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#rockbox log for 2019-09-29

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17:48:37CerpinHi, I've got an iPod classic with about 9.7k files or so on it, and Rockbox appears to OOM before it can ever finish building the db
17:50:11CerpinWhen I build the database, it gets about to 9.7k and then loops back to 0 and begins again
17:51:12CerpinI'm running 91500e1-180805 atm, and have about 148GB filled and 17.6 MB free
17:53:07CerpinOh, sorry, it's actually on the last commit step it loops back
17:56:00CerpinI've had issues with similar behavior every time I add new music for a while −− it will often not see it initially, then after a few plays of the new tracks the music will suddenly stop and I'll get a kernel panic and OOM −− on reset it will claim to be committing the database, then the database won't be ready when I get into the main menu. I reinitialize the database at that point and everything has been
17:56:06Cerpinfine until now. I guess at this point I have enough files that that band-aid won't work anymore
18:00:46CerpinAnd now after a reset it appears my db is magically here again...
18:02:10CerpinNext time I get an actual kernel panic I'll see if I can get the backtrace over here or something
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21:24:37sizzlincokHey guys. I'm trying the SansaAMSUnbrick on my clip+. Just wanted to clarify... from the instructions I access that 31MB partition in recovery mode and just write the clppa.bin onto it?
21:25:42sizzlincokI have a bootloop on the original firmware, stuck at the flower logo, just looping. Wanted to do a uninstall/reinstall because rockbox has been freezing up, but here I am with a 1/2 responsive unit. Rockbox constantly freezes up, unlike my other clip+ units.
21:43:59_BilgusI have some images with the multiboot bootloader already in the image
21:44:11_Bilgusare you on linux?
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21:46:20_Bilgushere is a transcript of me walking a user through how to do it
21:47:31_Bilgushe was still able to boot rockbox though to run a recovery firmware you will have to short the pins per SansaAMSUnbrick
21:48:15_Bilgusbut after that the steps are pretty much the same do try and make a backup first as that will allow you to see if it has any bad blocks
21:48:55_Bilgusbad blocks are possible to get around but you need some math and some luck
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21:49:58_Bilgusrecovery images:,52014.0.html
21:50:58sizzlincokI'm on windows... but I can be on Linux.
21:51:19_BilgusI'd switch to linux
21:51:23sizzlincokI checked that recovery images page, but it's only for 4G and 8G.
21:51:25sizzlincokI have a 2G unit.
21:51:49_Bilgusthere are options on windows but they are very rigid
21:52:00_Bilgusthen you will have to use linux
21:52:07sizzlincokSure I can use Linux.
21:52:29_BilgusI was under the impression 2GB units are clip not clip+
21:53:04_Bilgusthe steps should be the same but i'm unsure about the firmware offsets
21:53:34_Bilgusif you make a dump and upload it I should be able to find the offsets for you
21:53:50sizzlincokNope, it's a clip+ alright lol
21:54:05_Bilgusassuming you can get enough of it for me to make heads or tails
21:54:30_Bilgusif its a clip+ then the offsets should be right
21:55:23_Bilgusbasically you have a 16gb raw partition at the beginning of the drive and it has the potential to have 2 copies of the bootloader on there
21:56:14_BilgusI don't know if they intended to have a device restore functionality but never implemented it or if it was just room for their firmware updater
21:56:49_Bilgusif one has bad blocks you can shift the copy up and still get a functional device
21:57:51_Bilgussorry thats a 16MB raw partition
21:58:04sizzlincokWas gonn say, 16GB? :P
21:58:18_Bilgusthe firmware is 8mb ish
21:58:28sizzlincokBut yeah, it shows 30.6MB under recovery mode.
21:59:03_Bilguson linux there is some raw drive hex software
21:59:16sizzlincokI don't want to put the 4GB recovery image on a 2GB model.
21:59:19_Bilgusuhhh ActiveDisk IIRC
21:59:40_Bilgusyou can use that to view the firmware or just use dd
21:59:59sizzlincokThere wouldn't be any issues at all?
