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#rockbox log for 2019-07-23

00:02:31BilgusTry this see if this helps ParkerR said it needs the CRLF fixed in it not sure where they can from
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00:20:56__builtinuser890104: are you still interested in the fake86 port?
00:21:15__builtinI wrote a guide on porting SDL programs here:
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01:45:50__builtinFunny. My docker build just build arm-app successfully.
02:17:07*speachy chuckles.
02:29:59foolshWell crap, 12.04 won't even build it poops out "Interval.defs.hh:451:85: error: 'f_info' was not declared in this scope, and no declarations were found by argument-dependent lookup at the point of instantiation [-fpermissive]"
02:33:17__builtincan one of you try building the Docker image?
02:34:21foolshwhere's it at?
02:34:38__builtin g#2135
02:34:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #2135 at : Add build code for Docker development environment (WIP) by Franklin Wei
02:34:41__builtinare you familiar with docker?
02:34:48foolsha little
02:35:10__builtindo "cd tools/docker_rbclient" and "docker build . -t myclient"
02:35:28__builtinit'll run through a bunch of steps and build a container image called "myclient"
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02:44:33foolshAs far as rockbox as an android app goes, there is an SDL port for the android platform, from the way droid got picky about with how apps access memory breaking the old native port on newer devices makes an SDL app that much more desirable
02:45:25foolshI've played around with it a little, still haven't figured out how to shoe horn rockbox into the gradle build system yet :)
02:52:57__builtinoh, gradle...
03:12:41foolshgeez pullin down those latex packages takes foreva
03:15:01__builtingood thing is it only needs to be done once
03:19:59speachyoh this is rich. Fedora's docker packages don't install due to a conflict.
03:23:40speachyRHEL7 is also busted, it seems.
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10:36:40user890104__builtin: thanks for the detailed page, i'm probably going to finish the remaining work on fake86 this summer, and submit it for merging
10:37:02user890104also, can you add the shareware files for quake to the wiki page?
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14:16:53foolsh__builtin: docker image fails at Row.inlines.hh "error: unknown array size in delete"
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17:36:44__builtinfoolsh: that's odd. I'll have to look into it further
17:37:09__builtinuser890104: I can try, but there are size restrictions
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19:42:28user890104__builtin: i can host them on, there are no size restrictions and it's not going away anytime soon
19:45:16user890104ideally, we can add them to rbutil's "download game files" feature (with the help of bluebrother)
19:46:14user890104maybe just modify the zip that's being installed, the option's name and fuctionality fits well this purpose
20:27:04__builtinyeah, that's the best way
20:27:29__builtinor perhaps we could just link to the shareware zip
20:27:35__builtinit's easy to find on the internet
20:30:44__builtinwell, those files are seem to come as self-extracting EXEs... hardly the easiest format
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