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#rockbox log for 2019-09-30

00:00:17_Bilgusso when you powered on it was just a black screen?
00:00:39sizzlincokJust nothing. Press the power button. Nothing.
00:00:50sizzlincokIt "was" working last night. I haven't done any copying or anything.
00:01:16_BilgusI wonder if your player is a v1 clip+ or something weird I bet its just the wrong fw
00:01:30sizzlincokWould boot rockbox, but It was just very very buggy, with lockups etc. Sometimes also wouldn't boot like now. But eventually it did when the battery ran down.
00:01:48_Bilgusno big deal leave it in recovery for a min let me see if I can find the fw
00:01:52sizzlincokIt MAY be? Perhaps the 2G versions were different.
00:02:58_Bilgusno they show indeed a 2gb version on the sansa website and the same fw
00:04:32_Bilgusdid sudo fdisk-l tell you Disk /dev/sdc doesn't have a valid partition table?
00:05:04sizzlincokYeah. It just shows jsut the disk size.
00:05:17_Bilgusit sounds right!
00:05:57sizzlincokI'm gonna desolder the battery and resolder it to make sure it completely powers off.
00:08:56_Bilgusstranger thing have happened if not i'd probably wipe the firmware area and start over
00:09:49_Bilgusitd go like this
00:10:57_Bilgusdd of=/dev/sdc if=/dev/zero count=$((0xF000))
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00:12:29_Bilgusand do make sure the device is still on sdc
00:21:01sizzlincokI resoldered the battery and got it to boot rockbox, but it froze shortly after a panic with some ATA code.
00:21:59_Bilguswell then thats a good sign
00:22:29_Bilguswhat boot loader did you copy over?
00:22:30sizzlincokJust wiped the firmware and writing back the bin.
00:22:41sizzlincokThe clppa.bin the original I got from the website.
00:22:59_Bilgusah ok before you do a restart
00:23:14_Bilguslets copy the bootloader with the sd boot stuff in it
00:23:32_Bilgusthen we can do this without recovery mode
00:23:42sizzlincokCan we?
00:24:16_Bilgusyes :D
00:24:39_Bilgusgo here and grab the bootloader and the multiboot fw
00:25:15_Bilgushere is the bootloader link
00:25:48_Bilgusso that'll be the one you dd to the drive
00:26:01_Bilgusthe fw one you will copy to your sdcard
00:26:18_Bilgusone last file too let me find it
00:26:55_Bilgusalso copy this to the root of the sd card
00:27:40_Bilgusand last thing is to make a file called rockbox_main.clip+
00:27:56_Bilgusopen it put a single / save and exit
00:28:06_Bilgus'/' no quotes
00:30:08_Bilgusso now when you boot it will boot from the sdcard bypassing the internal storage
00:30:47_Bilgusyou will then use the filebrowser to run the Plus_rockbox_RECOVERY file
00:30:55_Bilgusthen plug the USB
00:31:30_Bilgusand now when you do fdisk-l it should be the recovery mode
00:31:54_Bilgusbut it'll be a ~2gb raw disk
00:35:12_Bilgusoh come to think of it we shouldn't have to boot into recovery mode again
00:35:35_Bilgusyou should be able to just boot from the sdcard plug the usb and rewrite the drive
00:35:52_Bilgusmkfs.msdos -I -F 32 /dev/sd?
00:35:56sizzlincokJust had to boot recovery. Wouldn't recognize anything without it. So I'm dd-ing the multiboot fw.
00:36:23sizzlincokIt still doesn't turn on though.
00:36:32_Bilgusthe multiboot fw is the best way to go because it gives you a way back
00:37:13_Bilgusyou'll probably have to undo the battery again or hold the power button for 30 seconds
00:37:39_BilgusIve seen the clip+ hang for that long maybe even up to the 60 second mark
00:38:11sizzlincokUsually writing the clppa fw back in... just works right?
00:38:47_BilgusI wouldnt boot into the OF if the drive isn't quite right
00:39:06_Bilgusbut yes it usually works right after a power cycle
00:39:48_Bilguson the panic though it goes into an endless loop so its not all that surprising if it were stuck
00:41:19_Bilgusthat being said its been nearly two years since I did this when I tested all of this
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00:43:51sizzlincokStill nothing.
00:44:04sizzlincokI even changed the battery with another dead clip+ just now.
00:44:34_Bilgusdid you verify the file copied properly again?
