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#rockbox log for 2019-07-29

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02:54:18speachyaaaaand there goes the green. :P
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03:02:25__builtinmendelmunkis: can I just #define AI for every target?
03:04:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8bafa1b, 280 builds, 11 clients.
03:05:11__builtinthat's enough rockbox for today...
03:05:22mendelmunkis_builtin: the only reason I did it as is is to not hae to worry about size and memory
03:05:48mendelmunkisI have no clue which targets caan actually support it.
03:06:17__builtinfor plugins memory doesn't matter as long as it fits... let's see if it compiles for all of them
03:08:09mendelmunkisSeeing as i only made it to see if I can I wasn't interested in doing that testing.
03:08:32mendelmunkisthe real question is if its worth the added space to the binary.
03:09:14__builtinit's negligible... disk is cheap
03:13:52mendelmunkisdoesn't that depend on the target?
03:14:13mendelmunkisor will anything capeble of runnuing pacbox not care?
03:14:41__builtinyeah, it shouldn't matter
03:15:16__builtinwhat's a bigger issue is memory usage in the core, but again, on the more powerful targets it's negligible
03:16:39__builtinand if it makes you feel any better, the Duke3D plugin takes up a whole 1700KB, so the ~2-3K you added in your patch is nothing
03:17:04mendelmunkisYup that makes me feel much better.
03:17:08__builtinalso, are you in CREDITS?
03:17:31mendelmunkismy quickscreen patch has that.
03:17:40mendelmunkisI dont think It's been merged.
03:18:01__builtinI'll just add you
03:18:11mendelmunkisshould CHEATS be defined by default?
03:18:31__builtindo you think it should?
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03:18:35*__builtin doesn't know
03:19:10mendelmunkisWell It's unlikely to be enabled by accident
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03:42:21_Bilgus__builtin, opps, thanks.
03:42:38_Bilgusoops* lol long day
03:44:23__builtinI pushed it, no problem
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04:43:11speachyOkay, I think g#2151 is done. info screen is properly multi-volume aware instead of assuming there are at most two volumes.
04:43:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #2151 at : Make info screen properly multi-volume aware. by Solomon Peachy
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17:10:42speachyhmm. the info screen multi-volume patch isn't perfect −− wrong type showed for external storage if no card was inserted.
17:14:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 83963fc, 280 builds, 11 clients.
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17:31:45speachybut hotplug works. Yay!
17:34:34*speachy pokes the buildbot.
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20:40:04speachySo, I'm trying to figure out why the X3 won't work with ROLO.
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21:37:17*__builtin seems to have broken quake with his caching layer
21:40:36__builtinor it might be the same memory corruption issue rearing its head again...
21:44:53_Bilgus__builtin, memset is re-enabled in tlsf..
21:48:22*__builtin isn't sure that's the issue
21:48:33__builtinbut at this point I have no idea *what* the issue is...
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21:59:23mendelmunkisjust making sure I'm getting this right. plugins write to the framebuffer then the framebuffer gets copied to the screen correct?
22:00:41__builtinthat's right
22:01:59__builtinon another note, I can now reproduce the quake crash in sim... thank the lord
22:02:06_Bilgusyou can also swap frame buffers :)
22:02:26mendelmunkiswait theres another frame buffer?
22:02:45_Bilgusno you have to alloc your own space for it
22:03:06__builtin_Bilgus: as in lcd_framebuffer = my_frambuffer
22:03:14mendelmunkisOh. that was the plan
22:03:38__builtindamn, how did I miss that in my five years here!?
22:04:01mendelmunkisOnce I get a decent landscape by swapping the exiting framebuffer.
22:07:56mendelmunkisWhere is it defined?
22:10:42_Bilgusremember most of those functions get LCD_ prepended to them
22:11:08mendelmunkisYeah remebered when I looked at it.
22:13:37_Bilgusno what would be even more exciting is to grab the static fb when you run out of memory to defrag the buf lib :)
22:14:36mendelmunkisAnd if you are very good use that as a debug display :)
22:14:51_Bilguslol memory hotspot mapping lol
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22:16:47_Bilgusjust remember that fb is in native format that shit gets weird fast
22:18:39speachyhmm, there are a bunch of modelnums in scramble.c that are wrong.
22:18:51speachyor at least don't match what's in the configure script.
22:19:48gevaertsI have a *very* vague memory of there maybe being two sets of numbers
22:20:08speachyROLO needs them to be the same.
22:20:59 Quit mendelmunkis (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:21:01speachyor at least the MODEL_NUMBER and scramble need to agree..
22:21:23speachythen... what's the TARGET_ID?
22:22:08speachyTARGET_ID is used for the language, codec, and plugins..
22:22:09speachyoh FFS..
