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#rockbox log for 2019-01-28

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18:19:02aphirstoh boy, I think I have yet more low-bitrate OPUS issues
18:19:39aphirstI specifically have a "problem file" which on my clip+ triggers crashes reasonably reliably if I try to skip around in it - first to about halfway through, then backwards a few sceonds, and so on
18:20:25aphirsti was all excited about listening to another pimsleur japanese lesson on my evening walk but instead had to deal with cryptic hex address backtraces on the tiny screen, then the device refusing to turn back on until i held the power button first for 20 seconds
18:21:26danielp3344aphirst: have you tried it on another device?
18:21:39aphirsti have not, owing to only owning one rockbox device
18:21:49Bilgusaphirst That sounds like a crash but it wouldn't be with the code I updated last time
18:21:52danielp3344try using the SDL app
18:22:05aphirstdanielp3344, SDL? as in, running it on a computer?
18:22:11aphirstBilgus, good evening
18:22:13danielp3344its a build option
18:22:44BilgusNow maybe thats the reason I was looking for to update the backend opus code tp upstream but I'd have to test it a bit
18:23:15aphirstBilgus, regarding test builds, i'm happy to test out clip+ builds at any time
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18:24:01BilgusWe have a sim app but I was getting all kinds of artifacts with your previous files trying on it and had to end up playing on the device to actually test them
18:24:39aphirsti didn't do anything particularly exotic to generate my files, so I would be surprised if there's anything fishy about them
18:25:06BilgusIts probably something not quite right or conforming with whatever it is encoded with but looking at the files in a hex editor I saw noting untoward
18:25:39aphirsti just used opusenc at 48kbps
18:26:03Bilgusbut I do know with or current opus code circa 2015 there are quite a few differences from upstream
18:26:17aphirstyeah we had some major releases of libopus since then
18:26:29aphirstopus1.3 encoding generates some impressive files
18:26:49BilgusI'm pretty sure we are at the same major version
18:27:10aphirst1.3 was 18th october i think
18:27:55BilgusI've been hesitating going upstream since its slower to decode and don't want to break devices
18:28:22Bilgusas in devices barely capable of decoding atm
18:29:48Bilgusanyways if you want to upload your problem file somwewhere I can look at sometime this week, if its copyrighted feel free to password protect and message me a password
18:37:11aphirstBilgus, i'll upload it after i've had a shower tonight
18:37:17aphirsthowever i have done some double checking
18:37:30aphirstit turns out that THESE files were not converted via opusenc
18:37:48aphirsti used gnome-sound-converter on this folder which seems to use gstreamer and god knows how it passes options around
18:38:20aphirstif i manually use opusenc −−bitrate 48 then i get files consistently smaller than gnome-sound-converter generates when set to "very low" ("48kbps")
18:38:36Bilgusexplains the Encoded with GStreamer opusenc tag
18:39:48Bilgusif one works while the other doesn't then include both and I'll compare the difference between them
18:40:03aphirstmm, i'll determine that then report back
18:40:20aphirstif it turns out the opusenc files work fine then i'll just chalk it up to gstreamer being crap
18:42:18BilgusI didn't look too close but It was almost like there were multiple streams in the file or maybe a funky granulepos but it worked fine on the device so who knows it might be in the x86 code from opus
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19:45:04aphirstok well i'm getting a lot of IRL attention this evening so I'm going ot have to be a bit sparse
19:46:00aphirstBilgus, here's a copy of the file I had issues with httos://
19:47:25Bilgusaphirst I grabbed it won't be able to mess with it till wed though
19:47:32aphirstno hurries ofc
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19:51:33aphirstBilgus, well SO FAR i havent had any issues with my freshly encoded file
19:53:19aphirstBilgus, this is the new encode:
19:53:43aphirsti reencoded the entire audiobook so i will carry on listening and report any further issues
20:03:45aphirst<aphirst> if i manually use opusenc −−bitrate 48 then i get files consistently smaller than gnome-sound-converter generates when set to "very low" ("48kbps")
20:03:51aphirst^ this is actually false
20:04:00aphirstindeed it seems to be exactly wrong
20:04:05aphirsti was misinterpreting filesizes earlier
20:04:39aphirstencoding with opusenc with /seemingly/ the same options results in files slightly larger than with gstreamer AND with more noticeable occasional artefacting on the speech
20:05:38aphirstthere seem to have been differences in the Page Duration too
20:06:15aphirstgstreamer preprocesses and resamples to 48khz before encoding to opus, whereas opusenc makes the output file "remember" that the input file was 44.1khz
20:06:39aphirstthe gstreamer files have page dirations of between 420ms and 520ms, whereas opusenc makes page durations between 240 and 1000
20:07:00aphirsti don't understand the codec in enough detail to interpret that, but it is an interesting observation from opusinfo
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23:48:24Bilgusaphirst opus always works uses 48000Hz whether its resampled up or down depends on the input the one that says 44.1kHz just stored that value from the input file as a tag
23:48:35Bilgusworks on / uses
23:50:23Bilgusdoes opusinfo mention anything about one being VBR or CBR?

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