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#rockbox log for 2019-08-11

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00:18:10__builtinulmutul: I didn't look too closely at the manual
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00:19:06ulmutulCan a native speaker have a look? If everything is fine I'd like to push the patch.
00:20:54__builtinmind if I edit the patch set directly?
00:21:40ulmutulno problem!
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04:02:24mendelmunkisfoolsh: if (buttons & JOY_LEFT) checks if JOY_LEFT is true. if (buttons == JOY_LEFT) checks of _only_ JOY_LEFT is true.
04:02:47mendelmunkis(out of buttons)
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04:55:25__builtinfoolsh: buttons & JOY_LEFT is implicitly buttons & JOY_LEFT != 0
04:55:40__builtinJOY_LEFT should be a bitmask, that selects a bit of buttons
05:00:42__builtinspeachy (logs): if you're still looking for low-hanging fruit to merge, our quake plugin could really benefit from optimizations from Pocket Quake
05:01:14__builtinthey've managed to nearly rewrite the engine in fixed-point, which means some really hefty performance gains on our targets
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10:56:29johnb2Bilgus : I am back from vacation. As for sansa fuzes: yes, I still have v1 and v2 here. Did I get this right: you only want me to test in order to verify that the recompiled bootloaders still work? There was not intended modification done?
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12:51:18Bilgusjohnb2 (logs) no modifications I recompiled from the original branch but I just want to be sure they boot properly before we put them on the main site as its much easier to fix one player than potentially 10
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12:54:45BilgusBasically its been 2 years and my dev machine has gone through two (or 3?) versions off gcc since then and I have no way to verify compatibility except running them :)
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13:21:55flashpointhi, is the port for the ibasso dx90 actually stable?
13:22:31flashpointI read in the documents it has a difficult install procedure but is that the reason it's not officially stable?
13:23:00flashpointand does it come with all the rockbox bells and whistles like the tools and software etc
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13:33:43flashpointI can't find any details on exactly what works and what doesn't
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13:36:11speachy__builtin, I still have some more stuff from Poretsky's tree to wrangle first (maybe another half-dozen patches before we get to really "interesting" things)
13:37:23speachy__builtin, but I could have a go the PQ stuff afterwards. But it's worth noting I don't own an SDL-capable target. (debugging why the SDL stuff hangs hard on the Rocker/Hosted stuff is also on the todo list)
14:01:38flashpointis there a way to find out which rockbox features work and which don't for a target
14:02:37Bilgusflashpoint, I don't know what to tell you other than try it, its not the most popular player anyways so your best bet would be to try the forums or just try it
14:02:53flashpointI don't have it at hand
14:03:07flashpointotherwise I'd be flashing it right now
14:03:17flashpointI'm just excited about the possibilities
14:03:22Bilguswhat do you mean by which features work versus don't work?
14:03:32flashpointyou know all the software
14:03:42flashpointmetronome and all that
14:03:49flashpointthe tools
14:03:59flashpointand demos
14:04:06Bilgusfor them most part that all depends on the ram on the device
14:04:24flashpointthey worked on my iriver which is 32mb
14:04:34flashpointand broken now
14:05:54BilgusWell i'd say its probably fine
14:06:43flashpointis there a way I could find out
14:06:50Bilgusyes, try it
14:06:53flashpointlike a list of things that work and don't
14:07:08flashpointI'll have to wait until it arrives in the post
14:07:23Bilgusits a port ontop of linux so if it's linux is up to par the rockbox is fine
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14:07:40flashpointif what is linux
14:07:47Bilgus(read implemented correctly)
14:08:04flashpointok. the player uses android as stock
14:08:19Bilgusno android is linux
14:09:00Bilguslinux is not android though its like the square rectangle superset
14:09:45flashpointandroid has a kernel
14:10:09flashpointthere is rockbox for this thing so hopefully it all works
14:10:30flashpointI'm good thanks
14:11:35Bilgusmaybe once you get it you can do a nice write-up to help the next person
14:12:03Bilgusthats kinda how this whole thing works :p
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14:14:20flashpointI don't quite get rockbox for this exact device
14:14:27flashpointI understand android ok
14:15:19flashpointif someone asks me about the dx90 I'll tell them what I know after I've flashed it
14:16:36flashpointwhy is the last release from 2014
14:19:03Bilgusnot sure what you are asking?
