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#rockbox log for 2019-09-18

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12:22:43evilwombatBilgus, for what it's worth - I was testing the H120 playlist loading during the day, and I have not seen any issues when dircache is turned off. Storage-related operations are noticeably slower (despite using a CF card), so I am not sure if that "solves" the problem or just pushes it out of the way
12:24:11BilgusI've already fixed some stuff in the dircache this year but I'll have another look to see if anything blatant jumps out at me
12:26:52Bilgusmost likely it just makes the action take a bit longer giving everything time to happen or perhaps it truly is a race condition
12:27:55evilwombatThank you
12:28:43BilgusI wonder if there is a mechinism to tell the dir cache to not cache a file
12:39:45Bilguslooks like we can call dircache_suspend() dircache_resume() to test it
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13:16:00Bilgusphew DirCache is sprinkled all throught the playlist code
13:16:37BilgusI fear I'm going to need a reproducible failure to do anything with it
13:17:16Bilguswonder if I can just slow the storage down on one of my devices with nops
13:19:47Bilgusevilwombat I'm going to make a patch that disables dircache for playlists for you to try that way at least you won't have to suffer slow performance everywhere else
13:20:37Bilgusdo you have a way to compile patches or shall I whip you one up?
13:26:26evilwombatBilgus, thanks! I've got a dev environment set up
13:41:54Bilguswell shit I don't even have the coldfire CC built :/
13:45:35evilwombatYeah, I had to build it also
13:50:19evilwombatIt was a lot faster to build it this time around. Last time I messed around with Rockbox source was around like, 2006.
13:56:27Bilgus g#2253
13:56:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #2253 at : Bugtesting Playlist DIRCACHE (don't push) by William Wilgus
13:57:25BilgusI'll have to leave the CC to build while I'm at work
13:57:54Bilguslol your PC is probably 2^2 times faster too :)
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14:07:13evilwombatOoh, gerrit. Thank you! I'll spin this up and test it out tomorrow during the day
14:15:17evilwombatSilly question - after enabling dircache, is a reboot required?
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14:18:46evilwombatBasic smoke testing looks good - will try this tomorrow during regular use. Thanks again!
14:24:55BilgusIt used to be required but it does it in the background now IIRC
14:25:54Bilgusnp I'll try to figure out a way to repro the issue on one of my devices then I might actually be able to do something about it
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14:50:23BilgusFor future info ROCKBOXDEV: try
14:50:36Bilgus is down
14:52:15Bilgusgetfile "mpc-0.8.1.tar.gz" ""
14:54:21Bilgusah poop curl doesn't like https
15:01:35evilwombatAwesome. Thanks man. I'm gonna go crash - will hopefully have results tomorrow. Good night!
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