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#rockbox log for 2019-07-18

00:28:47__builtincould I get a quick code review? assembly: original C:
00:29:47__builtinthe C code compiled to 31 instructions/loop with -O3, and the assembly version uses just 13
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04:21:18__builtindoes someone have a gigabeast to test quake?
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15:41:38fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c9aeb42, 280 builds, 9 clients.
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15:58:10speachyhmm. we ought to update the main web page to include the AGPTek Rocker/Benjie T6 and the Xduoo X3 as unstable targets.
16:01:30speachyhuh. apparently I did that a while back. or at least I committed it.
16:02:42speachyI guess there's another step needed to publish the changes
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16:57:16__builtinspeachy: yeah, you'll need to contact one of the site admins
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17:47:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d5908f5, 280 builds, 9 clients.
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19:50:35foolshI can't find anything in the git logs, but was something changed in the configure script, I get a lot of warnings now. Mostly about __builtin's sdl library and games wolf3d and duke3d
19:51:16foolshit was compiling fine without warnings this morning until I did a git pull
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20:04:16__builtinI may have fudged the flags
20:05:26__builtinfoolsh: what exactly are the warnings?
20:10:32foolshHang on I'll pastebin the output
20:11:04foolshrunning a clean build to make doubly sure it's not just my env
20:25:55speachynone of my targets build the SDL stuff, but one has to go back a ways before anything changed in the configure script or build system.
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20:39:07foolshYeah I think was just old cruft, I swear I cleaned ccache before I built last time. It was doing it on my 64bit machine no matter what, thought my build env got boogered up, rebuilt the arm crosscompiler and now everythings peachy
20:40:10foolsh__builtin: no worries its all working now
20:44:23foolshgreat now it's doning it it again, after running "ccache -c" and rm'ing my build directory, WTF
20:45:16__builtinfoolsh: can you pastebin the output?
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20:48:32ulmutul-guest__builtin: not an ARM expert at all, but didn't you miss a "mov r5, r5, asl #16" after your "mul r5, r4, r1"? (Line 31)
20:49:06__builtinulmutul-guest: nice catch, but I already just fixed that :)
20:49:39__builtinlet me show you my latest version
20:49:59__builtinit appears to be causing sporadic crashes, but I don't know why
20:50:17__builtinit works fine usually, but very rarely it causes an abort in unrelated code
20:50:32__builtinI suspect I'm messing up the calling convention somehow
20:53:18__builtin(by the way, the whole shift-by-16 nonsense is to work with QADD to provide saturating addition)
20:53:38__builtinQADD only handles 32-bit values, so I shift the 16-bit samples to the high half and add them that way
20:54:08ulmutul-guestIs there any reliable calling convention if the code is inlined?
20:54:30__builtinI don't think it's inlining though
20:54:54foolsh__builtin: I purged ccahe something fishy going on with it, I had it plugged in to icecc for distrubuted builds, something some where went wonky
20:56:12foolshI'll dive into wolf3d a little bit, and duke3d fails at writing the config file somewhere on target clip zip
20:57:18*foolsh wonders if his ssd is failing and causing errors
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21:52:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8bd992c, 280 builds, 9 clients.
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22:23:40foolsh__builtin: wolf3d freezes at "rockbox/apps/plugins/sdl/src/file/SDL_rwops.c" on line "SDL_RWread(src, &value, (sizeof value), 1);" in function "Uint32 SDL_ReadLE32 (SDL_RWops *src)"
22:24:39__builtinthis is clip zip?
22:26:50__builtinI can almost guarantee that it's reading from an unaligned address
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22:28:35 Part ulmutul-guest
22:30:05__builtinwell, that wouldn't make sense...
22:31:29__builtinfoolsh: could you try a build without wolf3d's SOUND_ENABLE?
22:31:35__builtinuncomment the #define in wl_def.h
22:31:43__builtiner.. comment it out
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22:39:07__builtinhmm... I tried out my ipod6.0G and the lcd flashes are completely gone...
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22:47:54foolsh__builtin: Yeah wolf3d runs beautifully with sound disabled
22:49:05__builtinthat's really odd... could you trace the crash further down the call chain??
22:50:56__builtinI took a quick look, and it seems that the memory accesses are through SDL_memcpy
22:51:19__builtinwhich only deals with char* pointers
22:55:16__builtinugh, it looks like it's optimized into a mess by gcc
22:59:20foolshTo sum it up: Use following directives for GCC “-mshort-load-bytes” and “-mno-short-load-words”
22:59:58foolshI'll pop some flags into the Makefile
23:00:20__builtinyou'll probably want SDLFLAGS sdl.make
23:09:25__builtinulmutul (logs): I think I should mention that assembly runs in an IRQ context as well
23:32:05foolsh__builtin: Geez no of these are present in our compiler "-mword-relocations" "-mno-alignment-traps" "-mno-short-load-words" "-mno-short-load-bytes"
23:32:46foolshI tried "-mword-relocations" not know exactly what it does, but it still freezes
23:42:46__builtinI'm not surprised. 4.4.4 is ancient
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