00:45:09_BilgusI know our bootloader has support for the v1 and v2 clip+
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00:48:57_BilgusI bet it has a block thats bad somewhere in the flash
00:57:02sizzlincokThe cksum is different from the very original dump.
00:57:15sizzlincokAftercopying the mboot fw
00:57:43_Bilguswell yeah they are different files
00:58:53_Bilgusdo a chksum on clppa_new.bin from
00:59:26_Bilgusand do cksum on what you just dumped using dd
00:59:37_Bilgusthey should be the same
00:59:46sizzlincokYes. Same.
00:59:56_Bilgusthen it should boot
01:00:20sizzlincokI haven't done anything wrong. (I believe lol)
01:00:38sizzlincokI just push the power button and nothing.
01:01:04_Bilgusand you de-soldered the battery?
01:02:13_Bilgusyou might try ejecting the sdcard and leave the battery disconnected and plug the usb
01:02:26_Bilgusit'll bootloop but it should turn on
01:03:04sizzlincokI've tried that too.
01:03:07sizzlincokIt never turns on.
01:03:19sizzlincokI would get that random turn on, as I explained to you above.
01:03:47_BilgusI wonder if your power button has an issue
01:03:50sizzlincokBut then I did dd with all zeros and wrote the new fw back in as you've instructed.
01:04:13sizzlincokI don't think so. It "used" to be okay playing music, until I noticed the freezing and such.
01:05:44_Bilgusgenerally that means the flash is on its way out but still it should try and turn on if the fw is right
01:06:24_Bilguslast thing you might try is grabbing that 4gb image that I posted above and copy it to the device
01:07:03_Bilgusthing is it will leave you with a corrupted internal drive but if you can boot then you can reformat it
01:07:14_Bilgusmkfs.msdos -I -F 32 /dev/sdc
01:07:29_Bilgusjust don't do that in recovery mode
01:09:03_Bilguscorrupted internal drive bc yours is 2gb not 4 so it'll fall off the end of the world...
01:09:24_Bilgusbut once you reformat all should be well
01:10:33_Bilgusthe other last last thing i'd try is write all zeros again verify it is indeed all zeros and try moving the fw up in the firmware area
01:11:15sizzlincokHow would I do that?
01:12:21_BilgusI can't tell you where without seeing a corrupted dump
01:12:54_Bilgusdd of=/dev/sdc if="clippa.bin" bs=512 skip=$((0x0)) seek=$((0x0))
01:14:06_Bilgusdd of=/dev/sdc if="clippa.bin" bs=512 seek=$((0x0))
01:14:19_Bilgusand its in 512 byte blocks
01:15:23_Bilgusso 8 mb would be 16 or in hex 0x10
01:15:54_Bilgusno that doesn't sound right
01:16:35_Bilgusah magnitude error
01:16:46_Bilgus8 mb * 1024 * 1024
01:20:35_Bilgus #/ 512 = 16384 in hex would be 0x4000
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01:20:52 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
01:21:02_Bilgusso if you wanted to write it to the second part it'd be
01:21:10_Bilgusdd of=/dev/sdc if="clippa.bin" bs=512 seek=$((0x4000))
01:22:28_BilgusI don't remember if it goes by 16 mb chunks if so try 16 * 1024 * 1024 / 512
01:23:18sizzlincokIt's been years since I had to math to get the right numbers too. You're not the only one.
01:23:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:24:46_Bilgusanyways as long as the rest of the drive is zeros it should seek till it finds it with a valid checksum
01:25:24_Bilgusits not the most robust system so if it were getting wonky bytes back it would fail to boot
01:26:14_Bilgusand in theory you might be able to leave the whole recovery area zero and write to the normal drive area but i've never tried
01:26:40_Bilgusalso thatd leave the thing easily corruptable since a format would wipe out the firmware
01:33:10sizzlincokWell I've tried copying a few times, still no power on.
01:40:16_Bilgussorry I don't know what ele to tell you to try I mean maybe find a really od original sansa fw Read(smaller) and try copying that over
01:40:43_Bilgusolder version of the sansa clip+ fw
01:41:29_Bilgusyou might also try copying the fw on there 2x so it matches the original layout
01:42:53_Bilgusdd of=/dev/sdc if="clippa.bin" bs=512 seek=$((0x0)) and the second time dd of=/dev/sdc if="clippa.bin" bs=512 seek=$((0x8000))
01:43:33sizzlincokI tried 0x8000 but it says no more space
01:43:41_BilgusMaybe older versions of the hardware checked both or something weird but on the clip+ 8gb and the clipzip 4g that was not the case
01:43:51_Bilgusoh maybe we are too far then
01:44:20_Bilgustry 7800
01:44:40_Bilgushalf of 0xF000
01:45:30_Bilgusmmm also you did a dump before you began if you can upload that somewhere I can take a look at it tomorrow and possibly figure out whats going on
01:47:31_BilgusIll bb in a few hours
01:47:47sizzlincokYeah I have the original dump.
