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#rockbox log for 2019-01-16

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07:46:52CH23_Bilgus, I changed the encoding of my files from latin1 to UTF-8, and set the default codepage in rockbox to unicode, but the issue still remains. the weird thing is that I have a rockbox simulator that has the exact same configuration as my ipod, and was built the same day, so with same codebase.
07:47:10CH23in the simulator it works, on the ipod i get strange characters.
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07:53:02CH23just to be sure, I just copied my .rockbox directory into the simulator directory, only leaving the original rockbox.ipod binary
07:57:06CH23i had to put the original FLAC codec back, but that is not related to the issue, i think?
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08:08:11CH23simulator: Sigur Rós , ipod: Sigur Rós
08:08:56CH23simulator: Björk , ipod: Björk
08:09:51CH23funnily enough i see that the IRC log has the exact same issue
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08:17:56funmanare you missing a unicode font?
08:23:14_Bilgus CH23 does 3.14 exhibit the same behavior?
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09:15:00CH23__Bilgus: I don't see a 3.14 release for the iPod classic
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09:17:52_Bilgusoh I guess that makes sense remind me in a few days and I'll try reverting the changes to see if it makes a difference
09:22:39CH23_actually I should be able to build it myself
09:23:10CH23_and I feel like your changes are not the cause of it because then it should also show up in the simulator, no?
09:28:43_Bilguspossibly but stranger things have happened
09:29:18_Bilgusit could also be using different functions between the two
09:30:21_Bilgusfor that matter I don't know if the rockbox printf is unicode aware
09:30:46CH23_what I did notice is that the codec files for the simulator are a lot bigger, do you know why that is?
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09:31:51_Bilgusbecause its x86 code instead of arm
09:32:13_Bilgusits about 30- 50 % larger generally
09:32:23CH23_ah that makes sense
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11:59:06CH23_i have just build rockbox using commit 39fe30ff
11:59:13CH23_the issue is there too
12:00:05CH23_could that be a fat32 filesystem issue?
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12:16:29funmando you have ?
12:21:34CH23_i do, it makes no difference
12:22:40funmancan you share a file which shows wrong tags ?
12:22:47funmanmp3 file
12:22:56CH23_i have only flac
12:23:10CH23_but it's directories too
12:23:17funmanflac is alright
12:25:25funmanirc log have the same issues indeed, it's ok in firefox after setting menu -> more -> text encoding to unicode
12:25:45funmanyour flac filename looks wrong
12:26:22CH23_i converted all filenames to unicode
12:26:32funmanconversion went wrong then
12:26:38CH23_right now i'm on windows, which doesn't like it either.
12:26:59CH23_i'll try again
12:27:22funman% echo Björk |xxd
12:27:22funman00000000: 426a c383 c2b6 726b 0a Bj....rk.
12:27:32funman% echo Björk|xxd
12:27:33funman00000000: 426a c3b6 726b 0a Bj..rk.
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12:29:26funmanhow did you convert filenames?
12:31:38CH23_a linux tool
12:31:45CH23_of course I don't recall the name
12:32:34CH23_most likely iconv
12:33:06funman shows the same thing when I type ö in Unicode
12:35:51funman% echo ö|iconv -t UTF-8 -f LATIN1
12:36:11funmandouble conversion maybe
12:36:32funmanö in utf-8 is 0xc3 0xb6
12:36:48funman0xc3 in latin1 is à and 0xb6 is ¶
12:37:28funmani guess your linux fs already displayed the filenames as utf-8 and you converted them again
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12:38:06CH23_it is possible, i will have to try tonight to redo it
12:39:05funmanthe right solution is of course to blame americans and their ASCII
12:39:32CH23_how can this be if it looks correct in the simulator
12:40:20funmanit could be doing a double decode or something
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12:42:59funmanseems like fat32 doesn't use utf-8 though
12:43:53funmanIMO you should write UTF-8 tags inside the files and not rely on file name? maybe someone who knows about fat32 and file names encoding can sched some light
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13:20:26jhMikeSFAT long file names are UTF-16
13:26:39pixelmaCH23_: not sure but maybe this is happening for you? (last sentence)
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14:13:30CH23I used mp3tag to rename all files, manually renaming the directories
14:13:37CH23Will see how that works
14:19:01pixelmaso Windows then
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14:21:40CH23At the moment, yes
14:22:28CH23normally I use linux, but I can't get to my own machine atm
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15:40:45CH23_pixelma: thank you, once i'm home i'll append that to my fstab
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