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#rockbox log for 2019-07-04

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03:54:57__builtinulmutul (logs): your latest patch seems to have caused more flashes whenever I push a button
03:55:14__builtinflashes on HOLD state change are still there, too
03:55:54__builtinalso whenever I use the scroll wheel
03:57:15__builtinhowever, the backlight does behave properly when I set it to "Never"
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08:24:47olavx200[m]Morning #rockbox. I am looking to buy a rockboxable mp3 player for under 100$. So far i think the agptek rocker is the best option. I would like to hear your input before purchasing it though. What do you think is the best mp3 player for rockbox in my budget?
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08:58:19olavx200Good morning #rockbox. I am looking to buy a rockboxable mp3 player for under 100$. So far i think the agptek rocker is the best option. I would like to hear your input before purchasing it though. What do you think is the best mp3 player for rockbox in my budget?
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09:22:58maxtothemaxI have a rocker. Pros: Rockbox works well. cons: relatively poor battery life, pretty bad internal DAC/amp and no way to attach an external one
09:24:30maxtothemaxI got a benjie t6 (exact same device) for like $45 on aliexpress. I would say it's easily worth it at that price
09:25:23maxtothemaxslightly more involved to flash the rocker firmware on it but doable
09:32:37olavx200Alright. I heared you had to update the firmware on the benjie t6 before flashing rockbox. Do you have a link on how to do that? Im sure the battery will be better than my current iphone atleast.
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11:52:15lagfraI used the instruction on this forum, read through the whole discussion though, there's valuable advice
11:52:36olavx200thanks i will check it out
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13:57:48PimpiN8Hi guys
13:57:53PimpiN8been having problems with my ipod
13:57:59PimpiN8it wont turn on
13:58:24PimpiN8if i plug it in rockbox keeps rebooting
13:58:36PimpiN8plugged in only the dual boot apple firmware works
13:58:48PimpiN8then when i take the charger out the ipod shuts down
13:59:07PimpiN8does anyone have any idea whats going on?
13:59:40gevaertsMaybe a dead battery
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14:24:47_Bilguswould make sense, since for safety rb shuts down if battery is low
14:25:54_BilgusI'd say maybe he should install one of the battery bypass patches but that seems very dangerous on an ipod with bad battery
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18:01:46maxtothemaxolavx200: if you're unlucky and get a t6 with the 1.08B firmware, you will need these extra steps:
18:12:59olavx200[m]I think i will just buy the rocker. Its only a 10 $ difference.
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21:33:20_BilgusI think 7zip handles ISO's as well
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23:12:52ulmutul__builtin: I have a new version of the patch, should be better now :)
23:13:23ulmutulgtg, I'll read the logs. Good night!
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