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#rockbox log for 2019-10-13

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00:24:25PrinceKyleOK so fdisk tells me that this sd is actually Transcend, not Silicon Power or Samsung. Hmmm. It may be the only one like it that I have. I need to try the others. Could be something in the manufacturing process. I'm still not sure why it would work in one player but not another. But I've backed it up and will try reformatting it just to see what happens.
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01:51:28PrinceKyleWell, I'm really not sure what is happening now. I reformatted my SD, and most of the files I've tried play without issues. But I still have one flac file that skips like a scratched CD. But so far I'm no longer experiencing crashes, although this possibly corrupt file did make me have to pop out the sd and pop it back in, as it wouldn't read any files after I stopped playing the file.
01:52:13PrinceKyleSome files appear to be missing, but this seems to be caused by a networking issue, as I copied them to a network disk.
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04:12:36__builtinBilgus: I think so
04:13:08__builtinI've got a script to constantly copy and check a few thousand small files
04:13:32__builtinI've managed to generate an I/O error a couple times (maybe 1/100 runs)
04:14:20__builtinStill not enough information to debug... I'm currently not familiar enough with low-level filesystem/ATA code
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06:15:16FiletMignonJust got an XY Oscilloscope working, woo! For once in my life, the documentation was good enough and the process was simple enough that googling resolved every issue!
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19:49:19PrinceKyleBilgus: It looks like 3.13 fixed my SD problem on the ClipZip. I successfully copied a large folder from internal to SD, and everything now plays without any issues, including a rather long flac file I was testing that was skipping like a scratched CD on later versions of Rockbox.
19:49:50PrinceKyleI still have access to all my files without powercycling the player.
19:50:08PrinceKyleNo hangs, no lockups, no panics so far.
19:50:49PrinceKyleSo it seems something did happen between 3.13 and 3.14 that only affects Transcend SD cards on the ClipZip.
19:50:58PrinceKyleOr something...
19:51:54PrinceKyleOh, and thanks very much for the help trying to diagnose the problem.
19:54:13PrinceKyleNow to figure out exactly what happened so that I can get the seriously extended battery life I've seen on both players over the past few days.
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22:27:56BilgusPrinceKyle, it might be that your sdcard was a rebranded reject
22:28:49mendelmunkisf3 is a good tool for determining that
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22:31:04FiletMignonmendelmunkis neat, never imagined such a tool existed. I've got a pile of SD cards to test, hehe. thanks!
22:34:01Bilgusguessing this? never heard of f3
22:34:33FiletMignonseems to be. F3, or fight flash fraud
22:35:01mendelmunkisThe one thing to be carefull of is that it can overwrite your current date if you pass the wrong options.
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