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#rockbox log for 2019-08-05

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00:06:23speachyhmm. I'd be inclined to just keep the timidity one, but two of the three units I have here don't have SDL enabled.
00:08:47*__builtin finds it amusing that anyone takes his sdl port seriously
00:10:16__builtinit's literally the result of "let's throw all the sources in a directory and pray that it builds"
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00:14:09speachyI'm the last person that should be criticizing what one does with their time...
00:14:58*speachy eyeballs his ever-growing rack of photo printers
00:15:05speachyhow cute, the cats think I cleared that space for them.
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00:46:54foolsh__builtin: here you go, I wouldn't exactly call it playable
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00:49:39*foolsh wanders off to compile quake for his oculus
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04:37:59__builtinfoolsh: at least it runs :)
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04:38:36__builtinIt ought to run a lot faster if it can render at native resolution
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05:14:16__builtinfoolsh: could you try g#2196 when you get a chance? (and disable the VIDWIDTH/HEIGHT hack from earlier)
05:14:17fs-bluebotGerrit review #2196 at : quake: Bail out of out-of-bounds draws by Franklin Wei
05:15:29__builtinMy idea is just to exit early if drawing out-of-bounds. Ideally I'd clip the rectangle, but that's a lot of work
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05:23:56foolsh__builtin: Yeah it plays, however the screen is eclipsed (2/3s) by a huge bar at the bottom where the info goes (without any info just a brown bar), play wise it seems to run faster but did freeze up on me not sure if it was me getting stuck I can't really see where I'm going
05:27:27__builtinit might be overflowing a buffer somewhere
05:27:49__builtinthe empty brown bar is probably a symptom of that
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05:42:42Bilgusspeachy (logs) I don't see where 30k is getting saved when I compiled the two ypr0 builds
05:43:33__builtinBilgus: I'm guessing it's just a fluke. I'd never believe anything on without verifying it first.
05:44:29Bilgusodd that it didn't bounce back though but maybe nothing touched it just right ;P
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09:21:31wodzmendelmunkis: I understood you want to permanently rotate screen. If so simply swap HEIGHT with WIDTH in config header file, tweak lcd driver and optionally tweak controls
09:22:22mendelmunkiswodz: Sorry if I wasn't clear. I am trying to make screen rotation a runtime setting.
09:23:35wodzmendelmunkis: oh. Anyway I'd start from implementing permament rotation and then add ability to switch.
09:24:39mendelmunkis g#1839 was my starting point.
09:24:41fs-bluebotGerrit review #1839 at : Fuze+: put screen in landscape mode (DONT PUSH) by Amaury Pouly
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09:32:57wodzmendelmunkis: Yeah, as I said to rotate screen you need to change FB arrangement and tweak lcd update procedure. BTW. IIRC you screwed up REG3 value in your patch
09:37:05mendelmunkis From pamurys patch and reading the docs I am pretty sure REG3 is what controls landscape on the screen I have.
09:37:43wodzsure but you are interested to set it 0x1030 for normal and 0x1028 for landscape
09:40:36mendelmunkis and 0x1000 for upside down and 0x1018 for upside-down landscape. those are the only values I set it too.
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17:47:42__builtinspeachy: Bilgus: stickers finally arrived!
17:51:44__builtinThey turned out better than I expected. Mailing them today.
17:52:41speachymuch obliged.
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18:54:22__builtinspeachy: your address makes me hungry :)
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19:10:22speachythe last place I lived was on Sleepy Orange Lane
19:12:26__builtinspeachy: check pm
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20:47:01HighMemoryDaemonHi all. New to rockbox and it is such a cool project!
20:47:48speachyWelcome! And yeah, we agree. :)
20:48:56HighMemoryDaemonIs it physically impossible to get rockbox on newer Sansa players like the Sansa Jam? I'd love to get involved and contribute if their is not a technical limitation to these new devices.
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20:49:38__builtinI think memory size is the primary concern
20:49:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ed724fe, 280 builds, 11 clients.
20:50:04speachyyeah, they have next to no RAM.
20:50:23speachyeven their original firmware is very cut down compared to older units.
20:50:35HighMemoryDaemonReally? Interesting.
