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#rockbox log for 2019-05-22

00:01:35__builtinanyone with an ipod6g? I'm seeing a white flashes across the screen when toggling HOLD
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08:46:41CH23_builtin: i have a 6g
08:47:01CH23__builtin *
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15:27:05MetastasisHi, when openin Rockbox on my 80 gb ipod classic 6th generation, I get having I keep having an ATA error : -2147483645. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks!
15:32:27CH23did you replace the hdd?
15:32:46Metastasisnot yet, is that it?
15:34:20CH23it might be a failing hdd
15:45:58Metastasisthat's what I thought too. I don't hear any noise when I shake the device. Any recommendation for better hdd for rockbox?
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16:26:03CH23personally I use a adapter, but this pretty much requires you to use apple's disk mode to transfer files from/to the device, as rockbox doesn't have a 100% compatibility with them
16:27:13CH23also please be aware that replacing the hdd will mean you have to 'wreck' the backplate of the device, as it doesn't really allow for clean removal. you can find new backplates on eBay and other sites
16:46:32MetastasisThanks for this info. I remember now, I think I pluggued it in and out too quickly and this apa error happenend
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17:14:09Metastasis*ATA error
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17:38:47plumwhen using devices where you have to use Disk mode instead of USB within Rockbox, is there any way to get the database to be built at all? it doesn't seem like the device is granted write access to write a db...
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18:18:27MetastasisAnyone can recommend a better device than an ipod for Rockbox, maybe with a flash drive
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18:24:34mendelmunkisI personally like the sansa fuze+
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19:37:56plumi used it a few years back on the sandisk sansa e260 or something like that
19:38:11plumit seemed better than on the ipod 3g i'm trying to get working
19:38:21pluma color screen is a plus, too
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23:02:35Metastasisthanks plum!
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23:56:39__builtinCH23: can you boot rockbox and toggle the HOLD switch?
23:58:01__builtinwith "General Settings > Display > LCD > Backlight on Hold" enabled

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