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#rockbox log for 2019-10-12

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04:34:48*__builtin has been trying to reproduce iFlash corruption under Rockbox
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13:21:07Bilgusany 'luck'?
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20:42:53*PrinceKyle is seeing random but frequent crashing while playing from MicroSD on a ClipZip. No problem with the same MicroSD on the ClipPlus. Both builds are less than 3 days olc from git master.
20:43:52PrinceKyleI thought it was a hardware issue, but tapping it doesn't appear to cause any problem.
20:45:44PrinceKyleThe crash happens randomly, and ranges from a sound similar to a skipping CD to just stopping and refusing to play anything else to a complete crash that requires holding in the power button to forceably shut it down.
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21:26:03FiletMignonheh. Came here to ask for help compiling... may have figured it out while typing, it's compiling now. Room-full-of-rubber-duckies-debugging?
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21:56:03BilgusPrinceKyle, there has been nothing changed with Clip+ or Clipzip in a good long while
21:57:52PrinceKyleBilgus: Yeah I see that. My last ClipZip update was in 2015. Some battery life issues fixed in both as I recall. I showed a 2014 build on my ClipPlus until I updated it 2 days ago.
21:59:05Bilgusdid you delete or ename your config.cfg file on the clip+?
21:59:19Bilgusthat seems to be a common issue
21:59:35PrinceKyleYes. As a matter of fact, I deleted the whole .rockbox folder.
22:00:06PrinceKyleI did that on both players.
22:01:24Bilgusoh its the clipzip crashing, hmm I've been using a clipzip daily for the last year
22:01:51Bilgusis it giving panics or just outright hanging?
22:02:16PrinceKyleI thought I may have had some kind of compiler glitch or something, so I tried building for the ClipZip again today, but still see the same random but quite frequent crashes.
22:02:54PrinceKyleIt's not the same every time. Sometimes it panics completely, other times it just stops reading the MicroSD.
22:03:24PrinceKyleInternal storage is working perfectly.
22:03:30Bilgusweird, have you tried a different sd?
22:03:55PrinceKyleNot yet. I just tried the same SD in the ClipPlus, and have absolutely no issues with it there.
22:04:11Bilguswell they are similar in hardware but not exact
22:04:46Bilgusit wouldn't surprise me if the timings were slightly different and the sd card doesn't like it
22:05:02PrinceKyleThis is a 128GB SD. I figured if I was gonna have problems with one or the other using this SD, it would be on the ClipPlus, not the slightly newer ClipZip.
22:05:15BilgusI have a 128G in my clip zip
22:05:25PrinceKyleBut it's working perfectly on the ClipPlus, but crashes the ClipZip.
22:05:47Bilguslet me look..
22:06:06PrinceKyleHmmm. I'm trying to remember which I have. I have Samsung and Silicon Power, both 128.
22:06:19PrinceKyleI think the Samsung is in a phone.
22:06:57PrinceKyleThe last few I have purchased were Silicon Power, and they seem to work quite well in most things.
22:07:43PrinceKyleIt also seems to have worked rather well before I updated Rockbox from a 2015 build to a 2019 build.
22:09:05 Part FiletMignon
22:09:38PrinceKyleI could grab the 3.14 official build and see whether or not that fixes things.
22:10:19PrinceKyleI also have another sd I could try, but it's quite a bit smaller. I think the other one I'm not currently using is 32GB.
22:11:39Bilgusthe clipzip and clip+ are using the same sd code AFAICT
22:11:52Bilgusnow thats not saying the voltages are the same
22:12:25PrinceKyleThat's what I thought. I wonder if it is possibly a voltage issue.
22:12:30BilgusI don't think the sd code has been altered since 3.14 but feel free to try
22:12:53Bilgusnow it could be a volatge issue as 'SOMEONE" lowered the voltages
22:13:17Bilguslet me compile you a slightly boosted version
22:13:55PrinceKyleSo maybe the hardware on ClipPlus can take a lower voltage than ClipZip. I seem to recall seeing in the log that the voltage was lowered for both.
22:14:39Bilgusno its just a guessing game from device to device
22:15:55PrinceKyleI have an SD that was in an Android phone. I think it's 32GB. So far it's playing normally, but again, the crash is random.
22:17:06PrinceKyleAmazingly, it's playing the audio from an mp4 video I made using the camera on that phone.
22:24:06PrinceKyleThe smaller SD is continuing to play without any issues. I think it's Sandisk, not sure. I'm visually impaired, so I'm not able to read it. But this one is working long enough through enough files that I can conclude that it at least mostly works. The 128GB doesn't run as long before it crashes out. I usually get 5 minutes or less.
22:24:55Bilgusthere you go that puts the cpu voltage back where it was before
22:26:42PrinceKyleThanks. Getting it now. I'll let you know what happens.
22:29:21 Part PrinceKyle ("In a flash of purple light, the prince disappears!")
22:29:35Bilgushope it works for you...
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22:35:09PrinceKyleLooks like it's hardware ... or something. This SD doesn't work boosted. But it is working on the ClipPlus without any problems.
22:35:24PrinceKyleStrangely, the other SD is working.
22:36:13PrinceKyleIt played for about a minute, then it crashed. Full panic this time from the look of it.
22:36:56PrinceKyleNo, not full panic after all. It just stopped playing. I stopped it and it returned to the files, but I can't play anything on the SD now.
22:37:40PrinceKyleI pop it out and pop it back in and it plays again for anywhere from a few seconds to maybe 5 minutes.
22:38:36PrinceKyleAbout 10 seconds this time, and then it returned to the file list on its own.
22:39:28PrinceKyleNow about 6 seconds, and instead of returning me to the file list, it put me on the main menu.
22:39:59PrinceKyleAnd this time, it won't show me any files.
22:40:09PrinceKyleNot even on internal.
22:42:22Bilgushere is an older version that sets all the voltages to the original values
22:42:43PrinceKyleI'm fairly certain this SD worked as I was updating it, as I did copy a bunch of stuff over from a 32GB and rewrote my talk clips as I updated.
22:43:09PrinceKyleOK I'll try that. Thanks.
22:44:13Bilgusweird that its locking the internal too ohh I think the talk file is corrupted on the latest builds you might try 3.14 if the above doesn't work
22:44:48Bilgusalso assuming you downloaded the talk files from the build page
22:46:01BilgusI'm not sure how robust the talk system is but It could be causing issues hard to say really without having it in hand
22:46:26PrinceKyleWell, it usually doesn't lock internal. This was an unusual case. Then when I popped the sd out and back in and went into files, it put me back into the folder I was in on the SD when it crashed. I went out of it and tried to read internal, and then my screen went white and then completely black.
22:47:00PrinceKyleI wrote all my talk files from scratch using tools/
22:48:06PrinceKyleI modified it slightly to use RHVoice on my computer, which for some reason is a bit slow, but that's because the command line test client is slow to start.
22:48:24PrinceKyleIt's never caused any corruption like this.
22:49:59BilgusI only boosted the voltage to the default level otherwise its the same as the latest dev versions I'd probably go back to 3.13 and see it still sdoes it otherwise I'd suspect hardware issues
22:51:02BilgusI gotta head out but do post your results I'll see them this evening and possibly see what we can do/try
22:51:20PrinceKyleOK Thanks.
23:05:20PrinceKyleThis version is still giving me trouble. I'm checking a couple of things, including filesystem corruption, although that shouldn't affect one player and not the other.
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