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#rockbox log for 2019-01-23

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00:22:46dysok, vlc feels really snappy compared to the vanilla java monstrosity
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00:33:31danielp3344aphirst: maybe if someone makes an OSHW DAP things will change...
00:33:49aphirsti would throw some money at that
00:33:52*danielp3344 gets really crazy idea
00:34:04danielp3344aphirst: do you have any EE experience?
00:34:29aphirstnone which would matter, i did electronics to A-Level then did physics and now pretty much exclusively do simulation work
00:35:06danielp3344I know only enough to be dangerous as they say...
00:35:16danielp3344but I've designed similar stuff
00:35:42danielp3344could rockbox run on an FE310?
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08:19:46_Bilgusaphirst, I have a patch that should fix that issue with opus
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10:12:34CH23_Anybody here using linux and using the Swift tts engine?
10:13:19CH23_I purchased a license for 'Millie' from Cepstral, but I still can't save audio to file, and their servicedesk does not seem very service, but all desk.
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17:15:36_BilgusAnyone else unable to sign into Gerrit?
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18:10:08_Bilgusnvm its not gerrit that is the problem
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18:33:15dysvlc seems sent 25kB to someone - i wonder who it's talking to…
18:33:23*dys ponders abandoning his music on android affair and go back to working on the TEAC/ONKYO-port
18:35:15dysi booted my iriver yesterday as well, but the noise floor with IEMs was rather annoying
18:36:16dysI wonder how I could bear that 15 years ago
18:36:22dysmaybe IEMs back then were less efficient
18:37:16_Bilgusyou'd think you would be less able to hear it now with declining hearing due to age
18:38:11_Bilgusso yeah probably more sensitive IEMs but it could be your device as well I suppose
18:45:17dysit's the perfect same noise level on both channels, i don't think something like an ESD-zap could do that to both amps
18:55:35dysi wonder where my blackfin toolchain is… it's been two years since I soldered wires to my HA-P90SD…
19:04:09dysheh, there's even a huge list of problems I see with the original firmware in my notes
19:08:30dys…and an utterly vast callgraph of the C++ code running in there
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20:43:11dysvlc is still making network traffic even on a fresh install that doesn't have access to local storage, so can't be metadata lookup or something
20:43:32dysmaybe they are using one of the many google apis that automatically phones home usage information or something
20:43:57dyswill try to get some network traces from the phone
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21:22:07danielp3344dys: I think vlc looks up album art
21:22:14danielp3344Its in the settings somewhere IIRC
21:22:45dysdon't think so, it's disabled in the settings. it's also making network traffic without it ever seeing a single file
21:23:04dysam currently setting up a spare access point to take a closer look at the traffic
21:23:09danielp3344dys: you got it on fdroid?
21:23:26danielp3344(this is why I hate android)
21:23:35dysja, these golden cages suck
21:28:17danielp3344dys: I ditched my phone because I couldn't write programs for it, I use my laptop for calling people.
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23:07:37dysugh, adventure went right into the abyss that the traffic my phone generates is
23:08:21danielp3344dys: what phone/rom?
23:08:35dyse.g., something appears to be making a tcp connect to to figure out whether there is internet
23:09:03dysit's a sony xcompact with stock rom, no google services and a handful of harmless looking apps from f-droid
23:09:19danielp3344use lineage
23:09:53dysthen it's talking to all sorts of google API servers despite me not aggreeing to their TOS ever
23:10:02danielp3344dys: ^
23:10:09dysit's not available for the XCompact, i checked yesterday actually
23:13:14dyswtf, it's talking to blogspot,, and so on
23:13:22dysi should kill it with fire now
23:14:06dysand i have not found out yet what vlc talks to :-/
23:14:19danielp3344dys: use a hammer
23:14:20danielp3344maybe get a librem 5
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23:53:56CH23Cepstral helped me out in the end. I can now export voicefiles
23:55:15CH23now i'm facing an issue in rockboxutility where during the 'create voice file' process, i get the following:
23:55:21CH23[encoderrbspeex.cpp:82 INFO] Encoding "/tmp/rbvoice//LANG_10.wav" to "/tmp/rbvoice//LANG_10.mp3"
23:55:21CH23[encoderrbspeex.cpp:103 ERROR] Error: invalid WAV file
23:55:42CH23this seems to happen with random files
23:55:57CH23then it stops, and I have to start over again

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