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#rockbox log for 2019-07-25

00:01:46*__builtin is in the middle of a heat wave right now... definitely not cool
00:08:25foolshwell it's been beautiful here in michigan lately, guess I'm the only cool one here, I remember north carolina weather, not very fondly it where I grew up
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03:05:05__builtinSignedness issues...
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15:50:24Bilgushey what is an alternative to INT_MIN on hosted builds?
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17:43:18speachynice, autobuilder is down to a little over 15 minutes for everything
18:14:34Bilgusassuming its not all red :p
18:21:28gevaertsThe goal is to make the collapsed table actually go away
18:22:32speachytoo bad we keep committing stuff that breaks in unexpected ways. :/
18:23:06gevaertsOn the other hand, that's better than not doing stuff at all :)
18:23:09gevaertsI think
18:23:17speachyyeah, I think so too
18:23:41speachyat least the last couple of RED EVERYWHERE!!!111 events weren't my fault.
18:23:51speachythis time
18:28:11*speachy is trying to do his part to keep the development velocity going
18:28:44speachyeven if most of that is triaging and cleaning up other folks' work.
18:29:19speachyout-of-tree bitrot is a personal pet peeve
18:39:00user890104__builtin: is located here: so it could be a good place for the other shareware game files (wolf3d, quake, duke3d)
18:39:12user890104this is where rbutil fetches it from
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19:02:40Bilgusspeachy, on that file properties plugin have you thought about using malloc (tlsf) instead of all those static allocs? I'm not sure how many are used concurrently...
19:04:05speachyI think there's only that one big allocation (struct DPS)
19:06:42__builtinuser890104: I think I'll have to go through the Swedes to upload there
19:06:49__builtinI'll work on it
19:06:56speachybut IIUC what the plugin lifecycle is, then it should be safe to use malloc. (needs to be accessible for voice callbacks)
19:07:49__builtinIt would be nice if I could consolidate the SDL timidity with our midiplay patchset
19:07:51speachyif it comes down to it I have oodles of disk space and bandwidth on my systems too.
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19:09:42speachyone of the patches I have in my queue is a big enhancment of the midiplay plugin.
19:11:12speachywas waiting until I could actually test it for myself
19:12:12Bilgusis important..
19:12:39__builtinspeachy: why would disk space/bandwidth matter?
19:13:27Bilgusbecause those doom fanatics thats why :p
19:15:27__builtinOh, for hosting. I see.
19:15:33speachythe lab at $dayjob has a misprovisioned fiber feed. We're supposed to be getting 100/10 but we're actually seeing 100/500.
19:17:04Bilgusseems like a bad idea to depend on an oversight to host anything semi permanent
19:19:52speachyTrue, but unless quake/doom/etc on rockbox is far more popular than any of us would ever dream, I doubt that hosting it would register above the noise level of our normal utilization
19:21:04__builtinspeachy: I think you're missing the point. We already have a decent space to host it on (
19:22:01speachyI'm just saying that if getting stuff onto becomes an issue, there are other options..
19:35:50__builtinAh, makes sense.
19:36:15*__builtin is really tired
20:27:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cdfb7d4, 280 builds, 11 clients.
20:27:28__builtinit *is* nice having commit activity again :)
20:31:49__builtinspeachy: if you're looking for stuff to merge, the Rockbox github mirror has a couple pull requests that look promising
20:32:37speachyhmm, why not. a distraction from my own pending pile
20:33:07__builtinspecifically #2 and #8
20:33:48speachyno access to close them or anything else though.
20:34:19__builtinit's a read-only mirror afaik
20:35:09speachyyeah. and .. #8 is a psueonym that's since been nuked, so no mapping to a real name
20:35:48speachyor rather #2. ugh. maybe I need some sleep too
20:37:25__builtinanyhow, for #8 I can take a decent guess and say their name is "Yangyong Wu"
20:37:35speachyaozima at least maps back to an email address so I can ask for attribution.
20:38:01__builtinI'm fairly sure the email is a chinese family/given name
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20:41:19speachy#10 is irrelevant, and #7 is.. questionable since it requires HW mods to matter.
20:41:53speachythe language fixes still are relevant though.
20:42:28speachybut first, Xilinx support needs a response.
20:43:27__builtinwhy Xilinx?
20:44:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1041 seconds.
20:44:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cdfb7d4 result: All green
20:47:47speachybecause I'm going to be on a call with them in 15 minutes. And I'm the one who was nominated to reply owing to my more um, diplomatic temperment.
20:48:14__builtinoh, for $dayjob
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