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#rockbox log for 2019-01-05

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00:42:54Bilgusspeachy, I bet that build takes a lot longer than the build system thinks my last 3 merges have taken 72 minutes
00:44:06Bilgusalso which mips device are you compiling for that illustrates MIPSr1_ASM requiring MIPSr2?
00:51:32speachyxduoo x3 −− it has a mips32r1 core
00:51:52speachythe MIPSr1_ASM actually uses the optional MIPSr2 DSP extensions too, so it's doubly-wrongly named.
00:54:14speachyplus our gcc 4.9.4 toolchain barfs on some incorrect asm syntax too −− incorrect argument counts for four instructions (incorrect according to the MIPS documentation too)
00:55:58speachyI think the nearly tripled build time is because some builders are offline.
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04:47:00speachyturns out that bad asm syntax is because those instruction variants are part of the DSP extension. So if our target supports -march=mips32r2 -mdsp the code builds.
04:47:43speachyAFAICT none of our MIPS targets qualify.
04:56:56speachytalking with the opus folks. I think their solution will be to properly document what MIPSr1_ASM actually requires to work, since the code has been umaintained for years.
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06:03:40speachyhmm, the #opus channel has their buildbot speaking into the channel.
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06:37:58Bilgusspeachy, ours could too but the owner hasn't the time to add authentication to him
06:39:04speachyoh, before I make a [bigger] fool of myself on #opus, your opus update actually works, right?
06:39:53speachy(they are expressing surprise that we're not building anything under silk/fixed (they get a build failure on mips there with upstream master)
06:40:56Bilguson arm sure I don't have a mips device to test
06:41:19BilgusIt builds for me fine but that doesn't really mean anything
06:42:01Bilgusbuilds fine on the xduoo x3 and onda747
06:42:05Bilgusthat is..
06:42:23speachyyeah, I have it building okay, just haven't loaded it into a player. have no reason to think it won't work.
06:43:02Bilgusmmm I don't think I'd be that confident
06:43:41speachygiven that arm is using asm stuff, it's possible that the pure C version doesn't work due to silk/fixed/*.c not being compiled.
06:43:59Bilgusespecially since mips seems to be a backwards mess most of the time I look in to anything dealing with it
06:46:21speachywell, I have to table this for now, because it's getting quite late and I'm going to have to get up in five hours..
06:47:31Bilgusnp I won't be submitting it till we know it works and I'm going to do some benchmarks on arm
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08:50:31Bilgusspeachy, here are the test codec results Rockbox ARM test codec results Libopus 1.3 2015 vs upstream
08:52:42Bilgusperformance is down across every file except one and I bet I transposed something there..
08:53:55Bilgusbased on these results I'd say we will probably want to stick with what we have but i'll leave the patch up in case there is some compelling reason later
09:00:24BilgusI pasted the proper results in gerrit so yeah down across the board
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