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#rockbox log for 2019-01-25

00:00:19martin_155that looks perfect :)
00:01:57martin_155except of the quotation marks, but who am I to judge, don't even have an account and ask in irc. perfection is overprocessing
00:03:55martin_155you're awesome
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00:06:29_BilgusI've my moments
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04:19:37_Bilgusaphirst, the opus code should work as expected now
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11:28:29aphirst_Bilgus, by jove, I think you've cracked it
11:29:31aphirsti will test further and confirm
11:30:10aphirstoh, wait, no
11:30:17aphirstsuddenly now the OPUS files fail to play
11:32:21aphirstah it's more subtle than that
11:32:38aphirstthe OPUS files play fine when run from the Database but fail/skip when running from the File menu
11:32:41aphirstthe files are on the MIcroSD card
11:32:49aphirstand seemingly all OPUS files are affected
11:33:02aphirstMP3 files are seemingly not affected
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11:33:30 Join Moarc [0] ( also seems to sometimes do it from the Database menus too but then if I navigate around a bit, it works again
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11:41:08aphirsti don't /think/ it has anything to do with my microSD card but I'll try to reproduce the issue with files stored on internal memory, and I'll also try a different microSD (and then try cleaning my microSD contacts)
11:41:11aphirstjust to rule things out
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11:49:10aphirstok that's hilarious
11:49:56aphirstnow if I try to play an OPUS file from cold boot, it fails as do all in the folder, and this keeps happening no matter how I try to play one (Database or File, on microSD or on internal storage)
11:50:10aphirstbut then if I play an mp3 (which works) THEN try to play an opus file, it works
11:51:40aphirstthis seems to continue to work UNTIL I play another MP3 file
11:52:08aphirsti'm not sure whether it's necessarily playing the file or implicitly replacing the dynamic playlist which is causing it
11:52:59aphirsthmm, it's yet more complex
11:53:17aphirstSOME MP3 files "fix" subsequent OPUS playback
11:53:26aphirstSOME MP3 files "trigger" subsequent OPUS failure
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13:28:13aphirstsorry to be such a bother with this
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13:40:45_Bilgushmm thats odd
13:42:47_Bilgusaphirst, can you try renaming you rockbox directory .rockbox.old and copying the new build over and try it then
13:43:00aphirst_Bilgus, yes I will do that now
13:44:34aphirsti assume i dont need to repeat the bootloader steps
13:45:29aphirstcopied, rebooted, rebuilding database
13:46:03aphirst_Bilgus, same issue, clean boot, OPUS fails to play
13:46:26aphirstpick a random MP3, plays, go back to the OPUS which now works
13:46:45_Bilgushuh what device are you using btw?
13:47:09_Bilgushey at least I can test that easily
13:47:50_Bilgusok let me whip you up a clip+ logf build and see whats going on
13:47:55gevaertsSome bit of codec memory that isn't initialised properly and that happens to have a not-too-broken value after that mp3 playback?
13:49:50_Bilgusmaybe but it should have appeared before
13:50:21aphirsti'm pretty sure the bug was introduced by these recent OPUS related fixes
13:51:25_BilgusI'm sure it was but the logf will tell us what it is failing on
13:51:49aphirstping me once you have the build so i can do some reproduction and then post the logs
13:53:19_Bilguswill do it'll be a few minutes before its done compiling
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14:16:18_Bilgusaphirst you should be able to copy this over the .rockbox directory you created a bit ago
14:19:30aphirst_Bilgus, copying now
14:19:37_Bilgusthis should work but if not after playing a few failing files go to System>Debug>Dump Log File, it should create logf.txt in the .rockbox directory
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14:53:13_Bilgusaphirst did that fix it?
14:53:33aphirstthat new build does not seem to exhibit the issue
14:53:40aphirstwhat else had you changed?
14:53:50_Bilgusgood, it was my fault one off error
14:54:37_BilgusI'll look this over once more and there should be a new build in an hours ish
14:54:54aphirstthanks a lot :3
14:55:16aphirsti can get back to my pimsleur 日本語 audiobook
14:56:18_Bilgusthanks for testing
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15:28:25aphirsti'll be back in touch if i happen to notice anything else
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17:02:42HunterebAny recommendations on not-so-expensive rockbox-able devices in 2019? Used or not, don't really care. My Fuze+ really isn't cutting it anymore, the trackpad is just absolutely horrendous, especially in varying temperatures.
