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#rockbox log for 2019-01-02

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04:32:34ssmg2hey, is anyone here i can talk to about a possibly bricked sansa clip zip? the forum said to ask before messing with the hardware
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07:37:37Bilgusguess he couldn't wait
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13:47:24speachy...guess not..
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14:14:21speachywoo, wodz gave the goahead to get the ihifi 770/770c/800 port merged.
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16:24:20speachyIf anyone's around, I'd also appreciate opinions on g#2011
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19:14:47johnb2speachy: g#2011 -> I personally feel it is useful.
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19:24:38JordiGHI just bought a clip+ on Ebay and a month later its drive is failing. :-/
19:24:51JordiGHI love these little guys but I've had so many die on me.
19:25:01JordiGHI don't know if keeping them in my pocket is wrecking them or something.
19:25:27JordiGHThere isn't much more choice besides Sansa stuff, is there?
19:48:12BilgusJordiGH I imagine the ones on ebay are probably on their last leg and restored to get them working.
19:48:26johnb2JordiGH : various options: used Sonys, Agptek Rocker/Benjie T6, xduoos ...
19:48:47Bilgus Are you using the multiboot bootloader? with that you could run them off the sd card and leave the internal drive free of writes
19:49:10JordiGHOh, that sounds great.
19:49:17JordiGHHow do I do a multiboot loader?
19:49:29JordiGHYeah, the internal drive is definitely dying.
19:49:55JordiGHWhen trying to fsck it by plugging it to my laptop it I get my dmesg log flooded with read errors.
19:50:35Bilgusmight already be too late but the info is up on the forums
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19:52:37JordiGHI wonder if I could just repair the hardware.
19:52:51JordiGHThis must be my fifth or sixth Clip.
19:53:22Bilgusthe issue is the flash chip andd no one has succeeded so far
19:53:40JordiGHHuh? Common problem?
19:54:05BilgusI've been using multiboot on my clip+ for at least a year
19:54:47Bilgusyou do have to use a special build which I include in that post so its a bit behind head but I update it every time someone asks
19:55:20JordiGHI mean, it's a common enough problem for the internal drive to die that you came up with this workaround?
19:56:22BilgusThe bootloader needs to be added to the Rockbox utility but I've a hard time catching someone with write access to the mainsite lately
19:56:53JordiGHErm, can you see my question?
19:56:53BilgusIts pretty much the #1 failure for them
19:57:32JordiGHBut I think you're right it's too late. I can't write to the disk at all from my laptop.
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19:58:02Bilgusyeah if its gone read only you are stuck with whatever is already there
19:59:05JordiGHWell, can't read it either, but sometimes if I'm lucky the device still boots.
19:59:09Bilgusif its still able to boot into rb you could run a sd only version and continue to use it
20:01:30JordiGHBut how can I do that if I can't seem to modify its internal drive?
20:02:37ksdominoI have a very sluggish (almost non-responsive) sony nw-a35..I think the firmware is corrupt but it won't let me update because its on the latest (1.20)..any ideas anyone please
20:04:44Bilgusjohnb2 did it for quite a while you run the other build from the file browser but if it doesn't usually boot its not going to be long for this world anyways
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20:07:11Bilgusksdomino pamaury is the resident expert on the sonys but he hasn't been very resident lately
20:09:25Bilguson the wiki there should be some info about recovery mode and how to make it write the image to the device
20:10:14ksdominoThanks Bilgus
20:10:43ksdominoI'll check out the wiki & research "recovery mode"
20:12:22Bilgusis your device rockboxed?
20:14:44JordiGHBilgus: Thanks for the help and suggestions.
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20:15:23Bilgusnp if you get another clip+ or clipzip keep the multiboot option in mind
20:19:53ksdominoNo it's not rockboxed..I downloaded the rockbox utility but it doesn't show sony as a manufacturer (i'm on mac)
20:20:50ksdominoMaybe changing the destination to USA might let me install american firmware (I'm in the uk, the device is from the far east somewhere)
20:21:53Bilgusah ok then you probably won't find what you are looking for unfortunately I was going to suggest the SonyNWDestTool which should be supported for your device
20:22:33Bilgusstill not sure how likely it is that you'll be able to do anything with it
20:25:32ksdominoyes I was looking at that sony NWDestTool...I think (other than trying to get sony uk to repair an out of warranty grey import) my only option is to somehow use something to allow a firmware rewrite
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20:30:01q3cpmaHello, any reason libopus hasn't been synced with upstream for some time except lack of manpower (or manwill)?
20:32:20speachyq3cpma, I've been spending some time trying to get libopus updated. But fundamentally it is just a matter of time and willpower
20:32:52speachyrockbox made a lot of local changes to improve memory usage, so updating it isn't trivial.
20:33:07q3cpmaI see.
20:33:28speachyis there a specific feature/bugfix you're looking for, or is it a more general desire?
20:33:34q3cpmaDo you think some major optimizations are missing?
20:34:14speachyif the codec has asm optimizations it's possible those aren't in rockbox.
20:34:15q3cpmaJust seeing that it's twice as hard as Vorbis to decode and wondering if it's worth it.
20:34:32speachybut it's fast enough on contempary hardware..
20:34:45q3cpmaSure, but battery life is important too.
20:35:31Bilgusoh speachy I already have a branch with updated libopus
20:36:26Bilgusbut i'm stuck trying to fix this decoder bug that skips the first portion of the audio packets when a multi page comment resets the sync
20:36:39speachywhoops. :P
20:37:02BilgusI've a patch up but it's not right yet
20:37:34speachyah, was about to ask about the status of g#2046
20:38:03speachyhadn't done any work on my updated libopus branch since early October.
20:38:13BilgusI know what and why it is happening but I've yet to get it to not throw away the whole buffer
20:38:57*speachy ended up needing to focus on finding new employment instead of rockbox hacking.
20:39:59Bilgusgainful employment trums playing with rockbox unfortunately
20:41:30speachyanyway, gotta scoot again for some more errands.
20:41:32*speachy idles.
20:56:25q3cpmaBye and thanks for the answer
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