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#rockbox log for 2019-07-26

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01:30:06__builtinIn what sizes have we historically ordered Rockbox stickers?
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10:11:09gevaerts__builtin: the last one I know of to order some was scorche, so maybe he remembers
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10:41:51user890104does anyone have an idea why linking a cross-compiled simulator results in: error adding symbols: Archive has no index; run ranlib to add one
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12:00:21user890104ok, found it
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13:44:34Bilgususer890104, what was it?
13:45:20user890104Bilgus: incorrect use of path substitution, which leaves no source files for that archive
13:45:46user890104i've prepared a patch, but found other issues
13:45:58user890104i'm building win64 sim on 18.04
13:45:59Bilgusahhh the ol rabbit hole!
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15:50:30user890104ok, managed to build the sim, but no luck with the codecs
15:50:52user890104opus' include path is broken somewhere in the makefiles
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16:01:10user890104i guess it should run fine without codecs
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18:24:59scorcheif i was the last one to order some, i likely was the only one to ever order some. :)
18:25:24scorchesticker trends and technology has changed quite a bit since then - make it whatever you want. :)
18:26:51BilgusI'd like to get some the size of a 5.25 drive bay or a whole sheet of tiny tiny ones for my DAPs
18:28:45__builtinperhaps a "Swag" page on the site isn't a bad idea after all...
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19:45:11speachyI'd love some stickers too, FWIW..
19:46:31speachyfound my graveyard of broken sansa players too, minus the smashed-screen Fuze+ −− I wonder if I just threw it out in disgust a couple of years ago.
19:50:24__builtinspeachy: see my forum post
19:50:50__builtinthey're laptop-sized (2.25x7.12") for now
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19:59:56__builtinit'll be a bit till I get them from the printer
20:03:28*speachy will slap it next to the FSF GNU sticker on the back of his camper.
20:04:05speachymight not fit on the laptop owing to the other stuff already on there
20:04:24__builtinhopefully it's weatherproof like they claim
20:05:45speachyFlorida sun and rain will destroy anything
20:27:56speachyhmm, this looks decent enough.. just have to trim it down.
20:28:25__builtinthe design?
20:28:27*speachy has a Canon SELPHY printer and very large quantity of credit-card size sticker media
20:29:12speachyjust took the hi-res SVG logo and printed it.
20:30:15speachyI also have a large-format vinyl cutter/plotter but it's in storage.
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