20:53:36speachyIIRC it's on the order of ~200KB of RAM.
20:54:04speachymp3/wma/flac/ape decoding in hardware
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20:55:50HighMemoryDaemonSeems like the Jam uses the ATJ212X which has embedded ram. Haven't found an exact number though.
20:56:24speachyATJ2127, and it might be as little as ~100KB of SRAM.
20:58:27HighMemoryDaemonThat's not running Crysis any time soon..
20:58:29speachy163K of SRAM.
20:58:42speachy88K of ROM.
20:58:57speachyfirmware executes out of flash
21:01:10HighMemoryDaemonWhere are you finding this info btw?
21:01:53speachyActions Semiconductor's web site, but the RAM amount I found in a post to the rockbox forums
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21:27:17__builtinWe could probably rig something up to swap to flash
21:27:53__builtinBut that would be lots of work for very poor performance
21:29:21speachyIIRC the SoC relies on fancy MMU work to make the flash appear to be RAM.
21:31:33speachybut even putting aside the performance penalties involved, you're still going to wear the flash out pretty quickly unless you shrink the amount of state way, way down.
21:39:05__builtinYep, no way that'd be a practical solution
21:41:03speachyany port would be rockbox in name only. Most features (including most codecs and all plugins) simply wouldn't work. Heck, even the old Archos targets allow more capabilities. :)
21:43:22__builtinIt's not rockbox if it can't run quake!
21:47:06speachyhmm, guess that excludes my X3. :)
21:52:55__builtinHmm, why?
21:56:11speachymonochromatic screen
21:56:28speachyand a tiny one at that (160x120?)
22:06:49speachyand I think the rocker also doesn't build the sdl stuff either.
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22:23:37__builtinDoes it have a color screen and an ARM?
22:23:46__builtinI'm pretty sure those are the SDL criteria
22:24:26speachyit's native MIPS
22:24:40__builtinOh, I see
22:24:59__builtinYou could try enabling it and see, actually
22:25:33__builtinThe only reason I restricted sdl to ARM is because that's all I've tested it on :)
22:26:04__builtin(And Duke3d does some really nasty stuff with pointers)
22:26:16speachyas long as it doesn't rely on unaligned anything..
22:26:29 Join Strife89 [0] (
22:26:38speachySDL is still restricted to LCD_COLOR, even on arm
22:26:48 Join dys [0] (
22:27:10speachyso that exclludes everything but my broken Fuzes... :)
22:27:41speachyone bit of good news though −− looks like SDL builds cleanly on MIPS.
22:27:51speachyvx7XX targets
22:29:38__builtinI have a patch for greylib support in gerrit... don't remember how far it got
22:29:56speachyI think I vaguely recall trying that out on a clip+
22:30:51speachywould be interesting to enable SDL on hosted targets.
22:31:15__builtinWorks on the sim, actually
22:31:22__builtinSo it shouldn't be that hard
22:31:29Bilgusuh huh.
22:31:46speachyfamous last words. :)
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22:33:29speachyjust for giggles, trying to build an SDL-enabled build for the Rocker
22:33:39 Join mendelmunkis [0] (
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22:35:19__builtinLet me know if it works. I don't think there's anything that should prevent that
22:35:41speachybuilt cleanly. can't test until later tonight though. Assuming my Rocker still boots.
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23:18:18mendelmunkishow hard would it theoretically be to ad ram to a jam?
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23:37:43Bilgushow hard would it be to make a new player? easier than adding ram.
23:38:21 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:38:44gevaertsDoes the thing have external pins you can connect RAM to? I wouldn't necessarily expect so
23:41:25Bilgusits ram is on chip and highly unlikely anything is exposed maybe on the bottom of the chip but I seriously doubt its broken out
23:42:09Bilgusby the time you did all the rework necessary be better off making something else
23:43:03mendelmunkisThanks. it was just a thought that occurred to me when I saw the prolem was too little ram.
23:43:06gevaertsI suspect external ram means a lot of pins that would add to footprint size and cost
23:43:51 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:43:51gevaertsIf you build a specialised chip, why add something that increases the cost that your customers don't actually need?
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