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#rockbox log for 2019-09-17

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12:40:52evilwombatHello. I seem to be seeing memory corruption on top-of-tree (and v3.13 and v3.14) when dealing with bookmarks and large playlists (3900+ entries). Loading a recent bookmark sometimes shows a playlist of the correct length, and sometimes shows a playlist whose length is like, 2x what I expect (with some variability in the actual number of tracks). In the latter instances, pulling up the playlist menu results in an error saying "E
12:40:53evilwombatrror loading playlist file". Target is iHP-120. Has anyone run into this?
12:57:04Bilgusevilwombat, There are a lot of possible memory corruption issues fixed in the latest DEV
12:57:58evilwombatBilgus, thanks. Do you know when this was last cut? I tried using RockboxUtility to install the "latest" version as of today. Would that include this?
12:58:15Bilgusyou say you have seen the same behavior in all three?
12:58:45Bilgusits easily been 5 weeks ago so it should be in there..
12:59:07evilwombatYeah. I've got a playlist of 3830 songs or so. Loading this playlist multiple times in a row sometimes shows 3830 tracks, and sometimes 77xx tracks, where xx is usually random.
13:00:23evilwombatI've got an H320 that doesn't have this problem, and that's running 3.13. When loading the same playlist multiple times in a row, the H320 sometimes shows slightly fewer tracks than the actual playlist length, but never more. (race between UI and loader?)
13:01:07Bilgushmm or perhaps something isn't getting freed
13:01:09evilwombatBoth units have CF card mods, which probably complicates analysis further. Trying to swap them around to see if the problem follows the card
13:01:38BilgusIll see if I can repro on one of my sansas
13:02:11evilwombat... although for what it's worth, the speed of the cards might be bringing out a race condition that would be less likely in an HDD-based unit, due to timing of things
13:02:15evilwombatthank you
13:04:28evilwombatSometimes the "oversized playlist" issue can be reproduced by loading the same playlist repeatedly. Other times I'm seeing it by starting a playlist, creating a bookmark, and then resuming from that bookmark via the "recent bookmarks" menu
13:05:29evilwombatWill try to put a different card into the H120 and see if the problem still happens, before I swap the card with the H320. Those things are a beast to take apart
13:09:21Bilgusyou might try deleting the playlistcontrol file after it happens
13:12:36BilgusIt basically saves the changes to get to the end result rather than saving the whole playlist it might be getting corrupted and if that works I'd like to see it the next round
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13:17:44evilwombatplaylistcontrol file?
13:18:25evilwombatah, .rockbox/.playlist_control. Thanks, I'll give this a try
13:19:37evilwombatI am still copying everything around, in preparation for an upcoming card swap. Will try this after all the cards are synced. I'll be back in about 30 minutes
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13:22:54BilgusI'm seeing some junk appear in the playlist control file when the playlist shows less then the actual number of tracks so this is probably the right 'track' so to speak
13:23:46Bilgusand slow storage is probably exacerbating it..
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13:56:03evilwombatHmmm... interesting! What purpose does this file serve? Would you like me to try anything else on my end?
14:03:03evilwombatCrap... just saw this happen on the H320 also, with a different card
14:04:15evilwombat.playlist_control looks fine in this case - no extra characters or junk. Nice, cleanly-terminated ASCII text
14:05:46evilwombatOh, wait, sorry, false alarm - I mis-read the screen. I saw the "incomplete playlist load" problem, but not the oversized playlist problem.
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14:08:52evilwombat... but even in the case where I saw an incomplete playlist, my .playlist_control looked fine
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14:12:41evilwombatNot to speak too soon, but it almost seems as if disabling dircache is making this less frequent (or working around it). It could be just due to a shift in timing of things, or just not enough testing on my part. I shall fsck my storage, rebuild my playlists, and exercise the playlist/bookmark features tomorrow during the day, and come back with my findings tomorrow. Thank you for the help! I must go crash now
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14:17:58BilgusFYI the playliost control file stores all the changes made to the playlist since it was loaded its how rockbox stores the changes rather than saving the whole playlist and possibly corrupting it on unexpected power down
14:19:21Bilgustry saving it to a new file name and deleting it next time you have the oversized playlist and see what happens
14:28:01evilwombatSounds good. Last time I tried to view the oversized playlist, I saw an error message, but I'll see if it's possible to get to the "Save current playlist" option without using the playlist context menu
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16:06:19evilwombatOkay, stupid silly out-of-the-blue question - inside playlist_flush_callback(), why aren't we take the control_mutex *before* evaluating the two 'if' conditions? Or am I just too used to preemption and Rockbox has a non-preemptive kernel?
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16:31:29Bilgusthere is nothing there that will cede control of the thread...
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