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#rockbox log for 2019-08-19

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00:27:21Halamix2[m]Ah, build-crosstool-ng/configure has hardcoded version 3.X of bash, so 5 won't work
00:30:21w1d3m0d3speachy: the UI seems small enough to do that (I assume the 30k LOC is more related to handling various devices than actual UI code), but it's still a major change
00:30:47speachyyeah, most is device-specitic code. I don't think there are any custom widgets either.
00:32:19w1d3m0d3I may volunteer in that case
00:32:31w1d3m0d3I really like rockbox so I think it'd be time well spent
00:38:47speachythat's how it always starts...
00:38:50w1d3m0d3Oh wait, `You have to have Qt Version 4.5.0 or higher installed. Using Qt5 is supported as well. Since r22624 out-of-tree building is possible. You can still build in-tree.`
00:39:13*speachy chuckles.
00:39:27w1d3m0d3So, I guess the build server would need to be updated and that's ut?
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00:46:07w1d3m0d3$ ldd RockboxUtility | grep Qt
00:46:08w1d3m0d3 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f5e64645000)
00:48:51Halamix2[m]is version 1.4.0 the newest one?
00:49:58Halamix2[m]cause it doen't seem like it uses qt at all
00:50:26w1d3m0d3sadly for some reason I can't communicate to my ipod to test it out :(
00:51:24Halamix2[m]maybe udev rules?
00:51:52w1d3m0d3I am getting an error in dmesg
00:52:25w1d3m0d3it seems that this brand new cable is defective, that's great
00:54:31w1d3m0d3I seem to have gotten it in juust the right spot for it to work but I'm nervous about mounting it because I don't want the dirty bit to be set
00:55:15w1d3m0d3Fuck. Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.
00:56:06w1d3m0d3yep, dirty bit set. god damn it
00:59:18w1d3m0d3ok, managed to fsck it
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01:13:09w1d3m0d3right, fixed that issue thanks to the folk in ##linux
01:13:37w1d3m0d3Halamix2[m]: it's 1.4.0 but I built off of trunk
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01:26:39w1d3m0d3it seems to work just the same, so the only question is why hasn't qt 4 been dropped yet
01:27:35w1d3m0d3I'm sure there are changes to be made like utilizing QStringLiterals and the new signal slot mechanisms but otherwise looks fine
01:29:59w1d3m0d3I may go over the codebase to fix up some of the warnings and legacy stuff
01:30:27w1d3m0d3The question is whether dropping qt 4 support would be acceptable in the developer's view
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02:29:56speachyYou'd have to make a cost-benefit argument about how dropping QT4 is beneficial vs any potential downsides.
02:30:54speachyprobably not relevant on Windows, but eg do any common Linux distros not have QT5 out of the box or whatnot.
02:32:25speachyand, aisde from better fonts, does QT5 enable (or make easier) any functionality that's desired?
02:32:29speachyetc etc
02:33:15speachybecause basically, what we have today "works well enough" so one has to justify a potentially destabilizing change.
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02:46:06w1d3m0d3speachy: to my awareness all up-to-date distributions come with qt 5.7 or higher (that was the state some years ago when I was distributing Qt-based software)
02:46:57bremnerfwiw, I think debian is finally getting rid of qt4 (qt5 is also there, of course)
02:47:23w1d3m0d3I personally can't think of any downsides to it, when it comes to Qt 5 improvements they come in the form of a better slot-signal system (no longer based on string comparisons, statically checked etc), QString got improved (IIRC the aforementioned QStringLiteral macro was added in 5)
02:47:39w1d3m0d3and yes, distributions are dropping support for qt 5
02:47:55speachyIf RHEL6 and Debian oldstable have QT5, then there's probably no need to maintain QT4 any more.
02:48:31speachyI think my last serious mucking with a QT application was built with QT3 or 4.
02:49:30w1d3m0d3iirc qt 5.7 was present in stretch (current oldstable) back then, however I have not checked RHEL
02:49:51w1d3m0d3 version 5.7.1 and I am pretty sure that rest of Qt matches the version
02:50:04w1d3m0d3current debian stable (buster) has qt 5.11
02:53:34speachymy main concern are binary builds for the likes of Windows.
02:53:55w1d3m0d3why is that? licensing
02:54:02w1d3m0d3I have barely worked with Windows
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02:54:54speachyno, just that we'd need to make sure it can still be built and generate a usable exectuable.
02:55:04speachywindows is always a special case
02:55:11w1d3m0d3I know right..
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03:02:59w1d3m0d3speachy: how does the build work currently on it? and in general, how does the build server work?
03:08:02speachy I don't know how/where rbutil is built.
03:08:13w1d3m0d3alright, thanks regardless
03:09:22speachyit's not handled by the usual build server/client combos.
03:09:40w1d3m0d3and how do those work? just out of curiosity
03:10:13speachyclients register themselves with the server, saying what their capabilities are (essentially, which toolchains they support)
03:10:49speachyserver then hands out individual builds to appropriate clients, which check the code out of git, do the build, and upload the results.
03:11:21speachyrepeat as necessary until all builds are complete (currently at 280)
03:11:49w1d3m0d3seems simple enough, can anyone become a client? if so, how do you know to trust the code
03:11:50speachythere's an additional set of builds that generate (some) voice packs and manuals, but I think that's done nightly.
03:13:19speachyyeah, anyone can set up a build client. the server boots clients that error out or take too long. I don't think there's any real validation in place, beyond basic sanity checks (eg does the uploaded zip file contain whtt it's supposed to)
03:13:54speachythe acutal build script is fetched from git too, so it's not like the client is completely arbitrary.
03:14:54speachybut it is conceivable that a malicious client could DoS the server by sending it a bad zip file. But the actual binaries are only executed on a target device, so there's limited scope for shenanigans.
03:15:32w1d3m0d3there were also those zip parent directory bugs found recently which were interesting
03:15:45w1d3m0d3I suppose really no damage could be done to the target devices?
03:16:03w1d3m0d3At least, that's how it was with iPods from what I could tell
03:17:15speachyI mean, short of stuxnet-level efforts I don't think there's much that can be done.
03:18:00speachyinject stuff into the zip file that could trigger a host PC 0-day or something like that. :)
03:18:18w1d3m0d3that happening is *definitely* not even close to likely
03:21:43speachyfar easier to just port scan for vulnerable IoT devices with hardcoded root passwords.
03:22:13w1d3m0d3:^) I mean, most (all?) of these players have no networking?
03:22:30speachya few of the latest crop have bluetooth but that's it.
03:23:27speachyI think calling the devices autistic is technically accurate.
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05:57:28quadjfetAnybody know much about the Ingenic X1000 SoC?
05:57:48quadjfetIt is the cpu in the AGPTek Rocker. I am looking for a full programming manual
05:58:59quadjfetThere is already a preliminary rockbox port for the device
06:35:16quadjfetI am wondering how similar it is to the Ingenic JZ4725B
06:35:41quadjfetwhich has a full programming manual here:
06:36:07quadjfetor you can just search for "JZ4725B PM" if you don't want to click my link
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07:15:07quadjfethelpful, thanks
07:15:42quadjfetfor reference, the "XDuooX3" has an Ingenic JZ4760
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07:20:46quadjfetok, so that's helpful but it's the ISA
07:21:15quadjfetI still need something with all the register addresses
07:21:37quadjfetI need the 600+ page version
07:23:43quadjfetFor reference, the programming manual to JZ4760 is 917 pages
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07:42:53_Bilgusthe link one from our IRC log was dead but it gave me the magic incantation to find it :)
07:43:34quadjfetoh yeah. that's it. hits the spot
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