22:23:36*gevaerts quickly explains that all of that was in place long before he even became aware of rockbox
22:25:01_Bilgusyeah archos has been first since 2002 so they don't correspond
22:25:03speachythere's sorta a registry for TARGET_ID (aka the configure script) but MODEL_NUMBER looks like you just randomly pick a number and shove it in export/config/target.h
22:25:52_Bilgusthey appear sequential
22:25:54speachyI think the point of them being different is variations of the same hardware.
22:26:17_Bilguscall it scramble_id :D
22:26:20gevaertsIIGC (I can't Remember, really, so I'm mostly Guessing :) TARGET_ID is used to identify things like the correct language set, and MODEL_NUMBER is mostly a sanity chect to avoid loading the wrong binary
22:27:58speachyI'm presuming there's a sane technical reason for them to be distinct, but... define them in the same place FFS. :)
22:29:34_Bilgusit appears to only used as a base for the checksum
22:30:28speachyI think so too.
22:31:59_Bilgusok m244 appears to be non sequential modelnum = 131;
22:32:36gevaertsI'd be prepared to bet that there will be some mistakes in those numbers
22:32:54speachysequential, yes, but the definitions are scattered all over the place and (more importantly) not shared between the target config header and the host-side firmware scrambler.
22:34:30_BilgusI'd be prepared to bet you BREAKAWHOLELOTTASHIT tm :) if you change em
22:34:45speachyespecially if bootloaders check things
22:35:07gevaertsThey do
22:36:24speachyI don't think the X3's bootloader checks anything. At least not the old xvortex build that everyone's actually using.
22:36:37speachyotherwise, I guess I'll find out. :)
22:37:09gevaertsWell, at least classic ipod and sansa bootloaders do. Not sure about ipod classic
22:37:26*gevaerts likes distinguishing between "classic ipod" and "ipod classic" :)
22:38:13speachyheh. :)
22:39:10gevaertsThere are things like,26957.msg176614.html#msg176614 where the checksum checking really helps
22:41:14gevaertsAlso plenty on irc over the years
22:41:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:41:46gevaerts*much* easier to diagnose than "freezes on boot"
22:43:16speachyOh, a checksum is invaluable. I just wish there hadn't been two distinct enumerations in plat.
22:44:13gevaertsThat's just to keep non-determined people out :)
22:44:57speachyit also means this was missed in the review before the merge of x3 and ihifi770/770c/800 targets.
22:45:28*speachy adds another nugget to the tribal-knowledge tree.
22:48:22gevaertsThere are too many bits that worked well enough when the project was very active and half a dozen old hands who knew most of the code history were working on things
22:48:38gevaertsA lot of that never got documented properly
22:48:43gevaerts(or fixed0
22:49:02speachy"it seemed like a good idea at the time" :)
22:49:20gevaerts"We'll fix it when it becomes a problem" :)
22:49:42__builtin"If it run, it done" :)
22:50:00gevaertsAnd then, ten years later, I'm expected to remember how the USB stack works!
22:51:17speachyit's a good thing that Rockbox still has questionably-sane folks wandering in to stub their toes.
22:52:06gevaerts(and the multivolume/multidrive rework. I deny being involved in that, and you can't prove I was unless you check the commit logs!)
22:52:57speachyI have nearly all the quirks worked out of the info screen multivolume stuff.
22:53:05speachy...a "useful" learning exercise.
22:55:38speachyOkay, looks like the X3 is going to have to live with a MODEL_NUM collision
22:56:33gevaertsAh yes. 2f8a0081, which was broken enough to make it to :)
22:57:27*__builtin thinks he fixed quake
22:57:35__builtina single missing return statement...
22:57:44gevaertsI mean, there's been a bit of red on the build table during the past few days, but all of that looked a bit amateurish! Back in the old days, we has some *proper* broken builds!
22:59:53speachykids these days, pfft.
23:01:46gevaertsI mean, look at n1s' record of 16075834 points with 172 builds back then. That's around 9000 compiler errors *per build*!
23:01:58gevaerts(or 90000 warnings)
23:04:57speachyI'll take this over the blackbox-within-blackbox-within-blackbox that are EDA tools.
23:05:16speachyat least here we can fix our warts.
23:06:17gevaertsThere is that
23:10:19speachyokay, let's see if ROLO works now...
23:11:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision bad461a, 280 builds, 12 clients.
23:11:42speachyand it does.
23:14:32_Bilgusmaybe you should put a prominent note somewhere in the ROLO function
23:16:20_BilgusI've been trying to implement hot reload on the database tag_tree that is a complicated multi tentacled beast
23:16:52_Bilgusno wonder it just gets locked after init and never touched again
23:23:29 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
23:26:19 Quit dandels (Client Quit)
23:28:28speachylooks like we lost our build complete messages
23:31:04gevaertsThey are in the build server logs, so I'm guessing it's a problem with fs-bluebot
23:43:50 Nick Acou_Bass_AFK is now known as Acou_Bass (
23:58:38__builtinhmm... the simulator crashes in some SDL code on GNOME 3 :(
23:59:01*__builtin was trying to find *his* bugs, but apparently not...

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