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#rockbox log for 2019-06-17

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02:25:23IncognitoManmind if i ask what is the point of "export ROCKBOX_SHARE_PATH=" if when used does absolutely nothing to change the directory to read
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04:53:11IncognitoManhmm so setting it to 16bpp fixed the bootsplash... but everything else is still broken like its still set for 24bpp?
04:56:16__builtinIncognitoMan: what exactly is this running on?
04:56:23IncognitoManLDK Game
04:56:35IncognitoManrunning it as a sdlapp
05:01:20IncognitoManany idea?
05:16:46IncognitoManis there somewhere else i should be aware of to set or force 16bpp?
05:18:50BilgusIncognitoMan, that kinda looks like what happens when the lcd size is wrong
05:19:05IncognitoManlcd is 320x240
05:19:37IncognitoManalso changing the BMP2RB_NATIVE to 16bpp fixed the bootsplash
05:19:45IncognitoMan( -f 4 )
05:19:46mendelmunkisit also looks like what happens if you have hight and width switched.
05:20:06IncognitoManthats what i thought but its not that cause i tried switching it with the same results
05:20:08Bilgusrb uses a double buffer you might be overwriting the memory
05:21:01Bilgusalso there is a stride to take into acct been a bit but let me find the relevant code
05:21:12mendelmunkisbilgus can you please elaborate?
05:21:21IncognitoMantheres what it looked like before setting -f 4
05:23:44Bilgusmendelmunkis, the data is striped a certian way either left to right right to left or up to down down to up
05:24:46Bilgusthere is some info in that header that explains it
05:27:01__builtinIncognitoMan: you might need to set LCD_DEPTH as well
05:27:13__builtinbmp2rb only processes static bitmaps
05:27:29IncognitoManhow would i set LCD_DEPTH?
05:27:34*__builtin isn't sure
05:29:10__builtinyeah, it looks like you can't set it through tools/configure
05:29:54__builtinah, it's forced to 24bit in export/config/sdlapp.h
05:30:29__builtinit looks like tools/configure overrides that
05:30:56__builtinactually no
05:30:58__builtinthat's wrong
05:31:13__builtintry editing LCD_DEPTH and LCD_PIXELFORMAT in sdlapp.h
05:31:29BilgusLCD_PIXELFORMAT RGB888 is the 24 bit one iirc
05:31:47IncognitoManyea needs to be 16 and thanks again for all the help
05:35:22__builtintry setting LCD_DEPTH=16 and LCD_PIXELFORMAT=RGB565
05:35:29IncognitoManthats what i did
05:35:52Bilgus565swapped is also 16 bit
05:36:33BilgusId try setting stride too that looks a lot like the issues I had with LUA when I rewrote the image libs
05:36:47__builtincould be
05:37:04IncognitoManill try that next
05:39:04IncognitoManthat did it
05:39:18IncognitoManthank you all so muchj
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05:41:19Bilguswhich did it?
05:44:55IncognitoMansetting the depth and pixelformat
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05:48:09IncognitoManno thank you... i was getting frustrated as to what i was missing
05:48:24IncognitoManand that lcd.h is pretty informative
05:49:43Bilgus(for good and bad) a lot of documentation is in the source files
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18:07:40dopplerweird. has anyone experienced RB refusing to play any mp3 files? as soon as I go to play a file, playback stops before even the first sample makes it through the pipeline
18:08:09dopplerand if I set up a playlist and turn repeat on, it will just cycle through the tracks at superspeed with no sound coming out
18:09:07JimSleezusIt's been working for me so far
18:09:18doppleryeah, I mean I've never had this issue on a 5G
18:09:34doppleror other players for that matter
18:10:14JimSleezushmm idk, is it *only* mp3s?
18:10:30gevaertsDid you by any change update the main rockbox binary without updating the codecs?
18:10:31dopplerhaven't gotten that far yet
18:11:01dopplergevaerts: oh interesting. I don't think so? this was a manual install
18:11:07dopplergevaerts: is it possible I'm MISSING the codecs?
18:11:39doppler(I just got this device up and running yesterday, so I haven't actually seen it work yet)
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18:17:24gevaertsCould be
18:17:58dopplerwhat can I read or look at to get further insight on this?
18:19:23gevaertsCheck the .rockbox/ directory. There should be a "codecs" subdirectory in that, with files named <something>.codec, and a modification date similar to your main binary
18:19:49dopplerthanks, I'll check.