22:00:14_Bilgusthere can always be issues
22:00:57_Bilguswhat you should do is get the device into recovery mode and make sure it is in a very safe place you don't want to bump it and lose USB connection half way through
22:01:37_Bilgusthen copy overy the bootloader and then without disconnecting it dump it and compare the two
22:01:51_Bilgusas in it should be an exact copy of what you wrote
22:02:33_Bilgusif not then you will need to shift the beginning offset past the last bad block and zero out everything prior
22:02:48_Bilgushopefully there is 8mb past the last bad block
22:03:09_Bilgusand no Badblocks won't work you don't have a FAT table to mark it as bad
22:03:30_BilgusI ran the user through this in that thread I posted
22:04:05_BilgusI looked at his dump and calculated the last bad block and gave him that as a hex offset to dd
22:04:45_Bilgusit needs to bu a multiple of 4??? bytes I think its been a while
22:05:27sizzlincokAlright give me like 10 mins lol
22:05:37sizzlincokLet me get linux up and running on a usb drive lol
22:05:58_BilgusI'll be around but don't do anything rash if I don't answer right away
22:07:13sizzlincokSo follow the steps and copy that 4g recovery onto it.
22:07:18sizzlincokdump and compare.
22:08:44_Bilgusits not a 4gb device so you can't copy the 4g recovery to it
22:08:55_Bilgusyou will just have to copy the bootloader
22:09:10sizzlincokOh okay thanks for confirming lol
22:09:41sizzlincokI didn't see the bottom, but this, right? "sudo dd of=/dev/sd? if=clppa_new.bin"
22:10:09_Bilgusthat file should work
22:12:02_BilgusI'd make a dump of it first
22:12:19_Bilgusbut yes that command will copy it to the beginning of the derive
22:12:50_Bilgusoh wait nm thats a commpressed 4gb image sorry
22:13:07_Bilgusso yea just use the bootloader bin
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23:43:17sizzlincokHey Bilgus. Sorry took so long. Got around to doing it. Loaded the bin into it, but still doesn't seem to boot.
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23:45:06_Bilgussizzlincok, as in it hangs at the sansa logo?
23:45:12sizzlincokNo boot at all.
23:45:25sizzlincokPressed the powerbutton for an extended period of time as well.
23:45:54_Bilgusdid you dump the drive after you copied the file over?
23:46:11_Bilgusand they matched in crc?
23:46:44sizzlincokLet me see.
23:47:56sizzlincokWhat command do I use to compare?
23:48:13_Bilguscksum file
23:48:20_Bilgusthen cksum file2
23:48:48_Bilguscompare the number returned IDR if it allows you to do multiples
23:49:29sizzlincokExact same.
23:49:47sizzlincok408379578 31457280
23:50:40_Bilgusthen i'd try to get the firmware directly from the sansa website and try again
23:51:03_Bilgusso lets run through this
23:51:35_Bilgusfirst you physically got it into recovery mode
23:51:57_Bilgusshorted the pins booted and unshorted them once it started up
23:53:18_Bilgusnext you did sudoo fdisk -l
23:53:33sizzlincokShowed up as a 30.6MB disk.
23:54:56_Bilguswhat does sudo lsblk return
23:55:33sizzlincoksdc 30.6M 0 disk
23:56:27_BilgusIIRC its supposed to show the whole drive it should be a raw ~2gb disk
23:56:54_Bilgusbut being that you got it to dump the firmware back to you it should be ok
23:57:15_Bilgusis it in recovery mode currently?
23:57:22sizzlincokYes. Still plugged into my computer./
23:57:49_Bilguslike you did the copy powered off powered on and have since gone back to recovery mode?
23:58:46sizzlincok I did the copy, unplugged. It wouldn't power on. I hard-poweroff. Still wouldn't turn on. Hard power off. Plug into USB wall power. Still nothing.
23:58:55sizzlincokThen went back into recovery to compare the crc.

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