17:03:13HunterebYou can buy brand new in-box ipod 5.5's, and swap their tiny HDD's for SD card adapters I've seen, but they're all still rather expensive.
17:03:37HunterebNot sure if I wanna pull the trigger on something I plan to use in the car.
17:03:51Huntereb...That's that expensive.
17:16:52_BilgusHunterb AgpTek Rocker fits the price range part
17:17:26_Bilgusalso you are aware of the sensitivity settings for the fuze+ touchpad?
17:17:28aphirstit's a shame about the current state of the market for these devices
17:18:00aphirstall(?) the supported devices are some combination of old and discontinued and now-expensive
17:19:01_Bilgusnot only the sensitivity but you can shrink or enlarge the touch targets
17:20:14_Bilgusaphirst AFAIK the Agptek Rocker is the only current device besides maybe a sony target or two if thats even still true
17:21:13Huntereb_Bilgus yeah, I think you may have been the one that pointed it out to me years ago. i've configured its settings, it just goes crazy if it's cold out and won't let me touch it sometimes. Irritating.
17:21:13aphirstit looks like a cool device but it's not exactly cheap
17:21:28aphirsti wish sandisk would have kept making the clip+
17:22:10HunterebIf that's a normal thing that can be configured to be fixed, then I'll gladly bring it in and mess with it. Or rip it apart and do something inside if I have to.
17:22:25aphirstthe current sansa is the "jam" and i think i remember reading that the hardware is simply too limited for rockbox which is a huge shame
17:24:12_BilgusI wouldn't even try to rip the thing apart but the touch targets are what turned it from a disappointment to something I can use in the truck though addmittedly I haven't driven my truck this winter so it might be a common issue
17:25:01aphirsti'm shocked there havent been any chinese companies which make hyper-generic players based on what rockbox supports and pump them out for peanuts
17:25:27HunterebI can go grab it right now. I don't recall messing with "touch targets" so maybe that's a good fix. I very VERY commonly will think I'm touching the right spot on that thing and it will do everything in its power to prevent me from changing songs or navigating the menu.
17:25:47_Bilgusaphirst the rocker is that device
17:25:55HunterebGets me close to crashing my car when I have to mess with it
17:25:55aphirst"for peanuts"
17:26:12aphirst£72 is not peanuts
17:26:27_Bilgushmm it was $50 last I checked
17:26:36aphirstunless one can buy it super cheap direct from china
17:26:39_Bilgusthe benji T6 maybe
17:27:10aphirstah yeah it's £50 on UK amazon
17:27:58aphirstis the benji T6 also rockbox'd
17:28:17_Bilgusthe clip+ was $30 when it was still made
17:28:25HunterebOK _Bilgus I have it
17:28:35aphirst_Bilgus, indeed but then they stopped
17:28:59HunterebDo you have a preferred setup that you know works well with it?
17:29:02aphirstit's so frustrating because the requirements for rockbox in 2019 are really really humble and should be hilariously cheap to manufacture
17:29:02_Bilguspretty sure the Benji T6 is the same device its a bit of tweaking to install but yes AFAIK
17:29:11_BilgusHunterB brb
17:29:29aphirstit ought to be something stupid like $2 manufacturing
17:29:38aphirst(large scale)
17:30:36aphirsti dont find either of the ones you mentioned on
17:31:40HunterebIt would also be cool if I could disable everything while I'm in the audio playback screen except for going back to the main menu, and skipping songs
17:32:13_Bilgushasn't been updated for quite a while
17:32:27HunterebVery commonly the touchpad will do whatever the hell it wants and will go to the little quick settings screen where I'll accidentally turn off shuffle or whatever
17:32:28aphirsti'm sure i'm not the only one frustrated about the PMP market
17:32:56_BilgusHunterb my settings Touchpad Senistivity 13 Deadzone 40
17:34:06HunterebAny other advice? Just set it to those settings and it's not functioning any worse so... lol
17:34:07_Bilgusnext goto debug>View HW info>Target press select 2x and it will give you a UI of the touchpad
17:35:25HunterebSeems to be functioning properly right now
17:35:34HunterebBut it's also warm because the sun has been hitting it :P
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17:36:21_Bilgusaslo I added selective keylock and autolock just for this device Settings>General Settings>System>Advanced Keylock Select Enabled then under Settings Select Autolock On and the keys you want active
17:37:04_Bilgusyou might try making the sensitivity higher and the deadzone larger as well
17:38:09_Bilgusmy device is cold but they are different devices so its not a 1:1 comparison
17:38:17HunterebRight, right.