01:54:18 Quit scorche (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
02:07:57sizzlincokHere's the original dump.
02:08:15 Quit MrZeus (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
02:08:16sizzlincokI dd-ed back to the clip+. Still nothing lol
02:28:02sizzlincokIt looks like the flash chip itself has a bridged pin with another. Either me when I desoldered the battery, Don't think so becuase I've never touched the chip side or slipped.
02:28:27sizzlincokI tried to fix it up with a lot of flux but looks like I made it worse.
02:28:49sizzlincokThe hot ass iron looks like it peeled the trace off the PCB.
02:28:59sizzlincokI've decided to abandon all attemps to debrick lol
02:29:27sizzlincokBut if you wanna look at the dump, maybe we could figure out what was actually wrong with the unit? lol
02:29:35sizzlincokFor curiosity and learning purpose.
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03:33:14_Bilgussizzlincok, yeash I tried to put on a new sdslot onto one of the clip+ and it didn't go well and I'm pretty good with a soldering iron, I think hot air is about the only way to do anything with them
03:35:18_Bilgussizzlincok, that image is all zeros so i'm not sure if it was a bad dump or just bad flash
05:23:49***No seen item changed, no save performed.
06:02:14*__builtin is tempted to buy an iflash and figure it out
06:02:42__builtinipod6g #2 is toast anyway without one...
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06:32:14FiletMignonHi y'all, quick question: Does anyone have a working windows binary of the theme editor? I've been searching and trying to compile it from source all day, but I'm not too good at this...
07:16:20 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
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07:36:19_Bilgus__builtin thatd make a lot of people very happy
07:36:49_Bilgusmaybe you should contact the iflash guy and ask him to donate you one
07:37:54_BilgusFiletMignon in my limited experience with the themeeditor it wasn't very useful
07:41:58 Join deevious [0] (~Thunderbi@
07:52:47sizzlincokMaybe it was a bad dump? But it didn't report errors dumping it though. I guess we'll never know. Files are lost, because I ran portable linux.
07:53:35sizzlincokI thought about getting a hot air unit for soldering... Just don't do enough to justify it.
08:05:08_Bilgusdd won't report errors if the device pushes back all zeros
08:06:24_Bilgusmost likely the flash was already bad and you never got any thing to actually stick and rb booted a few times (that was originally there)
08:06:52_Bilgusnot sure why the crc of the file and the dump would match though
08:07:52_Bilgusalso 31 mb sounds weird I keep thinking it should be the whole drive in recovery mode so in your case ~2gb + 31mb
08:08:28_Bilgusbut like I said 2 years does a lot of scrubbing off the finer points
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09:33:30sizzlincokIIRC, I bought it on ebay, and the original housing was scratched up. Was probably used extensively and on it's way out. Sad to see another clip+ go.
09:34:24sizzlincokI had 2 other ones that I killed with a faulty USB cable. The CPU ended up getting fried, and it got super hot (to the point it would fry itself) when connected to battery power or USB power.
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09:34:53sizzlincokI was hoping to see that 2GB raw but never did.
09:36:27sizzlincokLost the 3rd one got lost in the field or my tractor. Dunno how. And now the 4th (2GB) one is dead. I will treat the other 3x 8GB units I have left like one of my prized posessions...
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09:52:17 Nick TheSphinX_ is now known as TheSphinX^ (
09:58:15Xehadoes anyone here have experience with an iflash msata adapter and ipod 6th gen classic? my HDD on in died (again) and its getting too expensive to replace, so such an upgrade would be nice.
10:11:03 Join dys [0] (~dys@2003:5b:203b:100:a64c:c8ff:fef4:13a6)
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10:54:49skrzypWhich DAP should I buy to have it supported nicely in current
10:55:02skrzypversion of Rockbox?
10:55:34skrzypI'm considering between Xduoo X3, X3II and iPod Video 5.5 (with CF and extended battery)
10:56:35skrzypI'm mostly looking for device with expandable storage, great audio quality, CPU fast enough to play SID files as well and maaaybe optionally an FM radio
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