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#rockbox log for 2019-07-22

00:20:52*__builtin really thinks containerized build environments are the way to go
00:20:59__builtinsee g#2135
00:21:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #2135 at : Add build code for Docker development environment (WIP) by Franklin Wei
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01:20:30CrookieI'm not very good with batteries and their measurements. I have noticed there are two types of Lithium Ion batteries. There is a Black Lithium Ion battery that seems to be newer then a Yellow Lithium Ion battery. These two types of batteries may have different energy levels. I wanted some advise on getting these batteries.
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18:59:41__builtinCan someone try building the arm-app toolchain and see if it works for them?
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19:32:12BilgusI can't right now but if you haven't got any takers by this evening I can
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20:36:29speachyfinally. webclient went all wonky.
20:37:20speachyhaven't managed to get a successful arm-app toolchain built yet.
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23:04:41foolsh__builtin: I'm building in now on 64bit linux, if I remember right it will fail at crosstools fetching libmpfr and I'll have to patch crosstools to point to a mirror, but I'll let you know
23:05:34speachyfor me it was complaining about not being able to statically generate a toolchain.
23:05:51speachywhat's your build host?
23:06:09foolshmine? Ubuntu 18.04 64bit
23:07:07__builtinwhat does it error out on for you two?
23:07:30foolshHaven't gotten to far in building yet
23:08:27speachylet me spin the VM back up..
23:09:59__builtinfor my docker build it gives an error about "unknown array size in delete" in Row.inlines.hh
23:10:06speachyCentOS7, "static linking impossible on the host system 'x86_64-build_unknown-linux-gnu'
23:10:47__builtinmine is based on debian:9
23:10:59speachydigging into the log now
23:22:40speachyhad to hack the ct-ng scripts to not supress the gcc output. turns out I just didn't have the glibc-static packages installed. toolchain build proceeding.
23:26:47speachyfailed to retrieve eglibc-2_12
23:30:45foolsh__builtin: yeah "error: unknown array size in delete" here to
23:31:01foolshlemme try it on a 32bit host
23:33:11speachyhuh, that depended on subversion to do a checkout
23:33:27speachystarting again...
23:33:28vup__builtin: got the same error, but disabeling cloog / ppl it runs through
23:33:41vupah well
23:33:46vupfails just a bit later
23:33:52vupnot finding some headers
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23:42:15speachyon PPL now..
23:44:04speachyWhich went boom, in Interval.defs.hh
23:46:28foolshweird mine went boom at Row.inlines.hh
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23:46:47__builtinfoolsh: same here
23:46:56__builtinit'd be nice if we would just offer pre-built binaries
23:47:10foolshstill building on my 32bit box, we'll see
23:48:35*foolsh still has a 12.04 ubuntu box around here and will try it on that old OS next
23:48:49speachypre-built binaries or not, we need to be able to build the dang thing somehow
23:49:10speachythat said, cg-ng 1.13 is pretty ancient, and the stuff going all explode-y has long since been fixed upstream.

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