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#rockbox log for 2019-07-05

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04:43:04__builtinulmutul (logs): flashes on keypress are fixed
04:43:19__builtinand backlight always/never works correctly as well
04:43:25__builtinbut there are still flashes on backlight state change
04:43:34__builtini.e. HOLD toggle and backlight timeout
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06:10:01__builtinOk y'all. I've now got a fully GPL'd wolf3d port
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15:05:06PimpiN8did anyone have a chance to see the question about my ipod?
15:21:47_Bilgusour guess bad battery.
15:22:53_BilgusThe rb bootloaders abort if the battery is disconnected or value is too low unless you patch it not to
15:32:52PimpiN8i see..
15:32:58PimpiN8Thanks _Bilgus
15:33:10PimpiN8might be ready for a battery change
15:33:21PimpiN8its weird that it disconnects instantly though
15:33:50_Bilgusopen it up and measure the battery
15:36:53_BilgusIdk if the ipod has a depleted battery mode it could be that it is too low to charge safely
15:38:04_Bilgusin that case you can supply it through a largeish resistor with a bench supply but don't leave it alone and keep an eye (with safety glasses) on it or just replace it
15:38:40_Bilguswhile not attached to the ipod ofc
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16:38:44PimpiN8im going to let someone look at it
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18:32:43dm3janhi, is there any new (still availiable) hardware supported by rockbox
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18:40:37signopdm3jan: I'm just a n00b so someone might have a better answer, but the agptek rocker and I think the xuelin devices are
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19:01:23*Jinx wishes the old SanDisk models were still available
19:01:40Jinxfeels like things have gotten worse, not better
19:04:53signopagree Jinx, those were what i started looking for. went with the rocker after it seemed too hard to get a good copy of one of the sandisk devices
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19:14:46Jinxthe rocker? hmm... i might have to look into that
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19:39:17dm3jansignop: thanks for your info. i will have a look at the rocker
19:39:26signopJinx: if you go with one, these links from yesterday were recommended for getting up and running with it and (if you get 1.08B firmware)
19:39:34signopdm3jan too ^^
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23:15:12__builtinalright, I'm still working on my wolf3d port...
23:15:32__builtinI've managed to get MAME's GPL FM OPL emulator ported over, but it sounds like crap on target :(
23:15:45__builtinit sounds fine in the sim, though

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