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#rockbox log for 2019-01-11

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13:27:06SoMuchForSubtletthis might be a stupid question but I tried installing a few themes and they all turn out corrupted
13:27:14SoMuchForSubtlethere is an image for reference
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13:50:07BilgusSoMuchForSubtlet, do you use a iflash adapter or other non oem drive technology?
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13:53:12SoMuchForSubtletBilgus: no, the stock hard drive
13:53:22*gevaerts doesn't think this is storage corruption
13:53:30gevaertsLooks like an LCD driver bug to me
13:53:58SoMuchForSubtletthe terminal theme works fine as far as I can tell
13:55:00SoMuchForSubtletcabbie also works
13:58:06BilgusI'd find it odd that the background would be corrupted but not the foreground, now maybe if the backbuffer was getting the resuolt of another buffers overflow perhaps
13:58:43Bilguswhat version of rockbox SoMuchForSubtlet?
14:02:02SoMuchForSubtletmore images
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14:07:27Bilgusso in those two pictures if you then move the cursor off 'Shortcuts' does the corruption return as well?
14:08:14speachymay also be worth grabbing a current nightly build to see if it's still there, before further diagnosis.
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14:11:47BilgusI don't think anything has been changed for the ipod lcd since october but sure why not
14:15:01BilgusSoMuchForSubtlet, try 3.14 I only see that specifically touches the ipod
14:19:34speachyyeah, didn't think so either but it is standard triage.. try to at least determine if the problem was introduced between the last release and the current build..
14:27:38SoMuchForSubtletOK, I'll give it a try, thanks :)
14:28:03SoMuchForSubtletBilgus: yea the corruption returns
14:30:33Bilgusif this has been around since 3.14 it would have been reported by now so its either your device or the theme(s)
14:32:08Bilgustry transgering the theme back from your ipod and compare the crc of the background image to the one in the theme zip file
14:33:10speachyis it possible leftover stuff in the .rockbox dir might be causing issues?
14:34:24Bilgusstranger things have happened SoMuchForSubtlet try renaming your .rockbox directory .rockbox.old and transfer a new build to your device
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14:35:47speachyonce had some really funky stuff happen with themes but it was becuase I had leftover crap from a different target lying around.
14:35:47SoMuchForSubtletI'll try both
14:36:55SoMuchForSubtletok the update didn't improve things hahaha
14:39:30Bilgusthat looks like an issue of the font missing did you rename the old .rockbox directory before this?
14:39:58speachycorruption's still there
14:40:01SoMuchForSubtletthe font fixed itself when I started scrolling
14:41:15SoMuchForSubtletI think the theme files are corrupt
14:41:36SoMuchForSubtletmaybe the HDD is dying?
14:41:55SoMuchForSubtletI'm having trouble copying the files from the ipod to my PC
14:42:13speachysounds not promising...
14:42:29gevaertsIf a PC did that, I'd say RAM
14:42:36gevaertsor CPU
14:44:20gevaertsDo you still have the Apple firmware on it? Does that work fine?
14:44:42SoMuchForSubtletyea I think so, seemed to work fine
14:45:02SoMuchForSubtletI'm getting really strange transfer speeds
14:45:26SoMuchForSubtletabout an hour ago I transferred a few GB of music in under 5 minutes
14:50:27Bilgusmaybe try doing everything through disk mode? does the classic have the disk scanning feature built in?
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14:52:56SoMuchForSubtletok some files in .rockbox/wps where corrupted, I deleted them and ropied them again, that fixed this
14:53:18SoMuchForSubtletI still have this corruption
14:55:26BilgusI'd say its probably the HDD but maybe the rockbox usb driver
14:55:55SoMuchForSubtletyea I also hear faint clicking from the HDD now
14:56:12SoMuchForSubtletI'll probably do the SD mod at some point
14:56:52Bilgussucks, remember the iflash adaptors don't work well with rockbox but you could get a SSD
14:57:10SoMuchForSubtletwhat adapter is good with rockbox?
14:57:25SoMuchForSubtletreplacing the backdrop file fixed the other corruption
14:57:25Bilgusnone of them.
14:57:35SoMuchForSubtlethow do I use a SSD then?
14:58:03Bilgusah I was saying sd to ipod
14:58:40SoMuchForSubtletso this should work?
14:59:27Bilgusno experience with it sorry.
15:01:31SoMuchForSubtletwait, does this work natively?
15:04:10BilgusI wanna say you still need an adaptor but it just changes the pinout slightly you might send LambdaCalculus a message or post on the forum
15:05:15SoMuchForSubtletseems like it's a simple swap, sweet
15:05:44SoMuchForSubtletpretty cheap on aliexpress too
15:12:29SoMuchForSubtleteven better, you can just get an ZIF to CF adapter + an CF to SD adapter
15:13:33gevaertsIIRC back in the day many CF to SD adapters were a bit dodgy
15:14:11gevaertsAlso IIRC ZIF to CF is mostly just changing pin positions, so that one should be fine
15:24:01SoMuchForSubtletthanks for the tip
15:24:09SoMuchForSubtletdid some research and it seems to work
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