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14:32:12flashpointthe only port is from 2014
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17:23:33johnb2_Bilgus : bad news. I don't get the v2 BL to install. The one for v1 installs, but doesn't boot from SD.
17:23:51johnb2the v1 .bin has to be renamed, though.
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17:25:00johnb2I have backups of patched fw for v1 and v2. For v1 I also have the plain bootloader that I had compiled a long time ago.
17:27:31_Bilgusok fuze v1 had to be renamed to fuzea
17:27:55_Bilgusbut its not multi-booting?
17:28:31_BilgusI have backups the issue is that we need just the rockbox part (.sansa) file and do the patching within rbutil
17:28:48johnb2yes, figured that.
17:31:39_Bilgusthe fuze v2 should be fuzpa.bin
17:32:14_Bilgusnow to check why the multiboot part isn't working
17:34:45_BilgusOH I see the issue
17:36:32bremneroops, sorry
17:37:58johnb2v2 now installed and boot from sd works.
17:39:23johnb2yes, for v2
17:40:12johnb2v1 doesn't work.
17:40:21_Bilguswell the issue with V1 is that I removed the boot redirect in my branch but I committed it with it added
17:41:59_Bilgusok give me a minute and I'll re-add it I would have gone from HEAD but there is an extra 500 kb added and I don't want that added to the bootloaders
17:44:15johnb2I have to add that the multiboot FW I use on both is from end of 2017 (has the verbose information in 'Boot data' in the debug menu), but that shouldn't matter, right?
17:44:32johnb2I simply used the existing sd cards.
17:45:20_Bilgusno the bootloader is independent for the most part
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18:03:41_BilgusI wen't ahead and renamed the fuzev2 one properly but it doesn't really matter as the COMPILED directory won't be going to the main site just the bootloader one
18:04:00_Bilgusv1 should boot from the sd card now
18:05:26***Invited to #iosinjector by rybot666!
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18:48:42johnb2_Bilgus : yes, I confirm it does.
18:49:00_Bilgusok awesome thank you very much
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20:03:29foolsh__builtin: thanks, the bitwise operation makes sense to me now, but I'll wait for ulmutul's code, the core atari2600 as of now code is bonkers and doesn't run most roms
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21:57:23__builtinspeachy: and would be good resources if you decide to do it
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22:09:15ulmutul__builtin: Thanks for editing the manual. I will remove the unneeded include and then push the patch.
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22:26:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5c701b0, 280 builds, 12 clients.
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22:42:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 933 seconds.
22:42:26fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 5c701b0 result: 0 errors 50 warnings
22:43:13__builtinulmutul: try %08x to fix those
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22:49:46__builtinheh, ipod6g #2 is toast...
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22:50:35__builtinSMART data: "11688 reallocs"
22:51:40__builtinand apparently 53750 starts/stops
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22:57:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3b75f98, 280 builds, 12 clients.
22:59:27speachywhat kind of disk? one of those zif connectors?
23:01:11speachyif it's the CF-esque connector instead, I have a drive I can send yo.
23:01:29speachyI _think_ it works..
23:03:25*__builtin has been unwilling to take it apart and see
23:07:01__builtinit's one of the slim 160GB 7G models
23:08:33speachyok, that's definitely the newer type of connector
23:08:49speachyIIUC that generation is a particular PITA to take apart too.
23:09:49__builtinyeah, I've been staying away from it for that exact reason
23:10:01speachytime to go flash!
23:10:40__builtinand besides, my free time appears to be drying up
23:11:31__builtinand I still have a thick 6G chugging along if I really need it
23:11:33speachy...yeah. I have two printers already on their way, a third that may come, and clients who want results last week. :)
23:12:06speachyso free time will definitely be scarcer over the next week or two.
23:13:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 967 seconds.
23:13:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3b75f98 result: All green
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23:30:29ulmutulfoolsh: I try to get my sources in order as soon as possible (this means: it can take some time :) ) and will then create a new gerrit patch.
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