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#rockbox log for 2019-01-24

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00:22:57CH23is there a reason it just removes all files when it errors
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01:19:11CH23okay I found a possible solution in
01:21:54CH23so I changed that line in the talkfile.cpp, but I can't seem to build the rockboxutility. I get a lot of 'undefined reference to `typeinfo for CryptoPP:*'
01:22:15CH23I did install libcrypto++-dev
01:25:08CH23collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
01:25:08CH23Makefile:373: recipe for target 'RockboxUtility' failed
01:25:08CH23make: *** [RockboxUtility] Error 1
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04:31:10_BilgusCH23 Its fuzzy for me but I remember there being something funky with libcrypto the last time I set it up
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07:21:03CH23_Bilgus, do you have any idea how I could solve this? am I missing some other dependencies maybe?
07:22:35_Bilgusare you using ubuntu?
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07:40:24_Bilgusch23 the dependency is from imxboot IIRC
07:41:30_BilgusI don't remember if I altered the makefile to add the include directory or if I edited the source this was a year or two ago
07:44:49_Bilgusit might even have been adding the proper name libcrypto++6# or something
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07:48:30CH23so this does not happen to everyone?
07:58:17_BilgusProbably? I don't have it installed on this current machine to tell you eactly what it was if you haven't gotten an answer or figured it out by tomorrow ill install qt ans attempt to build it so I can tell you for sure
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08:46:42CH23_If the problem is with me, not with the utility, then i'll look into it. I doubt I could fix it otherwise.
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08:52:02CH23_either way i'll let you know.
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10:27:20pixelmaCH23: with questions about building the RockboxUtility you could try to get bluebrother's attention, I guess. He's still logged in here but I haven't seen him talking in a very long while but he was involved with coding this thing
10:32:32CH23_ouch. his last message was 2017/04/29 15:51 <bluebrother> I'll try to find some time for the zlib / cryptopp issues
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11:46:47aphirstDid anyone happen to see my message the other day about long OPUS files having a delay while resuming?
11:49:40CH23_aphirst: check the IRC logs on the site, I believe Bilgus fixed it for you
11:53:56aphirstCH23_, ah for some reason i never got that message
11:54:04aphirstmaybe my ZNC server was playing up
11:54:17aphirst_Bilgus, i'll test out a new build
12:05:08aphirstthat seemed to fix it!
12:05:47aphirstwas it ?
12:06:04aphirstresuming opus audiobook content now works great
12:06:12aphirst0.2s instead of almost 10
12:10:38aphirstah wait, it's not quite right though
12:10:41aphirstnow all opus tracks start at a few seconds in
12:10:55aphirstand refues to play the first few seconds even if i rewind them
12:11:33aphirstok not all files, but definitely my lower bitrate ones
12:13:04aphirstit doesn't seem to do it for my 160kbps music but for my 48kbps audiobooks they all start a couple seconds in
12:13:26aphirsti can share some sample files if it would help?
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13:06:30speachyaphirst, a sample file or two would go a long way.
13:13:04speachyCH23_, the problem I'm seeing building mkimxboot is that libcryptopp requires libpthread but it's not included in its pkgconfig file. manually adding it to the dependency list allows the build to proceed.
13:14:25speachymknwzboot has cryptopp issues too...
13:28:38CH23_speachy: i wish i had remote access to my laptop, i'll try this tonight.
13:32:33speachyCH23_: See this patch:
13:33:03speachyfixes the compile on my system, at least.
13:33:24speachyone of the joys is that crypto++ is called different things on different systems.
13:33:35speachyso that patch may have broken it for others
13:34:24CH23_i believe it's (lib)crypto++ on my distro
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13:37:16speachyheader files are /usr/inc/crypto++/ ?
13:37:35speachyor rather, /usr/include/crypto++/
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15:47:32_Bilgusaphirst some samples of the failing files will be helpful I'm guessing the issue is not having enough "reference" material to get the stream normalized
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15:53:00funmanonly in obd
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19:44:02CH23speachy, i have both crypto++ and cryptopp in /usr/include/
19:46:28speachyhuh. interesting.
19:46:34CH23cryptopp is a link to crypto++
19:48:41CH23do you have any idea how i should add cryptopp to the rbutilqt/Makefile
19:50:21speachyI updated my build patch for the components. Haven't got far enough to build rbutil
19:50:59CH23would adding LDOPTS += -lpthread be enough?
19:52:31speachyrbutilqt uses qmake to generate the makefile, so it needs to be added elsewhere..
19:55:11speachyI needed to add '-lcryptopp' to the end of LIBS in the generated makefile.
19:56:08speachybeen a long time since I tried to grok the qmake stuff.
19:58:10CH23it works!
19:58:18CH23so easy
20:00:43speachywhat's the distro you're using?
20:00:52CH23almost. i'm getting some errors, i'll see if that's just because of me being dumb
20:01:03CH23Trisquel GNU/Linux version 8
20:08:53CH23i'm getting a few warnings during build, but nothing that breaks it
20:08:56speachy g#2061 updated.