17:38:26_Bilgusaphirst no you are not lol
17:38:35HunterebNo way to disable specific things in the music menu? I've configured the advanced keylock already
17:38:47HunterebLike, primarily the quick settings for shuffle
17:39:15HunterebOr basically everything else except go back, play/pause, and forward/reverse
17:39:43_Bilgusnot without altering the firmware adv keylock is meant to be generic enough for all players
17:39:57HunterebThat sucks
17:40:15HunterebTouchpads are a menace man
17:40:34HunterebI'll keep it with the settings you rec'd and see what happens
17:40:37_Bilgusagreed thats why I don't use the damn thing at work
17:40:46HunterebWhat do you use?
17:42:12_BilgusI picked up 5 clip zips when sandisk was getting rid of them I'm down to 1 since the fam loved them so much and I have my clip+ which is my absolute favorite
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17:42:37HunterebHeard only good things about them
17:43:02_Bilgusthey have issues too but...
17:43:41_Bilgusthe clipzip really annoys me with its wide buttons but I'd rather destroy it than my clip+
17:43:55HunterebThat's why I heavily considered an ipod, but also because it seemed like a fun project to rip it apart and install a SD adapter and stuff
17:44:29_Bilgusbe aware the sd adaptors have issues with Rb you should probably do ssd
17:44:29HunterebI need that haptic feedback
17:44:47HunterebEh, i'm not gonna throw the money at it
17:44:52HunterebJust sounded like a fun project
17:45:34HunterebIf I can keep this thing then I will, I don't want to spend money on something that I already have and works.
17:46:00_BilgusI had a clip+ in my car for 5 years and eventually got a stereo with usb I really am not satisfied with the difference but the equipment is in my truck now
17:46:54_BilgusIf all else fails you could hack a build that suits you for the fuze+
17:51:38_Bilgusaphirst, dev builds should have opus code in about 70 minutes
17:51:55HunterebI think a build that would suit me is one that disables the touchpad completely and makes you use only the volume and power buttons lol
17:52:05aphirst_Bilgus, awesome, i'll probably check in the morning
17:53:09_Bilgusnp I went through and optimized it a bit its probably a bit slower than originaloly but should be more robust now
17:53:54HunterebI was about to get an android-powered china headunit and put it in my car, but I wanted to use rockbox so I messed with the stock headunit and routed a cable from under the face of it and under my dash to near my steering wheel, so I can control it right next to where my hands are.
17:54:14HunterebAnd of course car mode works wonderfully
17:56:46_Bilgusyep I rewired an old Sony cd player with an audio transformer to give me line out and built a soft on circuit for 5v usb to activate the player its a pretty nice setup but ugly as sin inside the project box since its all home etched circuit boards
17:57:42HunterebHaha, that sounds much more fun, though
17:58:51_Bilgusthat cd player liked to eat cds anyways from day 1 so it was a fitting use for it
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19:06:17speachyAnother option is to get your hands on an xDuoo X3 (or X3 II)
19:06:37speachythe former works great, and the latter has an out-of-tree build that suppsoedly works reasonably well
19:07:26speachythe X3's screen is similar to the Clip+, ie a tiny monocoromatic OLED thing.
19:08:29speachymy daily driver is still a Benjie T6, but I expect to swap it with the X3 soonish. Mainly for the vastly better battery life, but sound quality is noticably better too.
19:09:16speachystill have a clip+ with flaky onboard flash, only use it for occasional testing now. Plus a graveyard of old broken units.
19:09:38 Join dys [0] (
19:11:43_Bilgusspeachy can you comment on the agptek benjie entry in the wiki?
