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#rockbox log for 2019-06-28

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00:20:08Bilgusulmutul (logs) I don't see anything wrong with your patch its not like you switched Always & Never I just missed that function when I switched them apparently
00:24:22BilgusJust to be clear Always & Never were switched for the Backlight to share the formatter with LCD
00:24:22Bilgus Sleep in the settings_list
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01:11:27ParkerRBilgus, Another use for the SDL port
01:12:15ParkerRHeh the Pi actually does show slow target for Boomshine
01:12:27BilgusParkerR, is that your raspi?
01:12:33ParkerRFriends at work
01:12:37ParkerRMessing around
01:13:21Bilgusadd a DAC hat and it'd be a pretty nice car DAP
01:13:26ParkerRThe SPI display is kinda hot garbage though
01:13:44ParkerRNo GPU accel and <8Hz refresh
01:13:51Bilgusthats probably what is making it slow
01:14:14ParkerRYeah I should try on HDMI
01:14:31Bilgusdoes it still play ok?
01:14:41ParkerRYeah playing it right now. Touchscreen
01:15:46BilgusI have a patch to add button events to lua that should make it more efficient
01:16:05Bilgus(even more)
01:23:17Bilgusyeah thats pretty slow lol
01:32:20ParkerRBilgus, Yep that was purely the SPI refresh rate killing it
01:40:24Bilgusnot going to affect music playback though :p
01:40:50Bilgustoo bad the pi 4 didn't get a real dac yet
01:41:02ParkerRConsidering all else that it got
01:41:05ParkerRI can forgive it
01:41:15ParkerRIm eyeing the 4GB model
01:42:59Bilgusthat'll be the one thats hard to get (like the PI0)
01:44:26ParkerRI wouldnt imagine. I assume this will have better stock than the $5 Zero did
01:45:55ParkerROh by the way, has any work been done towards the Android port? iirc it died when ART came around
01:46:37BilgusNONE AFAIK
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05:18:36BilgusParkerR, when you get a chance try g#2099
05:18:38fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2099 at : lua boomshine update to use rockevents library by William Wilgus
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10:04:05ParkerRBilgus, I assume just on regular SDL build?
10:07:14mendelmunkisanyone with a fuze+ able to test g#2087?
10:07:16fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2087 at : Fuze+ hotkeys and quickscreen by Moshe Piekarski
10:09:07ParkerRmendelmunkis, Oh hey while youre here, how do I actually test a gerrit commit?
10:09:23ParkerRI have the source tree cloned. Oh wait I think I have the git cloned
10:09:31ParkerRThatd do it
10:10:42mendelmunkisif you have a git clone make a branch then cherry-pick the change you want(in the upper right side there should be a straight copy paste for that) build, and run.
10:11:40ParkerRAha thanks
10:18:53ParkerROh I forgot to cheery pick both commits heh
10:19:14ParkerRWhat is that supposed to do?
10:19:52mendelmunkischerry picking a commit adds its changes on top of whatever your current git history looks like.
10:20:16ParkerRmendelmunkis, Oh no I meant his changes to lua rockevent heh
10:20:38mendelmunkisoh. cant help you there.
10:20:51ParkerRAye I usually post for when they do get back
10:20:55ParkerRNo worries
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16:34:54BilgusParkerR easier would be to pull g#2096 and just copy pasta boomshine lol
16:34:56fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2096 at : Add lua events from rockbox by William Wilgus
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20:31:06qweoIs there any work underway for hardware not listed on
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