20:09:24speachythat fixes all of the build issues (at least on my system) relating to libcrypto++
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20:30:45CH23sadly it seems the issue why i wanted to build it in the first place was not fixed by this
20:32:20CH23while generating voicefiles, every time during the encoding stage from wave to mp3, i get an error and it halts:
20:32:31CH23[encoderrbspeex.cpp:82 INFO] Encoding "/tmp/rbvoice//LANG_5.wav" to "/tmp/rbvoice//LANG_5.mp3"
20:32:31CH23[encoderrbspeex.cpp:103 ERROR] Error: invalid WAV file
20:33:15CH23i searched online and found
20:33:43CH23the comment mentions changing talkfile.cpp, and so i did. still i get the error
20:35:01CH23if the tool could do this incrementally, instead of just deleting all generated voicefiles, it might stand a chance of working
20:51:23CH23okay this seems to be a problem with swift, because espeak works
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22:03:34CH23found the issue: rockbox tries to generate the voices as fast as possible, but for the swift voice engine, you can concurrently generate only as many voices as you have a license for. this makes it sometimes create empty wavefiles
22:22:46bluebrotherCH23: I'm still hanging around though :)
22:25:46bluebrotherIIRC the main problem was that different distros call cryptopp differently. Fedora uses cryptopp, Debian crypto++, upstream cryptopp.
22:26:20bluebrotherand I haven't found a good way to handle that back then. Then life came around and I ended up being busy with other stuff :)
22:27:06speachyif we used autotools it would be straightforward. :P
22:27:24bluebrotherthough it seems like this issue has been addressed in the meanwhile? At least looking at the Makefile it appears so
22:27:31bluebrotherI'd rather move to cmake these days
22:28:06speachyyeah, but someone still has to write the rules for the cryptopp header (and libname) detection..
22:29:16speachy g#2061 tries to unify the cryptopp use, but in rbutil that patch hardcodes -lcryptopp instead of replicating the detection logic used in the other makefiles
22:29:49speachynot familiar enough with qmake to port over that logic
22:31:03CH23bluebrother, good to see that you are still around :)
22:33:33bluebrotherah, right. One of the problems with the current approach is that it only works on Linux. And Windows is an important target ...
22:34:27CH23windows schmindows
22:34:47bluebrotherheh. Still widely used. For some strange reason :)
22:35:01speachyI think if you're building on a relatively modern linux distro the 'cryptopp' name (and #include path) is used.
22:36:02bluebrotherspeachy: Debian Stretch still calls it crypto++. At least stable.
22:38:28speachydon't have a debian system handy. Fedora 28+ & Ubuntu 16.04+ are okay, as is RHEL7.
22:39:37aphirstsorry guys, real life got in the way
22:39:44aphirstI have links to some audio files which reproduce the issue
22:40:43speachydebian stretch does have symlinks to support ++ or pp for both the soname and include dir
22:41:10bluebrotherCH23: try this:
22:41:11aphirstspecifically @ _Bilgus and speachy
22:41:15speachygiven that upstream uses pp..
22:41:24bluebrotherworks for me, but couldn't test against other setups yet.
22:41:51bluebrotherI consider that a bit ugly, but at least it works. Well, for me ;-)
22:42:17bluebrotherspeachy: Ubuntu should be the same as Debian.
22:46:43speachyso does that mean I can go ahead and commit g#2061? It's needed on Redhat-flavored systems, and shouldn't break others.
22:47:25speachywoo, my 3+ hour compile finally finished.
22:47:55speachy(on an 8-core box!)
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22:51:26bluebrotherspeachy: if you assume that always using cryptopp works (seems like it would on Debian) then you could get rid of this pkg-config detection you added to the other Makefiles.
22:52:01bluebrotheranyway, have to go now. Back tomorrow. Highlight me if you need my attention (so I won't forget to have a look here ;-)
22:55:27CH23i'm trying to trick the rockboxutility in thinking it is generating the .wav for the voicefiles, because it fails to actually do that due to it being too fast.
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22:55:48speachyusing pkg-config is always the right way, but we can probably scrap the iterative attempt to find alternative sonames
22:56:22CH23i have all needed .wav in the /tmp/rbvoice directory, and i set chattr +i on those files
22:56:50CH23now when i run the voice generation, it throws the error:
22:56:59CH23[talkgenerator.cpp:181 ERROR] wavtrim returned error on "/tmp/rbvoice//LANG_0.wav"
22:57:13CH23Error 10: (null)
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23:08:22CH23this is the hackiest of hacks i've ever hacked together, but it works. i removed the "return eERROR;" lines from rockbox/rbutil/rbutilqt/base/talkgenerator.cpp
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23:22:27_Bilgusaphirst those files get all garbled when i play them in the sim bot the original code and my patch do you experience issues with playback when you play them on your device (exculding the skipping issue mentioned)
23:24:03 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:24:25aphirst_Bilgus, as far as I can tell they play just fine for me
23:24:47aphirstif you want I can generate some "fresh" opus encodes from the FLAC originals and test that again (later, tomorrow)
23:24:57 Part opensuse234
23:24:58aphirstor I could upload the FLAC originals for you to play with
23:25:14_Bilgusweird, I'll have to test them on a target then I'll let you know when i've figured it out
23:25:39 Join martin_155 [0] (
23:25:55_Bilgusshouldn't be necessary but i'll let you know
23:26:04aphirstwell i'm going to bed now is all
23:26:15aphirsti'll just do it now
23:28:47aphirstand i just used the "soundcoverter" gui to convert to opus, at "very low" (48kbps claimed) opus
23:29:07aphirstgnome-soundconverter on arch linux
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23:42:15martin_155Hi guys. I followed your wiki guide to restore partition on Fuze+. Just wanted to say that it is incomplete, under "Troubleshooting under Linux", there should be another step "Reformat the partition using mkdosfs /dev/sdX1" and "reinstall rockbox files via utility"
23:43:01 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:43:03martin_155could somebody add that to this page (I don't have a wiki account):
23:53:51_Bilgusthanks martin_155 will do
23:57:48martin_155thanks _Bilgus :)

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