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#rockbox log for 2019-10-18

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04:31:17JasonWow. A lot of people here. That's wonderful!
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04:33:16Guest1364I have a bricked sansa clip zip. The wiki says if I boot when pressing left and then unplug the usb cable when the logo appears, I can skip the database check. I tried 10 times and really don't know what I'm supposed to do anyways. Can anyone explain this idea better?
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04:35:15Jason666The logo "appears" twice using of boot.
04:37:16Jason666Since there are no replies I will throw in a request for any ideas, including shorting the pins on the front of the mb, soldering stuff, etf.
04:37:32Jason666I saw that there was some work by
04:38:45Jason666Bilgus here but I don't know if this is something that is usable post-brick.
04:40:07Bilgusyou have to do the recovery manually
04:43:08Jason666I am happy to do it manually.
04:44:48BilgusI listed all the links to <sizzlincock> lol and went through most of the steps although it was unsuccessful, possibly was already dead or he shorted some pins while soldering
04:45:29Bilgusyou will need linux or a raspi
04:46:57Jason666By the way bilgus I want to thank you for your recent work with those images, even though I don't know what they are useful for.
04:47:23Jason666Now I am talking about a clip zip, but sizzlincok had a clip +.
04:47:37Bilgussame steps for the clip zip
04:47:46Jason666you meant SIMILAR
04:47:58Bilgusinfact the tutorial link is a clip zip
04:48:11Jason666for one the pin locations are diffent. next the thing you move onto the 30mb drive is different, right?
04:48:41Bilgusno pretty much the same just different binary and you short two pins
04:50:18BilgusI know you are pedantic JAT. But they are basically different revisions of the same underlying player
04:51:09Bilgusif you can get into rockbox the process is much easier
04:51:34Bilgusthen you can expose the 'hidden' part of the drive without opening it up
04:51:54Jason666No once the fat is corrupt ppl use the of and it writes to it which makes it much more corrupt and then it is bricked.
04:54:44Bilgusthe OF actually is very brittle to write errors I doubt it ever gets to writing to anything
04:55:03Bilgussorry read errors
04:56:05Bilgusmore likely the flash has already gone read-only by that point and that is pretty much endgame unless you already have the multiboot bootloader installed
04:57:48Jason666Well, at any rate, this wiki should be updated to include a picture of the jump points for the sansa zip:
04:58:22Bilgusgah I keep meaning to do that I have a low res pic (SOMEWHERE)
04:58:56BilgusI haven't needed to take my clipzip back apart to get a better one and I won't be doing so until I have to
04:59:37Jason666I'll make one for you.
05:07:01Jason666But until then let's add this image to the other images;topic=51205.0;attach=7312;image of the 22:58:11 url wiki above.
05:08:45Jason666Do I need to disconnect the battery, or can I just do the 30-second power off?
05:10:57Bilgusalready done
05:11:29Bilgusyou don't need to disconnect the battery
05:12:20BilgusDO get a dump of the current contents of the drive once in recovery mode
05:13:06Bilgusit'll let us check for bad sectors and give you something to compare to to see if the drive has gone read only
05:13:54BilgusActiveDisk is an (OK) hex file/disk editor or you can just use the inbuilt linux ones on the file
05:14:35BilgusActiveDisk lets you do it in a GUI but has some annoying quirks with said GUI
05:15:23Bilguswhen shorting the pins you start from power off plug the USB wait 3? seconds then unshort
05:15:46BilgusI just use a small jewlers flat head
05:16:01Bilgusjewelers lol
05:24:43Bilgusonce you copy the recovery FW you should do another dump and compare the drive contents to the FW you copied if they don't match and the dump doesn't match the backup you first created then there is some bad sectors and [[if there is enough room]] you can zero out the beginning of the drive and move the fw past the bad spot, another possibility would be to make a special rb bootloader without the OF that would fit prior to the bad spot
05:25:13Bilgusagain assuming there is enough room
05:26:52Bilgusthe recovery images I have up media fire already include the multiboot bootloader I'd highly reccomend you start booting from the sdcard if you get it on there successfully
05:30:32Bilgusrecommend even too
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05:39:30Jason666It's interesting that you think the internal flash is going to fail soon.
05:39:53Jason666Anyway, can you edit "his only works on e200v2, Fuzev1, Fuzev2, Clipv1, Clipv2 and Clip+ (for now) !" to "his only works on e200v2, Fuzev1, Fuzev2, Clipv1, Clipv2, Clip+, and Zip (for now) !
05:40:47Jason666SO do a "dd if=orig_image.bin of=/dev/sde "?
05:43:39Bilgusassuming sde is your player yes but first dump the drive
05:44:52Bilgusdd if=/dev/sde of=orig_image.bin bs=512 count=$((0xF000))
05:46:25Bilgusto put the image on the drive you don't need to specify sizes since the file is already the proper size
05:47:02Jason666I see the updated wiki. Nice work.
05:47:19Jason666So my zip is 4gb? Are they all the same size?
05:48:47Bilgusno there are 8gb but its only important if you want to use windows since you have to write the whole drive
05:49:20Bilguson linux you can just write a chunk of it and the bootloaders are the same
05:49:59Bilgusto put an image back do this dd of=/dev/sdb if="clipzip4GB_RECOVERY_image32.bin" bs=512
05:50:57Bilgusbo bs specifies the byte size
05:51:00Jason666Really I want to recover my files off of it. They should be mp3 files.
05:51:59Jason666Thanks so much for your help so far bilbus! I need to hit the hay now though.
05:52:00Bilgusand 0xF000 x 512bytes == ~32 mb
05:52:33Bilgusif you wanted to dump 4gb it'd take a while
05:52:45Jason666Well dd is well documented linux command. I learn what I need and forget it until next time...
05:52:57Bilgusbut is possible assuming you have access to the drive
05:53:10Jason666I definitely want to recover what I can from the chip.
05:53:52Jason666It's fat32 so lots of tools, but how to get them to work in this situation I have no idea.
05:54:10Bilgusbest bet would probably be to get the fw fixed tbh but barring that you could dump the image to a drive and recover the files
05:55:16Bilgusjust do dd if=/dev/sde of=orig_image.bin and it'd dump till it errored out
05:56:01Jason666WEll, VERY few programs work with images. Most work with a live file system, usually in read only mode.
05:58:37Bilgusanyways Ive a need for sleep as well just ask if you need any help and don't do anything rash
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09:38:24mendelmunkisJason666: you may get some good result with testdisk.
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17:16:42jason666this webchat doesn't store any history. so, I can't see anything just because it said connecting and I hit refresh!
17:17:53jason666thankfully can see today's log so that's ok.
17:18:24gevaertsIts's an IRC channel, so it behaves like an IRC channel. That you use a web irc client to access it doesn't change that
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