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#rockbox log for 2019-01-31

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04:30:14kirvesAxeFinally got Rockbox installed on my AGPTEK Rocker.
04:30:52kirvesAxeI wonder if the alarm clock could be implemented on it...
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04:31:25kirvesAxeOh, and it would be very nice if the playlist creation virtual keyboard would work, currently it does not :(
04:32:43kirvesAxeAnd I think there's no hold function implemented at all?
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15:20:19speachykirvesAxe, tap the power button once the WPS and it will lock the keypad
15:22:15speachyI'm not sure if the Rocker has an RTC with wakeup capabilities. (Or at least something sufficently exposed for us to get to..)
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16:19:54speachylooks like it has an RTC with alarm capabilities, won't know if it can wake things up properly without writing the code though.
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16:40:03speachysweet, the builds are back to being 20-odd minutes intead of 70 or so.
16:49:22Huntereb@Bilgus btw my little player still does the unresponsive touchpad in cold temperatures thing lol...
16:49:24speachyokay, I think I have the RTC wakeup implemented for hosted targets. Just have to convert to/from GMT for the RTC.
16:49:36HunterebBut I will say that when it does work, the changes to the deadzone and sensitivity are much nicer.
16:49:51*speachy has to do something to entertain himself while waiting on 90m+ builds for $dayjob
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17:26:17BilgusHunterb Thats weird maybe the lower humidity affects the conductivity of the pad or something maybe try a tablet stylus lol
17:26:52Bilgusor those phone compatible touch gloves lol just don't grab live wires
17:28:16*speachy winces at the 3K bump in binary size from the last commit.
17:28:34Bilgusspeachy was just that we were missing a builder?
17:29:39speachyThe page doesn't report how many unique builders were used or otherwise available.
17:29:50speachybut yeah, my guess is that we had some builders offline
17:31:31Bilguslooks like two more but TBH I couldn't say which
17:33:28speachyLooks like it was vm2-b0hoon
17:33:49speachythe only difference between the last >70m and the ~20m
17:34:53BilgusSpeachy I bet 500 - 1K of that 3K is strings
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17:41:45speachyhmm. for some reason my RTC code is setting the alarm 3 hours off.
17:41:54speachysomething wonky in the GMT conversion..
17:42:40f1reflyHello. I just installed rockbox on my agptek rocker and it's working fine. I'd like to modify the menu colors, but when i get to the rgb controls any key just exits the menu and I can't modify them. Is there something I'm missing?
17:44:24speachytry the up/dn volume keys?
17:45:00f1reflyI just tried, nothing happens
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18:07:26Huntereb@Bilgus too much effort... I'll just have to deal with what songs are playing until it warms up enough for me change them if I want.
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18:19:42kirvesAxespeachy, thanks, I just kinda feel a single-button toggling Hold function is a bit unreliable when having the player in your pocket :) Luckily I have the case for my rocker...
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18:39:04speachybasically that behavior is the same as the original firmware
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20:07:06speachyrtc get and set are at least working consistently, but the system timezone correction isn't working properly. I have an unexplained 4 hour offset.
20:07:32speachyunless the kernel's 'jz-rtc' driver is doing something really wonky behind the scenes.
20:07:33kirvesAxespeachy, yeah, and it bugged me in OF too :)
20:13:17speachyffs.. the RTC driver can't handle 24h alarm times properly.
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21:21:58aphirstI have further information on my OPUS issue
21:22:21aphirstit turns out that I was still able to trigger a hard crash by skipping on my "newer" opus files (made with opusenc)
21:22:40aphirstit's more robust but still ultimately fragile
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22:06:42speachyare you able to grab a patch from gerrit and recompile?
22:06:53speachybasically, grab the uprev of the opus code, and see if that helps
22:07:21speachyit also may help to bump the codec stack size; opus is rather stack hungry especially when seeking
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22:13:33aphirstspeachy, i've never built rockbox before and while i may be able to try, setting it up may end up falling off my TODO list for a long time
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22:24:48speachywhat's your target again?
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23:22:39speachygenerating a build now. It has a couple of other changes in it too. If you want to be safe, I'd recommend backing up your current .rockbox directory
23:24:38speachy(everything in that build is sitting on gerrit)
23:25:01*speachy can generate another one with a bumped stack size too, if it comes to that
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