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#rockbox log for 2019-04-15

00:07:51textmateHey guys
00:08:21textmateIs there a way to replace the apple firmware c
00:08:36textmatelike up to having zero proprietary firmware running
00:08:56textmatei want to change the apple logo that is displayed on each boot
00:09:18textmateIm using iPod Video BTW
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11:41:34_Bilgustextmate, there is a way but I wouyldn't do it due to bugs, and probably not even after the bugs are all fixed
11:42:22_Bilgusicirc, you are using windows 10?
11:44:02_Bilgusicirc, Have you tried the original firmware?
12:20:17icirc_Bilgus I have tried arch linux and windows 10, same issue. on windows it seems like it fails even faster. Yes have used normal firmware before. Can't figure out dual boot, manual says I would need a .sansa file, but the latest official firmware from sandisk is a "" file, containing only a "fuzea.bin" image, no idea where I would get the right file...
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12:34:17_Bilgusno dual boot is intrinsic to the ams players with rockbox hold volume up or down, or see the manual about how to boot OF
12:34:45_Bilgusicirc, also what version of rockbox is it 3.14 or something earlier?
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12:40:57_Bilgusyou can use the rockbox utility to install an updated version or copy that fuzea.bin file to the root of the device and boot into OF and it will update the player
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13:55:32icircok dual boot is working, just press left on the "clickwheel" while booting! awesome. I am on rockbox stable 3.14, and tried with development version as well.
13:55:59_Bilgusso does file transfer work properly in OF?
13:58:36_Bilgusicirc, try this build it implements powersave for the fuzev1 and has some fixes for the sd driver you copy the .bin file to root of the device and boot into OF and it will install it
13:59:06_Bilgusnope not that link sorry
13:59:40icirccool will try and let you know!
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14:56:05icircok deleted the .rockbox folder from fuze, replaced with the one in, rebooted player. but still same issue! one thing changed though: before, when the transfer failed and I pressed a button on the player, it would reboot by itself. Now, the player just freezes, all black screen and no reaction to button presses. Now I have to hold power button for some time to force reboot.
14:56:44icircso still fails but fails differently now! :-)
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16:11:59icircalso same issue with version 3.8.1 and 3.7.1 (some users on the bugtracker said those would work)
16:28:07icircthe weird thing is it just happens when moving many files at once! I can copy 100mb, wait some minutes, then repeat, till forever! is there some kind of crash dump / log I could look at when the device fails?
16:37:17_Bilgusicirc you can enable a logging build but It needs to be compiled as such and I'm not near my production machine to compile one for you, DOES Original Firmware transfer files properly?
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17:22:37icirc_Bilgus: yes, file transfer on of works. just tried with the same set of files that fail on rockbox. file transfer is way slower on of compared to rockbox (800kb/s vs 3mbs) but actually works. it seems like there is some sort of cache in place when using rb usb mode that just overflows when transfering too much at once?
17:25:19_Bilgusits possible that usb was never fixed for the v1 fuze I don't have one to test on unfortunately but used a clip+ for years before usb was fixed in Rb so I'd reccomend transfering files in OF or use a sd reader to transfer to the card but maybe johnb might chime in he has a v1 Fuze IIRC
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17:33:03icircok thanks for your efforts mate! will lurk here a little longer to see if johnb got some more tips.
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18:49:54icirc_Bilgus: I now compiled rockbox with the debug option. How do I get a log of the crash?
18:57:33_Bilgusicirc generally you enable a logf build and enable it in the module you suspect to be having an issue, in debug builds assuming there are already some debug functions written for the desired module you will find a debug log either on the root of the device or you might need to go to the system>debug menu on the device
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19:06:39SaratogaI don't know that the amsv1 USB was ever fully figured out
19:06:52SaratogaIt mostly works but it can be buggy
19:07:35SaratogaV2 came out with a different controller and everyone moved over to those devices
19:09:32_BilgusDo you keep notes Saratoga? :P
19:10:06*_Bilgus should start keeping notes
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19:34:47icirchm seems like i did not think that through! logging works BUT as I said device freezes, and after reboot the log is empty again and nothing written to file...
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20:01:20johnb2_Bilgus: For me Fuze v1 was never stable on USB transfer (but also had issues in the OF)
20:02:28johnb2at least when copying to SD.
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20:25:03icircbtw doing all testing on internal memory with no microsd inserted (tested with microsd at the beginning, same story)
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20:46:29icircset the screen to always on when connected, now i can see the kernel panic screen
20:46:35icircqueue_post ovf g=0x300e4334
20:46:37icircps:30073f64 sp:300008a0
20:46:39icirc A: 30055254
20:46:41icirc A: 3006edd8
20:46:43icirc A: 30072530
20:46:45icirc A: 0006a668
20:46:47icirc A: 3010ef1c
20:46:49icircbt end
20:46:51icirc no logf data
20:47:49mendelmunkisicirc: when posting logs its polite to copy them to pastebin then just use a link.
20:51:15icircoh sorry did not realize each paragraph would be send as individual message... my bad will use pastebin in future.
20:51:38mendelmunkisno problem. just letting you know
20:55:34icircslightly different error when trying a second time:
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23:32:03_Bilgusicirc both of those look like a stack issue but i'm sure its not the only issue try bumping the usb stack size and see if the error moves to something else
23:34:04_Bilgussomething like ((DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE * 2) + DUMP_BMP_LINESIZE) though the device might not have enough space free to do it *2 ...

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