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#rockbox log for 2019-08-21

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16:19:09amdjI encountered some now playing screen corruption and subsequent crashing today, I believe due to scrolling (when it scrolled the album to the end, the time remaining disappeared and the name of the next album in the playlist briefly took its place, and the title of the current track got all messed up, smaller font size, etc). Setting the scroll speed to 0 allowed me to skip the track without it crashing. How
16:19:09amdjcan this be debugged
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16:19:59amdjSansa Clip+, 3.14
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16:49:00w1d3m0d3ta g#0 FAILED Result: hostbyte=DID_ERROR driverbyte=DRIVER_OK
16:49:11w1d3m0d3could this indicate drive failure in an iPod (that is from linuxes dmesg)
16:49:22w1d3m0d3sometimes rockbox itself stops being able to read the drive
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17:01:12w1d3m0d3actually, I also get usb 1-8: reset high-speed USB device number 29 using xhci_hcd
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17:03:56w1d3m0d3could it be a faulty connector?
17:04:00w1d3m0d32 USB cables fail
17:04:12w1d3m0d3neither is original, admittedly
17:16:56w1d3m0d3how can I diagnose which part of this is at fault?
17:17:04w1d3m0d32 PCs and two cables
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17:45:46_Bilgusamdj are you using 3.14 or a dev version?
17:46:03w1d3m0d3hm, it started working, I am even putting on new music
17:46:27_Bilgusfirst step is to use the newest dev version
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18:05:04amdj_Bilgus: will do.
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18:05:50amdjThis one, yeah?
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20:16:53RBNBHi all! Let me start by thanking you for your great work on the project, in all those years!
20:17:20RBNBI use RockBox on a wide variety of devices by now, and maybe you can help me with a general question. It's not device-dependent.
20:18:38RBNBI often play music through folders. I have 1 directory per album, and it's often 150+ albums on the device. Usually, when you go to the parent directory from the folder you are in, the cursor is on that folder.
20:19:53RBNBIf you resume playback after the device was off, the file view starts at the top again naturally. Is there ANY way to make RB start at the folder where the music currently playing is from?
20:23:27pixelmaSettings > File View > Follow Playlist, I guess does what you describe if I understand correctly
20:24:28pixelmayou might want to have a look at one of our fine manuals ;)
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20:39:11RBNBI would have to apologize for my question if it was truly that easy! I even saw the "follow playlist" setting but thought that was something different
20:39:38RBNBI thought you would have to fumble around with the coding to accomplish that, that's why I was too stupid to check the manual :-D
20:41:14RBNBpixelma, YOU ARE CORRECT! You are a damn fine man! You just saved me hours of the rest of my life! Big kudos to you!
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21:08:24w1d3m0d3is it possible that the USB power supply of my computer is too weak to properly spin up the hdd in my ipod or something? because after the hdd was spun up i could transfer data reliably
21:44:02quadjfetThose are old mechanical hard drives in a high-shock-and-vibe use case... they're going to die sooner or later
21:44:26quadjfetand yes, as far as I know, the bearings becoming higher friction or stuck is one of the failure modes
21:44:58quadjfetthere were a bunch of "1 weird tip" style tutorials that were made back when hdds were relevant for consumers
21:45:31quadjfetthat generally involved high/low temperatures to try to mess with the bearings and get them to spin long enough for a ddrescue run
21:46:13quadjfetyou could consider an "iFlash" type product to replace your HDD with modern solid-state flash
21:48:05quadjfetcost and skill permitting, of course. I'm quite happy with my uSD adapter in an old Ipod Photo.
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21:53:41MilardoHi i've mentioned that i have a sony nwz e353 and wanted to see if anybody can solve the problem with the issue-"Audio stutters when backlight is off "
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23:05:56__builtinHi Milardo
23:34:49Milardoare you able to look at this issue?
23:49:00__builtinGo ahead and ask
23:52:31Milardoyes about the issue with issue present on some sony nwz players
23:52:40Milardoi have a sony nws e353

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