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#rockbox log for 2019-06-16

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03:03:24dopplerhmm, why did Lofenyy say their question was dumb
03:15:39IncognitoManany idea what would cause this on a sdlapp build of rockbox?
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03:56:12__builtinIncognitoMan: what is that running on?
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04:48:35__builtinhmm, what's the target status of the xDuoo X3?
04:48:41__builtinI don't see it on the front page
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16:08:15Bilgus__builtin, any luck on that bisect?
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17:55:43mendelmunkisAnyone have any comments on #2086 ?
18:04:24foolshmendelmunkis: I can't test it, my fuze+ battery went out. How does it feel in use? and a more descriptive commit message would be helpful for future reference, tell them exactly what keys are doing what etc.
18:05:42mendelmunkisfoolsh: thanks for the advice. I cant describe the feel because I've been using it for years.
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18:30:23mendelmunkisThe rockbox sim just gives a blank window without even the background. Any obvious reasons for that to happen?
18:42:57__builtinBilgus: haven't had time yet, unfortunately
18:43:17__builtinI'm pretty sure it's a rockbox bug, though
18:45:19__builtinAnd mendelmunkis, a more descriptive commit message would be good
18:47:38mendelmunkisHow do i update a patch set?
18:57:11foolshmendelmunkis: For the sim try "make clean" and you're using ccache "ccache -c" then comile again, sometimes cruft gets left over and messes up a compile
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19:01:46foolshmendelmunkis: It's been awhile for me, but to update a commit message just "git commit −−amend" then push as usual, is this right anyone?
19:28:46foolshmendelmunkis: Also, for #2086 there is additions to the manual to be added
19:47:41dopplerhey, awesome. I was able to rewrite the apple firmware to the device manually and now I'm rockboxin.
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20:07:43__builtinfoolsh, mendelmunkis: the trick is to make sure your new commit message has the same Change-Id as the previous patch
20:08:22__builtinThe way I do it is "git rebase -i HEAD^^^"
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20:09:00__builtinThen mark your most recent commit as a "fixup", and optionally "reword" the original commit
20:09:48__builtinIf you don't have a commit to squash (as in this case) you can just "reword" the original
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20:44:34__builtinagh, I forgot how Gerrit is still screwed up... developers still have duplicate accounts without commit privileges :(
20:59:27foolshIt would be nice to have github hooked into the build farm, so we can just migrate over there
21:08:54__builtinwe're really integrated with our own infrastructure, though
21:17:08__builtinBilgus: looks like the bad commit is 2876859
21:17:17__builtin"Fix lcd not waking up when backlight is always off"
21:29:54Bilguslooks like there are several commits with that
21:31:12Bilgustransflective LCDs: fix "first buttonpress enables backlight only"
21:31:44Bilgus g#1354\
21:33:09BilgusI'm guessing the second is to fix the first one perhaps
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21:36:34__builtinBilgus: never mind, I mean;a=commit;h=287685932e53849192020092bce7d7a21d9e2a71
21:36:52__builtinulmutul: good that you're here :)
21:37:08ulmutulI just read the logs.
21:37:24ulmutulI guess it's my fault hten. What exactly is the problem?
21:37:53__builtinon ipod6g, activating HOLD causes a white flash on the screen
21:38:27__builtinI've tracked it down to firmware/backlight.c:backlight_update_state()
21:38:36__builtincalling lcd_awake() there seems to cause the issue
21:39:25BilgusI wonder if the 6g's lcd_awke and backlight_off conflict in their 'syscalls'
21:42:04ulmutulHm, I will have a look...
21:51:34__builtinulmutul: what was that patch originally intended to fix?
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21:54:13mendelmunkis__builtin: it helps to actually add the commit hook when you set up a new computer.
21:55:01mendelmunkisfoolsh: I'm pretty sure I included that in the commit.
21:55:33mendelmunkisAlso the first thing i usually try is building in a clean directory.
21:58:45ulmutulUsually if the sleep timer runs out, the backlight shuts off and the LCD is deactivated. As soon as you press a button the LCD is activated again and the backlight turns on. However if you set the backlight to "always off" the LCD is not reactivated if you press a button.
22:01:01__builtinulmutul: I see
22:01:04ulmutulIf you have a device with a transflective LCD you probably want to see something on it, even if the backlight is turned off. The patch reactivates the LCD when a button is pressed even if the backlight setting is set to "always off" (but only for transflective targets!)
22:02:42__builtinis it supposed to be running that code when the hold button is toggled?
22:07:12ulmutulIt should work exacly as the described backlight functionality on non-transflective targets (think of "LCD readable" and "LCD black" for backlight on/off). I don't think I've tested the various backlight-on-hold settings :)
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22:14:45ulmutul__builtin: Can you test the following: Set LCD Settings>Sleep (after Backlight Off) to (1) Always and (2) Never and test if the flashes appear in both cases?
22:16:54ulmutulI found that Always and Never seem to be interchanged; is it the same for you? I.e. "Never" shuts off the LCD immediately with the backlight and "Always" keeps the LCD running.
22:24:56__builtinulmutul: sure
22:25:33__builtinit looks to me like both Always and Never both keep the LCD on
22:25:37__builtinno difference between the two
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22:29:25ulmutulHm, strange, one the two settings should disable the LCD.
22:30:02__builtinthat's a bug in and of itself :(
22:36:28ulmutulDoes anybody know if the bug only affects IPod 6g, or does it affect 5g (Video) as well? (Or other IPods with transflective screen)
22:37:40*__builtin can't answer that
23:13:34mendelmunkishow do i change a file in uisimulator/common for one target?
23:16:02__builtinmendelmunkis: what are you trying to accomplish, exactly?
23:19:16mendelmunkisI'm back to work on landscape mode and trying to test something in the sim. I am having two issues
23:19:54mendelmunkisone is that i redefined one of the functions used there for specific players which means i need to redefine the sim version too.
23:20:24mendelmunkisthe other is that the compiled sim (from my branch) wont run.
23:20:45mendelmunkiss/run/display anything/
23:23:29ulmutulYou can enclose the function with #ifdef TARGET_NAME (or #ifndef) if you mean that.
23:27:04ulmutul__builtin: Can you test if the following version still flashes?
23:27:27__builtinyeah, I can
23:29:22__builtinulmutul: that seems to have partially fixed the flashes, especially on HOLD
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23:29:31__builtinthere's still one scenario where it still flashes
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23:30:19__builtinwell, there's two issues
23:30:38__builtinthe main thing is that your change seems to have reversed Sleep on Backlight/Always-Never
23:31:03__builtinso now Always keeps the LCD on all the time
23:31:14__builtinand Never actually turns it off
23:31:32__builtinthe flash occurs when Sleep on Backlight=Never
23:32:19__builtinwhen that is true, the flash happens both on HOLD switch toggle, and when the backlight timer expires
23:36:34mendelmunkisis config/targetname.h preprocessed on a simulator build?
23:39:25ulmutulI noticed another issue: if you switch your player to HOLD, the LCD will always stay enabled, except if you switch to HOLD when the LCD is already off.
23:40:06__builtinulmutul: yes, that's correct
23:40:14ulmutulI'll investigate further tomorrow, it's getting late here.
23:40:19__builtinalright, good night
23:40:29ulmutulGood night!
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