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#rockbox log for 2019-08-09

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04:04:09Bilgus__builtin, got the stickers thanks!
04:08:24*__builtin still has more rockbox stickers than he can handle
04:09:49__builtinapparently the printer thought it'd be a good idea to give me 5 for free :)
04:32:23Bilguswell good maybe you can recoup some of your effort :)
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05:57:27flashpointhow stable is the ibasso dx90 port?
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06:18:17Bilgushas to be manually installed apparently
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06:20:53flashpointyeah it's android
06:21:06flashpointbut how stable is it? what's preventing it from being a stable release?
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06:22:14flashpointoh it's becuase of the manual installation
06:22:17flashpointgot it
06:23:18flashpointthere is a bit to installing it
06:23:32flashpointmy dx90 hasn't arrived yet :/
06:23:52flashpointalso it says to downsample everything to 16bit 44100kHz
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06:25:59Bilguswhere does it say that?
06:26:40BilgusI think before you do that you should probably test it
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06:53:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0340513, 280 builds, 11 clients.
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07:33:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1276 seconds.
07:33:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3fffabf result: All green
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18:20:02BilgusI need to test the fuzev1 and fuzev2 multiboot bootloaders before we put them on the mainsite anyone with fuzev1 and fuzev2 still around johnb perhaps?
18:20:41BilgusI have the clip+ clipzip and fuze+ take care of but I don't have the fuze v1 and v2
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19:36:18saratogaBilgus: I have most of the AMS players and can test, although I'm traveling until next week
19:36:26saratogalet me know exactly which ones you'd like tested
19:37:02Bilgusjust the fuze v1 and fuzev2
19:37:14saratogashoot, I don't have a fuzev2, but I can do v1
19:37:17BilgusI already tested the others as I have them
19:37:24saratogathe v2 is a rare device
19:38:25saratogaregarding codec profiling, I usually did that on a normal x86 PC (since on device profiling is annoying to setup), which usually wasn't too different than on ARM
19:38:49BilgusI thought about just providing the .sansa files I have in backups but being that its been two years ago I don't have any way to verify they are correct so I just re-compiled everything from the MB branch
19:39:00saratogasounds reasonable
19:45:34BilgusAlso speaking of compiling bootloaders from HEAD I noticed vuprintf is back again adding 400-600 bytes to the bootloaders which I thought we already fixed ??
19:46:24BilgusI'm thinking maybe we just need to move a special stripped down version in to the bootloaders so it stops getting messed with
19:46:56__builtinis it the floating-point formatting?
19:47:33Bilgusmaybe?? I don't have time to test ATM but I will in the next day or two
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20:03:28speachyI have somtehing like four v2s and a v1 in my box-of-broken-dreams, but none have working controls.
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23:17:25ulmutulTesters appreciated: g#1665
23:17:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #1665 at : Add support for Windows shortcuts (*.lnk files) by Sebastian Leonhardt
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