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#rockbox log for 2019-05-31

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09:51:29CH23__builtin: it flashes with your config file
09:55:51CH23actually it flashes with a clean .rockbox as well
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10:15:41CH23'backlight on hold' is the issue. when you set this to 'off', then it flashes.
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10:18:13CH23also the flashing happens when 'backlight' is set to 'never'
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12:40:15BilgusCH23, __builtin I imagine this is something to do with 'Selective backlight' specifically the action subsystem since it has a 5 second timeout is that about the frequency of the flashing?
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12:44:56Bilgushmm I guess the scrollwheel code has a similar time of flashing as well
12:46:10mendelmunkisis it possible to extract data from a fuze+ in recovery or only to write?
12:46:20Bilgusno nm that would be much faster I read as 4s not 1/4s
12:47:33BilgusI've never tried to read in recovery amaury would be the one to ask but he is MIA
12:48:21mendelmunkisYeah i figured he would know but i decided that you where probably the next most likely.
12:48:58mendelmunkisthe wiki page isn't clear. I guess I'll just have to experiment.
12:50:44BilgusI'd look at the datasheet for the processor its a built-in function of it
12:51:48mendelmunkismy fuze+ plus broke about a year ago. on occasion i can get to recovery when i plug it in but i cant connect normally
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12:55:04Bilgusodd that its on occasion and not every time maybe something to do with an oscillator does too hot or too cold have any effect?
12:56:38mendelmunkisI don't remember whether i tried sticking it in a freezer although its likely.
12:56:43Bilgusif it were ram cold should help it but not heat
12:57:24mendelmunkisI have a new one and a decent backup, Im just trying to get the configuration files i had in .rockbox.
12:58:45BilgusI seriously doubt you could access the drive in recovery I mean it might be a raw device but it probably wouldn't have a filesystem so to speak
12:59:11Bilgusthats not to say the data isn't there...
12:59:49mendelmunkisThats what testdisk is for. i just need to see if i can get at that data.
13:00:05mendelmunkiswithout desoldering the nand
13:02:13BilgusIf the nand isn't already shot that'd probably seal the deal
13:04:37mendelmunkiswell now i feel stupid
13:04:58mendelmunkisI must have forgotten try recovery when i was troubleshooting last year
13:05:10mendelmunkisbecause new it works consistantly
13:09:12BilgusIt looks to me like the bootloader exposes the drive in theory you should be able to access the raw device
13:10:27Bilgusif not then you could make a custom image that finds your file and exposes it but thats probably more trouble than it is worth
13:11:06mendelmunkisin other words, fun
13:11:20mendelmunkisits great being a student with lots of free time :)
13:12:00Bilguslet me introduce you to the DEV page :p
13:12:16mendelmunkiswhich page?
13:14:09Bilgusnone in particular just dev in general
13:14:37Bilgusnot much has been going on lately b/c everyone has stuff to do
13:15:04mendelmunkishey the only reason i stopped working on landscape mode was because i no longer had a working player.
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13:54:17mendelmunkisNow my fuze+ player crashes when I try writing using sbloader
13:54:48mendelmunkisit worked the first time i tried then i tried seeing if i can find the file and it crashed
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13:57:20mendelmunkisgiven that it panics on init_drive id guess the problem is the nand
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