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#rockbox log for 2019-07-17

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00:22:33Bilgus__builtin having alignment issues again with lua on arm I suspect it has something to do with the plugin buffer but it is hard af to diagnose since the player locks up when it happens
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00:32:14__builtinWhat device?
00:33:45__builtinIf it has a piezo you can beep out the fault address in binary
00:34:47__builtinulmutul: I will look into the flashes next time
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00:35:33Bilgusit is the clip+ that I tested it on but the clipzip and the fuze+ do it too just not at the same time lol
00:36:18__builtinBilgus: can you repro on a device with piezo?
00:36:33Bilgusits not just lua though generally when it happens codecs do it as well
00:36:56BilgusI haven't any devices with a piezo lol
00:37:05__builtinWhat exactly is the issue?
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00:37:52Bilgusplay a file open lua and it crashes the device sound plays till buffer runs out then non responsive with no screen
00:38:27Bilgusput alignment in or add an instruction retry works fine every time
00:39:10__builtinNo crash dump?
00:40:40__builtinI could try and reproduce it on my 6g and get you a fault address
00:41:48Bilgusok hold on a few and I'll build an image although your device probably will work fine as I don't see it across all devices at all times but they each do it time to time
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01:00:08Bilguswonder if I could use the same idea to flash the backlight lol
01:03:32__builtinI'll test it later
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01:11:40__builtinBilgus: the backlight sounds like a good idea too
01:12:11__builtinMaybe short/long flashes for 0/1
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01:12:46__builtinSee g#2105 for how I did it
01:12:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #2105 at : system-arm: log PC address via ipod6g piezo on fault (HACK) by Franklin Wei
01:15:07Bilgusyeah I just tried it and either it doesn't reach the handler or the screen is too borked to do it
01:15:47__builtinYou're using the UIE handler, correct?
01:17:02Bilgussame as your patch
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01:22:15Bilgusyeah it never reaches it I put system_reboot() at the top and nothing new I wonder if tlsf could get stuck trying to allocate on unaligned addresses
01:46:49Bilgus__builtin, Interesting I put in code to align down the pluginbuf address to tlsf and it doesn't crash then I thought well yeah changed the size with my code so I wrote iut so gcc couldn't optimize it away and tried with % 1 and it crashed
01:47:34BilgusI know our tlsf is slightly old I wonder if its a known bug
01:53:37BilgusI think I have it figured out
01:56:29Bilgusso lua uses get_new_area exclusively to grab the remainder of the pluginbuf
01:57:03Bilgusbut if you use init_memory_pool it checks to see if it is word aligned
01:57:24Bilgus if (((intptr_t) mem_pool & PTR_MASK)) {
01:57:24Bilgus ERROR_MSG("init_memory_pool (): mem_pool must be aligned to a word\n");
01:57:24Bilgus return -1;
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01:57:24Bilgus }
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01:58:38Bilgusnow the question is how do I force alignment while rounding the proper way on stacks that grow up or down
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07:43:26Bilgus__builtin, g#2113 fixes it for me I see you had disabled memset in 2017 do you remember details about that>
07:43:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #2113 at : ARM fix non aligned crashes with tlsf by William Wilgus
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17:20:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 47639fb, 280 builds, 9 clients.
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22:20:52*__builtin is dipping his toe in ARM assembly
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22:23:57gevaertsBe careful. Combining toes and arms can be confusing
22:25:42speachyheh, that should be 'combing thumbs and arms' :P
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22:26:13gevaertsThat would make more sense :)
22:27:27speachyoh, there are so many jokes along those lines.
22:30:42Bilgus__builtin can you see if puzzles still crashes with memset enabled and if so if 2113 fixes it?
22:32:10__builtinBilgus: give me a moment
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22:36:08__builtinit feels like we're missing the root problem with all this memset() crap
22:36:27__builtincould it just be that our ARM memset has an issue with unaligned addresses?
22:37:08speachywell, the mips memset was broken in that way
22:38:36speachybut it does seem a bit odd that memset would have been broken this long..
22:39:13__builtinI remember ARM's couldn't handle memsetting a negative value
22:43:25__builtinso it's not entirely impossible
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22:50:32__builtinBilgus: memset-tlsf appears to work fine under puzzles
22:50:40__builtinthough I haven't tested much
22:50:53__builtinif you feel like reverting my patch, I'm fine with it
22:52:26BilgusI think it actually has to do with the offset being aligned to 4 and I'm not entirely sure if its actually arm or tlsf but I did try a newer version of tlsf and had the same crash
22:53:17BilgusI think when you removed memset you probably just changed the alignment slightly same as I did in lua
22:53:20__builtinI didn't give it an unaligned buffer though
22:53:55Bilgusme either it seems to happen when the buffer is ending with 4
22:54:21Bilgusmoving it to 8 16 32 64 128 all seem to work fine
22:54:45Bilgusits almost enough to make it look random
22:55:50Bilgushow often does your plugin end in 0x4 (rhetorical)
22:57:17__builtinI could test
22:57:29__builtinor purposely make it end in 4
22:59:25Bilgusyeah I did the same adding buffers of chars and nops and was able to crash it pretty consistently if music were plasying so there might be something else going on there
23:00:05Bilgusperhaps an overflow in tlsf since the buffers are right next to each other
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