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#rockbox log for 2019-07-15

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01:47:49Soap$20+shipping and you can have my Ipod Nanov1 4GB
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05:20:38__builtinLadies and gentlemen, we have Quake!
05:27:28__builtin... surprisingly playable, too :)
06:23:02__builtinalright, code is up as g#1832 for all interested
06:23:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #1832 at : Quake! by Franklin Wei
06:23:07__builtinhave fun!
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14:09:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 03e6b17, 280 builds, 9 clients.
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15:47:43speachySo, I finally dug myself out of $RealLife necessities, and have some spare cycles to try and get my rockbox backlog cleaned out.
15:48:16speachyin particular I'd like to get the voice-in-plugins stuff going again.
15:49:04__builtinHi speachy!
15:49:22speachyMy daily driver has had the first few patches running for.. oh, 4 months now?
15:49:28__builtinI'm in much the same (fortunate) situation these few weeks.
15:51:00gevaertsBut then you got distracted and started playing Quake? :)
15:51:09*speachy chuckles.
15:52:59speachyin my case, former employer shut down our entire group, just when my partner had to quit working due to medical issues. So.. yeah, working my posterior off on various contract gigs.
15:56:39gevaertsSounds less than ideal...
15:58:21speachyOh, it was a bit of an ordeal. But coming out the other end, I managed to get everything I was looking for. A long-ish-term stable gig (that pays better!) in a place I actually like.
15:59:22speachyand while waiting for multi-hour EDA tool runs to complete, I have idle brain cycles. Perfect for this sort of thing.
16:08:07gevaertsAh, that's better :)
16:20:07speachybut I digress. g#2071 is the first in the series for voice-enabled plugins.
16:20:09fs-bluebotGerrit review #2071 at : FS #7704 - Talk support for plugins by Solomon Peachy
16:20:22speachy(sweet, the bot's up and running!)
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21:57:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4e44c9c, 280 builds, 9 clients.
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23:21:14runrindoes anyone use rockbox-vortex?
23:22:00runrinI'm thinking about picking up an xduoo x3ii, and see it is listed on their site, but can't find any information stating if it works with bluetooth
23:22:19speachyit doesn't have bluetooth support.
23:22:37runrindang, thanks
23:22:54speachythe x3ii also isn't in a mainlinable state, so you'll be stuck with the build from the vortex site
23:24:13runrini've been looking for a good bluetooth player for work, but really was hoping that i could find one that i can use rockbox on
23:24:26runrinmost of my music doesn
23:24:47runrindoesn't have metadata, and i really dont want to have to update all of it >.<
23:25:44runrindo you know if there are any players that can do bluetooth with rockbox?
23:25:51speachynone of the above.
23:26:08speachy"native" rockbox lacks a bluetooth stack, and that's not likely to ever change.
23:26:42speachythe "hosted" rockbox builds built on top of the hiby linux builds (ie most of the recent stuff) could support bluetooth once some UI is written for it
23:27:36runrinoh, is hiby os built on linux?
23:27:59speachyyeah, a badly mangled one at that with no kernel sources anywhere.
23:28:40speachyso bugs in the kernel drivers can't be fixed, and HW functionality not exposed will remain hidden...
23:28:58runrini see
23:29:24runrinis there a bluetooth player that you would suggest instead?
23:29:47speachyas an example, the agptek rocker's hw codec supports native tone control. and a near-line-level output mode. But nope.
23:30:51runrinhaha, yeah, my phone doesn't have expandable memory, and i dont really want to be fussing with my phone at work
23:31:08runrini like having a dedicated player
23:31:10speachyin all seriousness, the standalone digital audio player space is pretty spartan these days. The market is mostly low-end trash, with a handful of high-end stuff focused on audio quality above all else.
23:31:39runrinyeah, i was thinking about buiding my own with a raspberry pi zero
23:31:53runrinsince there is a model with bluetooth
23:33:21speachyI'd love something with usable bluetooth too, to make interfacing with the car a lot nicer. But even the native bluetooth support in the Hiby stuff is pretty basic; you don't get track/seek controls or data showing what's playing.
23:33:23runrini really just want to see my directories and pick what i listen to that way. i don't want everything sorted with metadata
23:34:13runrinyeah. i was thinking about getting an e-ink display and a battery and kinda slapping it together
23:34:34runrinmaybe a laser cut faceplate and a 3d printed case
23:34:52runrinbut really i just want something that works
23:34:53speachythe problem with the RPi Zero approach is that by the time you build a UI and controls onto it.. you're looking at a significant outlay of time and money. (as compared to just picking up an old android phone that has a SD interface)
23:35:29runrinah, that might be an idea. just an old phone for music only
23:35:33speachyor you could try to bang out a UI for the Hiby stuff for rockbox. :)
23:35:56runrinwe'll see
23:36:08speachythe interface to the "system server" is known, and it probably wouldn't be that bad to recreate the (really crappy) hiby UI.
23:36:10runrinif i did rpi, it would just be a command line player
23:37:01speachyanother option −− I'm pretty sure I saw someone posted an implementation of the iphone usb protocol. bolt that onto the RPi and you may be able to use your car (etc) as the UI.
23:37:18runrinhaha, neat
23:38:24speachyanyway, time to bail on $dayjob and head home to the family.
23:38:31speachygood luck
23:38:52runrinyou've been a big help. thanks!
23:39:00*runrin hugs speachy
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23:44:25 Part runrin
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