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18:21:42gevaertsThat's an ipod, right? If so, the main binary will be named "rockbox.ipod" I think, also in .rockbox/
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18:24:06doppleryeah, it's a first-gen nano
18:24:17dopplerthe modification timestamps seem to match up
18:24:40dopplerI'm not sure if I'm looking at the right MP3 codec, though
18:24:53dopplerthere's codecs/mp3_enc.codec, but that seems to suggest an encoder, not a decoder
18:25:35doppler$ stat -c %y rockbox.ipod codecs/mp3_enc.codec
18:25:35doppler2017-04-30 15:27:33.000000000 -0500
18:25:35doppler2017-04-30 15:27:33.000000000 -0500
18:26:14gevaertsMight be mpa.codec (mpeg audio)
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18:27:23dopplerokay, yeah, that's in there
18:27:29dopplerand timestamp is the same
18:27:56gevaertsHmmm, weird then
18:28:05dopplerreally I should be double-checking these files on the device itself, but I left my sync cable at home
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18:28:31doppler(in case the extraction got borked)
18:28:37gevaertsThose files not being there or being the wrong version is the most common cause of things not playing at all
18:28:57dopplerfailing that, is there any sort of debug output or stream I can enable?
18:29:21gevaertsIf you have the device, you should be able to set it to show hidden files (IIRC . counts as hidden here) and then check properties on those files
18:29:51doppleroh yeah, haha, good idea
18:55:08dopplerokay, I think I found something
18:55:29dopplerthe codec files are all there on the device but they're empty files according to the file browser
18:56:08dopplerwhen I get home this evening I'll replace those files. they're populated in the zip.
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18:56:36dopplerI wonder how the hell that happened
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18:59:27gevaertsfilesystem corruption?
19:00:13dopplereek, I hope not
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20:52:40ParkerRAnybody else having issues with the arm cross toolchain? Build is failing (Host GCC is 9.1.0)
21:11:45BilgusParkerR cross compiling is notoriously difficult especially if you are building on a different version, For instance it took me a week to get the build system compiled with gcc 8
21:14:38ParkerRI think I may have been one poking about that around 8 being released lol
21:15:20ParkerRBilgus, Thanks. Yeah I think I still have an older copy installed anyways. Was just seeing if it would update
21:15:30Bilgusyou can try excluding the errors it is failing on -Wc++-compat and see if it works
21:17:24BilgusI think I still have the makefile I edited to do it let me check, the other thing was grabbing the right package versions
21:25:41BilgusParkerR see if this helps
21:27:35Bilgusbeing that its been 6 months I don't remember what all I changed but it should relax errors and fail earlier when the errors can't be ignored
21:28:14ParkerRI did a+x and I get "sudo: unable to execute ../tools/ No such file or directory" Am I having a stroke? lol
21:28:27ParkerREven though I tab completed the script name
21:28:46ParkerRIll just try the script save again
21:30:44ParkerRBilgus, lol /home/parker/FPi1VYi3: Bourne-Again shell script, ASCII text executable, with CRLF line terminators
21:31:01ParkerRThe line header messed it up
21:31:13Bilguslol must be a pastebin thing let me repaste
21:31:31ParkerRNaah youre good
21:31:37ParkerRdos2unix has it covered
21:31:46ParkerRRemoves the bad line endings
21:33:14ParkerRBilgus, Oh is your script silent? heh was confused for a sec
21:33:25ParkerRSo far so good
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21:33:54ParkerRIts on the build-gcc now
21:34:31Bilgusyeah I got tired of having to pipe it and search just to read errors
21:40:34ParkerRBilgus, All good
21:41:54BilgusGreat, there are a few patches on gerrit that will remove the errors when you compile your target
21:42:06BilgusWarnings rather
21:42:23ParkerRI dont see any error on target compilation
21:42:29ParkerRSansa Clip Zip
21:42:36ParkerR*warnings even
21:42:43Bilgussome of them are better than others but I hate warnings when trying to look for my own screw-ups
21:43:14ParkerRIf thats the target compilation you meant
21:43:36ParkerROh hey
21:43:37ParkerRDuke 3D
21:43:37Bilgusyes I don't remember what targets specifically
21:44:06ParkerRIf only I actually had the Sansa on me
21:44:48BilgusNo problem glad I actually saved the file lol
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21:45:39ParkerRDo the game plugins work for the normal SDL build? (As the main target)
21:46:59BilgusNO clue __builtin might
21:48:51ParkerRBilgus, Ahh only 4 of them work
21:49:14ParkerROh and even they dont work
21:49:31ParkerROk Chopper loads, Boomshine crashes
21:50:04BilgusBoomshine is lua so thats something I should probably fix
21:51:21ParkerRYeah everything else loads. Just Boomshine
21:51:41ParkerRIs there anything really stopping the rest of the games from compiling or have they just not been tested to be enabled?
