32bremnerI should really install rockbox on my rocker
20:32:51bremnerI thought I'd try the native UI for a bit.
20:32:56speachyexcept for lacking bluetooth, rockbox is far, far nicer than the Agptek firmware..
20:33:18bremnerno bluetooth is fine, just the install process looked a bit involved
20:33:36bremneris it installable from "official" images yet?
20:35:20speachynope, the bootloader is still special
20:35:30Bilgusno you'd still need to compile a bootloader or use a supplied one
20:39:13otyughThanks for the answers. I must say I was more looking for the "ipodnano" kind of design, I must have a weird taste ^^'
20:39:16speachyanyone care to comment on #1961?
20:40:24otyughs/nano/shuffle, my bad.
20:40:54speachyI have a small pile of accessibility patches but they all start on top of that.
20:47:14Bilgusthe only thing I'd question is taking a LANG_ID back from depreciated I ASSUME it'd work but haven't enough insight to say
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20:48:50speachywell, the alternative seems to be creating a new LANG_ID, so..
20:51:02speachywait, I misread that −− the patch deprecates one LANG_ID and creates two new ones.
20:57:14Bilgusoh sorry I meant depreciating it but it seems to be ok reading the notes at the top
20:57:51Bilgus^what are the implications here of adding the new enum I'd look very closely
20:58:25Bilgusthe menu is going to need to conform to the enum values 0-5
21:00:20speachythat enum ordering is a bit wonky
21:03:06Bilgusagreed but what i'm getting at is bookmark_autobookmark() in bookmark.c is dependent on the ordering as well
21:04:25Bilgusyou have two functions(+?) that depend on that enum one is 0-4 the 0-5 but that won't work if they each expect a different item at #3
21:04:57Bilgusone or the other need to translate between the ordering
21:05:56Bilgusor just make the two items share the same number ( I think thats ok in enums)
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21:06:16Bilgusassuming they are unique to each function
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21:09:28speachyeither I'm missing something or autobookmark doesn't care about those other values or their order
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21:10:59speachybut yeah, the number will probably shift.
21:11:01BilgusThey don't look to be mapped @1235 in settings_list
21:12:14speachydoes choice_setting require values to be sequential?
21:12:20Bilgusno doubt about it that the number will shift but CHOICE_SETTING(0, autocreatebookmark ... 5 means the range is 0-5 and therefore they no longer correspond
21:12:59speachywait, I get what you're saying.
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21:13:42Bilguschoice setting should be sequential but let me find the definition to be sure
21:13:44speachyso, moral of story, two sorta related things are sharing subsets of the same enum.
21:13:58speachyand they shouldn't.
21:14:05speachystrictly speaking anyway
21:18:43Bilgusthe definitions are at the top of settings_list.c I think TABLE_SETTING would allow you arbitrary numbering
21:19:30Bilgusbut the better bet is probably just to play with the enum to get them jiving
21:20:25Bilgusassuming nothing else depends on both being unique (read -> in the the same function) elsewhere
21:20:46speachyI don't think so
21:23:30Bilgusthen assuming I have the numbering right (ha) BOOKMARK_ASK = 3, BOOKMARK_ONE_PER_TRACK = 3, should do it
21:24:43 Join ChristW [0] (~christ@
21:25:26speachynew version pushed
21:26:24speachyI'm using the same ordering in settings_list.c
21:26:40speachywith each element explicit.
21:28:09Bilguslooks funky
21:28:17speachycould reorder them?
21:28:56speachythe definitions, I mean
21:32:48speachygotta scoot for a couple hours. FWIW I've using the original version of the patch on my rocker, no issues.
21:33:14BilgusI might be wrong you should look very closely at the two functions
21:33:42Bilgusexplicit numbering is definitely a good idea either way
21:34:46speachyat this point the main thing I'd change is splitting the enum into two, one for each setting. But with every value explicitly set, I don't see how there's any _new_ problem created.
21:39:52speachyhuh, the bookmark code doesn't seem to care about the BOOKMARK_ASK setting
21:40:09speachyotherwise the functions appear sane.
21:40:43speachynothing seems to care about BOOKMARK_ASK.
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23:24:16Bilgusspeachy, if that is the case and for doubly sure the case maybe it should be removed I would look for code faux pas like magic numbers or even offsets from another enum just to be sure
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