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#rockbox log for 2019-04-16

00:20:39icircsorry I have to ask: where in source code do I have to increase stack size?
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01:04:56_Bilgusfirmware/usb.c Line 73
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01:56:52textmateAny way to completely replace any apple firmware? im looking for changing the Apple Logo which appears in the beginning of boot, i hate apple and definitely dont like being force d to look at their logo every day (when i use the iPod)
01:58:53bremnerso much hate.
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03:20:41icirctextmate: yes it is possible. Read this to get started get ipodwizard here google should tell you the rest (I dont own the device so no idea). But do you really want to risk bricking you ipod just for a logo change?
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03:42:33icirc_Bilgus: Tried with DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE * 2. did the same thing a few more times. the errors I get seem to be the same as before:
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03:57:24textmateicirc: >risk bricking
03:58:03textmateeverything is worth it as long as that apple logo doesnt forcefully insert itself into my retimas
04:12:16textmateeverything is so old
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13:16:34sazmapSo I was looking for a way to debug the IAP protocol on my ipod6g with rockbox dev build - seems by default the logf is turned off? I can't view or dump the log files. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd love to be able to get IAP working on my 6g in my car
13:17:11sazmapIf I can get some kind of log output from the iap app I should be able to work out what's going on and create a patch
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13:24:05sazmapI tried to just edit the firmware/exports/config/ipod6g.h and add ROCKBOX_HAS_LOGF but it doesn't seem to actually log anything
13:24:09sazmapalthough the options now show up
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14:36:49Bilgussazmap you need to add logf statements to whichever module
14:43:53sazmapas far as I can tell the iap stuff has logf in it (apps/iap/)
14:44:27sazmapiap-lingo0,1,2,3,4, and iap-core.c all seem to have logf statements
14:44:51sazmapand iap-core.h seems to define LOGF_ENABLE and include logf.h
14:48:47BilgusYour build needs to have logf enable (../tools/configure -> Select Advanced (A) and Logf (L))"
14:48:47Bilguscompile a build with logf support and enable it in the proper file for instance:
14:48:47DBUGEnqueued KICK Bilgus
14:48:47Bilgus −− you might want to look through the files for what is actually being logged and put in some progress messages
14:48:48Bilguslike logf("REACHED POINT 1");... etc also when ready you'll need to go through the debug menu and read it there / dump it to disk
14:50:19Bilgusin those modules you just remove the comment # at those lines
14:52:18sazmapokay thanks that gives me something to go off. Is the best way to install a build to an ipod6g to just drop the contents of the build directory into the .rockbox folder?
14:53:30BilgusI'm quite partial to renaming a working build .rockbox.old etc. and dropping a clean build on there
14:54:35Bilgusso after compiling do make zip or make -j2 && make zip
14:55:06Bilgusthen copy that .rockbox folder within the zip file to the device
14:57:15sazmapokay awesome
14:57:36sazmapOne last thing - Do I have to specify Debug and Logf when configuring? seems like if I just do L for logf I get a bunch of linker errors
14:57:44sazmapfor debugf in the speex libraries
15:00:07sazmaphmm actually maybe I had an unclean environment.. Never mind. Thanks for your help
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23:54:18icircanyone got some more ideas what I could do with my fuze v1? I came to peace with not being able to fix it myself, but maybe I can do some more debugging/troubleshooting that might help someone who knows his or her stuff. ;-)
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