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#rockbox log for 2019-06-14

00:02:55IncognitoManthink my first was a e260?
00:02:58IncognitoManthene a gigabeast
00:03:18dopplerI haven't heard that nickname but it fits
00:03:21IncognitoManand after than various sansa clips
00:05:33IncognitoManyour nick rings a bell but dont remember where
00:06:05IncognitoManand yea i remember it being nick'd gigabeast quite a long time ago
00:06:28IncognitoManmostly because its over specs resulting in miserable battery life lol
00:09:56dopplerI have a fucked-up one sitting around somewhere but it doesn't run iirc
00:11:20IncognitoManmine still runs but you can heard the hdd tick
00:11:25IncognitoManit wont last much longer
00:12:05dopplerthose little hard drives were never good.
00:12:21dopplerat least IME
00:12:37dopplerfor any device you care about you should upgrade that to a solid-station solution IMO
00:12:51dopplerbut I'm guessing you don't use it that much anymore :P
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00:15:47JimSleezusTbh I have no clue how much I'm going to use my new iPod lol
00:16:00JimSleezusI actually ordered a replacement housing so it's going to look brand new
00:16:19JimSleezusBut I pretty much use my phone for everything so it might sit on my desk lol
00:16:20dopplerall my 5Gs are super scratched up
00:16:38dopplerdo not give in to the smartphone
00:16:48JimSleezuslmao yeah we'll see
00:16:58JimSleezusBut I've polished the backs of iPods before, it actually works pretty well
00:16:58dopplerwhat music apps are even good?
00:17:03JimSleezusYou're right
00:17:17JimSleezusI don't stream anything, I just use Apple's music app lol
00:17:53JimSleezusWhen I started using my phone instead of my phone I was able to keep using iTunes to sync stuff lol
00:17:55JimSleezusSo that's why
00:18:02dopplerI just polished and nickel plated some stuff at work; I bet it would look great on a scratched-up iPod
00:18:06JimSleezus*my phone instead of my iPod lol
00:18:27JimSleezusThe only thing you have to make sure is that you don't polish off the logo
00:18:36JimSleezusI did that once and I'm still upset about it
00:18:40dopplermight be interesting to do that on purpose actually
00:18:51dopplerdepends what look you're going for, I guess :P
00:19:25JimSleezusYep it does
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00:25:51JimSleezus /nick Tuple
00:26:03JimSleezuswhoops lol
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23:42:36d9aI'm looking to get a dedicated music player. Is there a recommended set of hardware for Rockbox? I see everything that's supported, but is there a best one? I would prefer to have microUSB and a microSD slot if possible.
23:43:23mendelmunkisIt all depends on your personal preferences
23:43:58mendelmunkisfrom experience i can say the fuze+ is a good port that fits those two requirements.
23:54:02d9ait seems you can't really buy those nowadays
23:54:19d9aI don't get why our society has gotten to the point where it's really hard to own your stuff
23:54:24mendelmunkisjust bought one on eby 2 weeks ago.
23:54:33d9athey're super expensive though
23:54:39mendelmunkismost newer dap dont have rockbox.
23:54:46d9aMost I'm finding have like $30-$80 shipping
23:55:16mendelmunkisI paid about 30 bucks with free shipping which was the same price when they where being produced.
23:55:27d9aIf I can find something that doesn't connect to the internet, I guess I'd be ok without Rockbox. I just want an appliance pretty much with preferably flac support.
23:55:39d9aDid the seller have more than one or was it just an individual?
23:56:00mendelmunkisindividual, sorry
23:56:03d9ano worries
23:56:12d9aI just wish there was something like Thinkpad for music players
23:56:26d9aand searching is so hard because most searches return software
23:58:30d9aappreciate the help!

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