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#rockbox log for 2019-08-06

00:01:16 Join speachy [0] (d102414d@
00:01:47speachywell, looks like the rocker doesn't like SDL. trying to launch any SDL plugin hangs the player.
00:09:45__builtinspeachy: hmm
00:09:57*__builtin keeps wandering into rabbit holes
00:10:14__builtinI'd like to debug it, but... $life takes precedence
00:10:18speachywonder if it's the alognment trap.
00:10:55speachyyeah, $family is sending me back out for the supplies they left off the list.
00:13:11__builtinIt can't be alignment, that's for sure. It's ifdef'd to CPU_ARM only
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00:59:52speachywhatever it is, it completely wedges the display. adb still works though.
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01:27:57__builtincan you figure out where it's crashing?
01:29:40speachysweet, strace is installed
01:30:35speachyit's spinning trying to allocate memory
01:32:09__builtinwhich function?
01:34:05speachystrace just show me that it tries to set the backlight.. and hhat's when it starts to go boom.
01:34:46__builtincan you get a backtrace or something?
01:34:57speachyno.. it's not actually crashing
01:35:03speachyjust stuck in a memory allocation loop.
01:35:14__builtinah, is there a way to attach gdb?
01:35:48speachymaybe.. let's see what adb will let me get away with.
01:38:11speachywill need a cross-toolchain gdb too
01:39:29__builtinan easier way is probably to sprinkle some splashf() calls in main.c
01:39:41__builtinjust bisect the offending code
01:39:45 Join Bilgus_ph [0] (
01:40:18speachyhuh, that was unexpected.
01:40:48speachysystem-rockbox info ==> segfault
01:41:44Bilgus_phspeachy you might try re-disabling memset in tlsf.c or even stripping the alignment to 0x8
01:42:23Bilgus_phI suspect tlsf has a buffer overflow
01:42:51Bilgus_phI assume sdl uses tlsf as its alloc
01:44:40speachythis segfault is more concerning. wonder if it has to do with the recent infoscreen changes I made.
01:44:54Bilgus_ph g#2113 has the changes I made that fix it for arm
01:44:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #2113 at : Fix non aligned crashes with tlsf by William Wilgus
01:50:43speachy...yep. backing out the multivolume infoscreen changes solves the segfault. joy.
01:52:29*__builtin forgets what part of sdl's main.c does...
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02:00:43Bilgus_phlooking at the patch who allocs info_data also I know the array[i] dereferences to a pointer but isn't it then **?
02:15:22Bilgus_phspeach my guess is line 296 where you have it wrapped in str()
02:15:42Bilgus_phI think you need a pointer and the macro is hiding it
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02:30:29*speachy takes a look.
02:30:45speachydinner was good
02:37:14 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
02:40:36speachyI don't think so, line 296 isn't even compiled in on this target.
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03:09:02speachyfound it.
03:12:38speachyI used CHECK_VOL in a loop, and in !HAVE_MULTIVOLUME cases the test always evaluates true.
03:14:01speachyso we loop forever, trashing array[i] where i > 0
03:14:28speachytesting the fix to make sure it didn't regress on another target..
03:16:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0544d97, 280 builds, 10 clients.
03:18:52speachythis will also show me how well one of my builders handles a bump from 6->8 cores.
03:19:44speachy(it has a tendency to overheat; not enough airflow in the case..)
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03:45:15speachylooks like the iriverh120htmlmanual build is kicking back errors again
03:46:07speachy2019-08-05 21:44:58 Server message: Fatal build error: Command not found. You have been temporarily disabled.
03:47:04__builtinyeah, I was getting that too
03:47:09__builtinwhen my client was still alive
03:47:15*__builtin should go poke it...
03:47:38speachywait, there it went.
03:49:26speachyand I think the 'freemyipod-user890104' builder ran out of disk space
03:50:47__builtinspeachy: you're right
03:50:53__builtinlxd-containers/containers/freemyipod 21G 21G 69M 100% /
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04:22:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 305ec12 result: All green
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08:45:45user890104speachy, __builtin: it was making backups at the moment, and the containers are pretty large
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20:38:46speachyHere's an interesting patch in the queue. g#2191
20:38:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #2191 at : Support swapping playback channels by Solomon Peachy
20:39:53speachyI recall seeing some desire for this functionality in the bug tracker and forums
20:42:00__builtinWhat exactly does it do?
20:42:29speachywhat it says, adds support for swapping L/R audio channels
20:42:51speachyand it actually touches the Archos units too since they can do it in hardware
20:44:33 Join dys [0] (
20:45:04speachya couple of the patches later in my queue build on this, but I think just for the LANG_ string.
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20:47:53__builtinOh, ystereo_ channels
20:48:33__builtinI thought it had to do with mixer channels at first
20:49:40speachymost of the low-hanging stuff is now merged, so what's left is increasingly "interesting" and as such not something I'd want to merge without some consensus that it's a good idea and/or approach..
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21:03:16gevaertsThe old response has always been to set stereo width to -1
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