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#rockbox log for 2019-06-11

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05:41:54IncognitoManpretty quiet in here...
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07:20:16mendelmunkisWhat's a simple way to avoid building codecs?
07:43:43Bilgusmendelmunkis, I don't think you can successfully complete a build without them but lib/rbcodec/rbcodec.make will be probably your best bet
07:44:08mendelmunkisthanks, why not?
07:44:16Bilguscomment out RBCODECLIB_OBJ := $(call c2obj, $(RBCODECLIB_SRC)) with #
07:44:46BilgusI think they get referenced in a few places in the codebase
07:45:16Bilgusthere might be a commandline way to exclude them but none I've ever seen
07:46:25mendelmunkisalso How do I use serial debug output?
07:46:34mendelmunkisCant find any documentation on it
07:47:05BilgusIve never used it so no clue
07:47:47BilgusIts going to be at least mentioned in the source files
07:50:57mendelmunkisBilgus: commennting out that line still compiles the codecs.
07:51:22mendelmunkisbut does cause the build to fail with errors.
07:52:06Bilgushmm let me look you might have to make clean or possibly comment out more been a while since I did it
07:52:28mendelmunkisbilgus: built in a new dir.
07:52:49mendelmunkisits not a big deal i just figured it would speed up my test build by a few seconds.
07:57:24Bilgusgo into the rbcodec/codecs folder and find SOURCES put #ifdef ASDF at the top and #endif at the bottom and it should do what you want
07:58:42Bilgusas far as the serial output it looks deceptively simple but i'm notsure how the enpoint is configured
08:02:30Bilguslooks like geaverts would be the person to ask mendelmunkis
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10:38:38ulmutulIIRC you can "make bin" to only build the main binary. Respectively you can "make codecs" and "make rocks" (for plugins).
10:48:54mendelmunkisulmutul: make bin just gave me my full build.
10:49:46ulmutulah, ok.
10:50:00mendelmunkisbut thanks for the suggestion.
10:50:47mendelmunkisafter stripping almost the entirety of apps/plugins from my sources its a pretty quick build anyway.
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10:55:14mendelmunkisHow bad of an idea is it to replace a const with a var in inline assembly?
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15:01:55mendelmunkiswhere to start on debugging a crc mismatch?
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17:05:06SammysHPBilgus: is there a way to check if I have the multiboot bootloader on my sansa?
17:05:18SammysHPI'm not sure if it is installed on all of my sansas
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20:50:25johnb2SammysHP : System->Debub will have an entry 'Boot data' at the end of the page.
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21:18:59kirvesAxeIs there any advanced playlist sorter available for rockbox?
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23:16:16kirvesAxelike, a way to sort/organize a playlist based on some information on song tags?
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