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#rockbox log for 2018-12-15

00:17:15*__builtin hasn't totally forgotten Rockbox
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02:10:29speachyheh, he's forgotten more than I currently know.
02:10:47speachyprobably not saying all that much
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07:42:41Bilgusspeachy I want to pull the playlist viewer out of core anyways so I'll try it and get back to you
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10:44:14Bilgusspeachy nevermind I'm pretty sure after I add everything that is missing to plugin.h to match the current functionality of the playlist_viewer the size difference will be a wash
10:46:00BilgusI was also under the impression we had 'talk' in plugins but apparently not
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14:40:14speachyBilgus, one of the patches I'm sitting on adds talk features to plugins.
14:40:51speachyit may be worth revisiting this conversation once (if?) that lands.
14:41:56speachySo that said, any remaining objections to the three patches I think are otherwise ready ( g#1962, g#2002, g#2008) to land?
14:46:54Bilguspeople tend to get pissed when you add a bunch of code to the core thats assuming any of them are left.. It feels like working in a vacuum lately around here So you might want to send a mail out on the mailing list before you try and merge g#2008
14:50:14Bilgus g#2002 sounds fine I can't imagine that extra second is going to make much of a difference but I bet there will still be some player that it should be skipped on only one way to find out which lol
14:54:21Bilgus g#1962 looks fine as well no clue on the translations I never use voice but I'm all for making RB accessible for our blind brethren
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16:02:05speachyaccessiblilty is probably the only killer feature RB has these days.
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18:03:25speachyokay, 2008 I'll ping the list about first, but the others I submitted.
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18:05:20speachydamnit.. now I discover there was a merge error.
18:05:44speachydidnt' see it as I landed the fix in a subsequent patch.
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18:12:51*speachy hangs his head in shame.
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19:12:53speachyalso broke HWCODEC builds too. Guess I should set up an archos toolchain.
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19:34:44Bilgusspeachy it was only 14 more commits till a completely green table :/
19:36:18BilgusWe will be getting rid of HWCODEC 'EVENTUALLY' so don't sweat it
19:36:47Bilguswe keep talking about it but have yet to actually drop it
19:41:17speachyit probably wouldn't much work to have gerrit hold off on merging patches unless the build is entirely green.
19:41:26speachygiven the existing builder infrastructure
19:44:58Bilgusthat might be the straw that broke the camels back lol
19:51:06speachyout of curiousity, why are you so active these days?
20:00:38BilgusI code when I can't sleep lol
20:00:52*speachy can certianly understand that!
20:05:15Bilgusmy goal as of late has been to get lua to the point that people can write their own features without other people doing it for them
20:05:41BilgusI think it is very nearly there
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