19:12:42_Bilgusdoes the USB work in rockbox, what exactly are the issues backlight versus LCD? if possible is the charging hardware controlled or under Rb control?
19:13:29speachyI can't say I've noticed anything wrong with the backlight, and USB works. Charging is not controlled by rockbox (either hardware or via the underlying Linux system)
19:13:35_BilgusI should probably buy one so I can dev it but my collection really doesn't need competition
19:13:47speachyUSB works fine, although rockbox can't tell between USB power and a proper USB connection.
19:14:15speachyshould probably add a note that Rocker == T6
19:15:23_Bilgusok I'll update it, I was holding out on the T6 since there is some extra hoops to install it
19:16:45speachylastest production FW has extra hoops, yeah
19:17:17speachyAnd AGPTek actually "ships" an image with the rockbox "bootloader" now.
19:18:57speachyI'm disappointed in the Rocker/T6, over things we could trivially fix had we source code for its Linux kernel...
19:20:50_Bilgusyeah I love how they are profiting from Rockbox but refuse to follow the GPL and release sources so it could be something spectacular
19:21:24speachyIf the "LCD off" isn't working properly on some units, that's also hidden from us by the kernel.
19:21:52_Bilgusmaybe there should be a popup at startup along those lines ;P
19:24:06*speachy isn't adverse to such behavior...
19:24:29speachyAGPTek did claim, once upon a time, they were building this thing specifically with Rockbox in mind.
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19:36:15_BilgusIt doesn't really fit the Rb ethos to act as such if anything we should be happy they created a device capable of running Rockbox at all
19:36:52 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
19:37:33_BilgusFigure all the other devices had to be reverse engineered to get to such a point the same will have to be done with the Rocker before it ever gets to Stable
19:39:20_Bilgusnow if they could create a device that fits the clip+ form factor and can run Rb all will be well in the world at least as far as DAPs are concerned :p
19:52:32blebanyone have advice which firmware to use for installing rockbox on a fuze v1?
19:53:05bleb(the installer says you have to find the original firmware yourself for legal reasons)
19:53:24blebi found this forum thread but not sure if it's the right place, or which version to download
19:53:50_Bilgusthe most up to date version should work
19:54:15_Bilgusthe installer will tell you if it isn't compatible and in that case try an older one
19:54:15blebcool thanks
19:54:46blebi am always wary that a new firmware will have added handcuffs and prevent rockbox from working
19:56:03_BilgusNah, not to mention on most of the sansas we compress the FW and put ours along side it so newer firmwre usually has a bit more space to play with
19:57:13bleband how would i tell which revision my fuze is?
19:57:39blebi always thought it was a fuze v1 (it looks like the original version) but it looks like "revision 2" might have been a chip upgrade without a change in appearance
19:57:41_Bilgusas in the current fw version or V1 vs V2?
19:57:52speachythe sticker on the back
19:57:58speachytht says the fw version
19:58:04speachyv2 is 2.xxxx, v1 is
19:58:11speachyor see it from within the system
19:58:31speachyIIRC the v1 was shipped in 2/4gb but v2 was 4/8gb
19:58:39blebspeachy: the back of my sansa is bare metal because it had this weird sticky black coating when i got it
19:58:48blebso i stripped it with rubbing alcohol :o
19:59:08speachyyeah, the rubberish stuff disintegrates over time.
19:59:21_Bilgusif you look at the menus in the OF there should be a version in there
20:01:12_Bilgusif you have a v2 you might want to see,51844.0.html and install the multiboot bootloader
20:07:15blebyeah found it in the menus, its v2
20:07:38bleb_Bilgus: is the idea there that you could download an update and try it without replacing your current version?
20:11:52blebanything in particular i'm supposed to do after the install says it's 100% done
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20:26:00speachydoesn't appear as if there's a sane way to handle USB power vs something else.
20:26:16speachyat least not in the Linux/Android USB subsystem.
20:27:35speachybasically we handle the insertion, but it's up to the system to decide what to do. Rockbox would need a preference setting or a UI popup to decide whether or not to enable device enumeration to the host.
20:27:51speachyright now we always do, unless select is held down.
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