21:52:12BilgusI'll add it to my list it'll be 4 months before I really have time for rb again
21:52:32ParkerRAhh no worries. I just play around with the native build every once in a while
21:52:32BilgusI really don't know but its easy enough to test
21:54:59ParkerREven the updated wiki page is a bit out of date
21:58:04ParkerRClix works really well though lol. Supports clikcing with the mouse anywhere
21:59:34ParkerRAs does Reversi
22:12:34ParkerRBilgus, So what actually defines what applications/plugins are enabled for a system? I've been digging around the source trewe without much luck
22:25:26BilgusParkerR I want to say the SOURCES files do it
22:26:35***No seen item changed, no save performed.
22:26:42BilgusSOURCES.app_build for the SDL
22:27:02Bilgusin apps/plugins
22:27:57ParkerRAhh thanks
22:28:49ParkerRThats odd. Chopper and Click are defined there but no mention of Boomshine
22:29:03ParkerROh derp
22:29:06ParkerRI glossed over it
22:30:25BilgusI know what the issue is I'll have it fixed in a bit
22:31:50ParkerRBilgus, Issue for boomshine?
22:31:56ParkerRAlso here's what I get trying duke3d
22:31:59ParkerRSo yeah
22:32:02ParkerRNo luck
22:32:50ParkerRI assume there's just some device-only specific code?
22:34:54ParkerRAhh yeah its limited to arm
22:34:55ParkerR#if (PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE > 0x14000) && defined(CPU_ARM)
22:35:36ParkerRI guess that would make sense. Native ARM code wouldnt be expected to run on other platforms
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22:36:56ParkerRThat makes me wonder now. What if I try the application build on a Pi
22:37:06*ParkerR doesnt have Pi
22:40:39dopplerif I may ask: why are people interested in running RB as an application? is it just for debug?
22:42:24ParkerRBecause we can? :P I dont even dev. I just like playing around with it.
22:42:47ParkerRI consider application just another "device" to run Rockbox on
22:48:06 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:49:50doppleryeah, makes sense
22:50:09dopplerI was mostly curious if there are people out there using RB as their primary desktop computer media player or something
23:06:24BilgusParkerR, boomshine should be fixed as of my latest commit
23:11:14ParkerRHow fast does the git mirror populate?
23:12:22Bilgusthe mirror is pretty slow its just like 4 chars if you want to manually change it
23:13:20ParkerRAhh ok will do
23:13:47Bilgusline 540 change rb.touchscreen_set_mode(rb.TOUCHSCREEN_POINT) to rb.touchscreen_mode(rb.TOUCHSCREEN_POINT)
23:14:54ParkerRYeah I saw the commit
23:15:06ParkerRAlready building
23:15:21BilgusI had consolidated a bunch of the rb functions exported to lua since each table entry uses like 300 bytes its pretty easy to save a ton of ram by consolidating them
23:15:48ParkerRdoppler, I tried for a little while. Wasnt bad but yeah obviously not suited for desktop usage
23:16:06ParkerRoops I forgot to remove my duke3d
23:17:54ParkerRBilgus, It runs now but ti seems to have more issues with desktop usage.
23:18:06ParkerROh nvm
23:18:08ParkerRTook a second to load
23:18:22ParkerRThe balls ran for maybe 10 seconds before the text appeared and was able to click
23:18:49Bilgusit does a speed test now to try and make the experience more consistent across targets
23:19:28BilgusI rewrote the backend quite a bit
23:23:45Bilguslooks about the same as my fuze+
23:25:44ParkerRHeh 1080 is almost a slidehow :P
23:25:55ParkerR(Not that bad but you can see the speed)
23:26:27ParkerRI wonder if the slowdown comes from the SDL drawing
23:27:04Bilgusyeah lua is definitely NOT a speed demon to begin with
23:28:21BilgusI'm sure there a many bottlenecks also greater than 1024 its using 64 bit numbers to draw those circles
23:30:53Bilgusthats not as bad as I expected actually
23:31:05ParkerRYeah still playable
23:31:38Bilgusdoes it pop a Slow Target message at the beginning?
23:31:56ParkerRNope always goes straight to level 1
23:32:04ParkerRMessage that is
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