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#rockbox log for 2019-07-08

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00:30:11Bilgusfoolsh builds_
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00:30:30foolshBilgus: Ah thank you!
00:30:52BilgusIllegalCondiment are you using the latest dev version or 3.14?
00:40:31Bilgusfoolsh np
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03:13:49*__builtin is confused about how GCC handles structure alignment
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03:22:11CrookieHello I wanted some advice on something...
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03:25:27CrookieMy battery on my Ipod has been dying unexpectedly and I'm not sure how to fix it
03:34:53__builtinwell I'll be damned...
03:35:07__builtinI just made wolf3d sound good on ipod6g :)
03:37:03__builtinI'm working on something on my end and it just worked :)
03:37:13CrookieOh thats great
03:38:01CrookieDid you instal a game?
03:38:22__builtinyes, I'm porting Wolfenstein 3-D
03:39:00Crookieoh thats cool
03:39:27CrookieIs it possible to chamge my battery on my Ipod?
03:40:00__builtindisassembly is nontrivial, however
03:40:15CrookieLike I mean change the battery to a phone battery perhaps?
03:41:21__builtinyou'll definitely want to replace it with the exact same battery
03:41:46CrookieWhat happens if its a different battery?
03:41:56__builtinYour device will get very, very bright
03:42:28CrookieThe battery I got for my Ipod is a 1000mah battery
03:42:47CrookieIt doesn't seem to work well with the drive I installed it with
03:45:21Crookie); Im not sure what else to do about the problem
03:46:36CrookieI installed a 1TB ssd I've heard these take up a sum of power
03:47:09CrookieMy battery doesnt seem to work to well with the device
03:49:37Crookieshould use an HDD instead...
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03:51:44CrookieI dont think there is any solution to my problem...
03:55:41CrookieShould it be easier to change the drive instead?
03:56:13CrookieShould it be easier to change the disk instead?*
03:58:34CrookieHow much energy does a ssd take ?
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04:07:40__builtindamn, I hate the gerrit web interface
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04:20:45CrookieBack again... I wanted to ask for help or some advice for the problem I explained earlier...
04:22:14__builtinCrookie: please be patient
04:22:39Crookiesorry and okay lol
04:22:42__builtinI would guess that an SSD would pull less current than a HDD, not more
04:22:57CrookieBuy I mean
04:23:16CrookieThe last Hdd that I had installed in my Ipod didnt take as much power
04:23:26Crookievs this ssd
04:23:36__builtinhow are you measuring that?
04:24:09CrookieWhat do you mean?
04:24:26__builtinHow are you measuring the power draw of the two?
04:24:45Crookieoh Im not Im just guessing..
04:25:35CrookieThe ssd is 1TB those probably do cosume more power than an 80Gb hdd
04:26:00CrookieEven with a battery of 500mah
04:26:03__builtinyou're probably better off replacing the battery
04:26:21CrookieThe current battery that I have is a 1000mah battery
04:26:36Crookieit should do well with the ssd?
04:26:43__builtinevidently it's not :)
04:27:16__builtindidn't you complain about it dying quickly?
04:27:17Crookieis the battery not good?
04:27:36__builtinthat answers your question ;)
04:27:54CrookieThen its better to get an hdd instead of a ssd?
04:28:45CrookieId have to disassemble the ipod again...
04:29:12__builtinit's really hard to say
04:29:24__builtinI would say just replace the battery and see
04:29:32__builtinthe only way to know for sure is to try both
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04:30:49CrookieDo they sell hdds the size of an Ipod thats 1Tb?
04:30:58Crookieor maybe 2Tb?
04:33:37__builtingoogle is your friend
04:34:10Crookieyea . thanks for the help..
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21:38:25ParkerRBilgus, Seems to run a little better but only tested on desktop
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