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#rockbox log for 2019-10-19

00:06:39jason666I performed the "dd of=/dev/sdb if="clipzip4GB_RECOVERY_image32.bin" bs=512" command. The output had three lines. Something in, something out, and a line with the speed and total.
00:07:12jason666It seemed promising. But, when I repeated the dumb, all I got was zeros again. So, this area seems write protected.
00:07:48jason666It seems strange that dd didn't notice the write protection.
00:08:45jason666I meant to write dump above not dumb.
00:09:47jason666Are there any options to dd that might be worth trying to bypass any write protection?
00:10:36jason666The size of the dumps were the same as the clipzip4GB_RECOVERY_image32.bin file. So, I think I was doing things correctly.
00:10:50jason666Compressed, those sizes would be about zero, however.
00:11:05jason666(For the dumps.)
00:11:45jason666My guess is sandisk has a special way of writing to this area. It's handed out in case it's a mater of national security.
00:12:12jason666But for us, no go. Perhaps that explains a few things.
00:13:02mendelmunkisjason666: given that I've wriiten it in the past, it's more likely to be failing
00:13:36jason666The paradox remains: how do the boot logos show up (both of them, OF and rockbox) if the flash drive isn't accessible?
00:13:41mendelmunkiswhich would explain why dd didn't fail
00:14:16mendelmunkismost flash chips silently lock as read only when they are close to failure.
00:14:49jason666But all sansa flash disks lock at a 30.6 mb zeroed area that's unwritable.
00:14:50mendelmunkisat that point the only option I know of is to backup and replace.
00:15:41jason666Does anyone here know enough about the boot process to resolve the paradox?
00:17:12mendelmunkisjason have you made a dump of the entire drive?
00:17:49jason666I performed the dump that was suggested, and it is only 30.6 mb in size. All zeros.
00:18:48jason666The rest isn't accessible, as far as I can tell. I'm happy to try other commands. I used the one bilgus said to use.
00:18:59jason666With the F000.
00:19:11mendelmunkisthen i would suggest "dd if=<drive location> of=backup.dd status=progress"
00:19:39mendelmunkisthat way you can always try to recover your files.
00:20:52jason666Mandlelmun, so I will try the same dd command bilgus suggested, except no feeding it of any parameters and request a status bar. Ok. One moment.
00:22:14mendelmunkisJust remember to give the backup a name where you wont accidentally overwrite it with another one later.
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00:24:07mendelmunkisjason666: actually can you use pastebin to give the results of lsblk?
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00:33:47jason666There was a slight difference. Firstly my version of dd doesn't allow the status=progress flag. It allowed me to disable status output after the command was done only.
00:34:36mendelmunkisthat shouldn't matter. but how gib is the output file.
00:34:52jason666The only difference was the file size. Your output caused a ~32000000 byte output, while bilgus' was 31000000 bytes. Both outputs were only zeros.
00:36:04mendelmunkiscan you pastebin lsblk?
00:36:27jason666I am unable to mount the clip zip recovery mode drive. does this lsblk command work on devices directly?
00:37:50jason666Well, not only am I unable to mount the drive but I don'
00:37:58jason666t have lsblk on my system anyways.
00:38:27jason666gparted sees it however and is ready to mess around.
00:39:01jason666Perhaps inability to mount is an important problem?
00:39:24mendelmunkisno if you were able to mount it would indicate something wrong.
00:40:00mendelmunkisare you able to connect it without recovery at all?
00:44:37jason666I think lsblk probably gives the same infor that gparted does. Gparted says: device information:Undetermined. storage size = 30.61 MB. Partitions: unrecognized. Heads: 255. Sectors/track = 63. Cylinders = 3. Total sectors = 62688. Secor size = 512.
00:46:01jason666When I turn it on it goes into rockbox screen. After 60 seconds it says ~"CONNECT TO USB" . BUt if i connect nothing shows. If I press << while booting it does dual sansa logo spins and halts.
00:47:26mendelmunkiswhat happens if you plug it in while powered off?
00:49:59jason666There are about 10 different states that I can I can plug it is: when off. when in recovery. When either logo appears, after either logo. during either logo. When It says to connect. before it says to connect, etc. Which time do you want me to describe mendelmun?
00:50:36mendelmunkiswhen completely off.
00:50:37jason666The wiki says to boot into OF pressing << and then to UN plug it!
00:51:02mendelmunkisI mean plug it into a computer not the wall.
00:51:03jason666one moment
00:56:08mendelmunkiswhats the output of lsusb?
00:56:38mendelmunkisjason sorry ive got to go offline for ~25 hrs good luck.
00:57:12jason666thanks for your help emdelum
00:57:59jason666fyi there was no offer when plugging in when off. the rockbox logo screen appears and never goes away. (if unplugged it goes to plug into usb but no usb offer is made)
00:58:28jason666I also plugged in when the sansa logos appeared but no usb offer is ever made. but I didn't wait that long, either
01:02:19Bilgusjason666, if it is only showing ~32 mb drive its already gone
01:02:44Bilgusthey go read only and lock in the corruption when they go
01:03:17Bilgusthats why you see the sansa logo and rb logo the previous data is mostly there but you can't do anything with it
01:11:26jason666bilgus you seem to think you know the solution to the paradox, but where is the logo stored?
01:11:36jason666Both logos.
01:12:50Bilgusin the firmware image
01:12:54Bilguson the drive
01:13:54Bilgusyou can try a few more times getting into the hidden area maybe you just aren't removing the short quickly enough but I doubt it
01:14:29Bilgusthe reason the recovery method works is that the short disable the flash chip at first boot and the processor goes into raw mode
01:15:41Bilgusyou should be able to get data from it though if it still boots
01:19:29Bilgusbe sure fdisk -l states 'Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table'
01:19:31jason666Ok let me tell you what's what. The rockbox firmware is highly flawed. It needs to not hang if the booting flashdrive goes into read only mode. It needs to recognize that it isn't able to write and go into usb-ready mode, allowing people to get their data off of it.
01:20:03Bilgusand you can rightly fuck off no firmware works after shit goes south
01:20:38jason666It's just logical to allow for a failure mode that let's people get their data!
01:21:45Bilgusyou can't do anything if your code gets corrupted thats the flaw with the sansa clip series not rockbox
01:22:05jason666Regarding fdisk idea, I think gparted basically confirmed that. (See above.)
01:23:47jason666No you certainly can write the code so that if it is hanging when first trying to write (or any time) after enough time has elapsed it needs to execute usb-mode code that does not attempt any more write to the usb drive by itself(unless it has to because the host computer tries to write). This is needed in case someone wants to mark a sector as
01:24:08jason666It's a logical improvement. I know change causes pain but wake up.
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01:25:06Bilgusok so try this take your harddrive and erase every third sector now try to boot something off the drive to back it up
01:26:03Bilgusyou just need to realize you are expecting the impossible
01:26:16jason666There's no evidence that anything is unreadable on the 4gb flash drive chip.
01:26:36jason666It has gotten into a read only mode, that's all.
01:26:50Bilgusno its perfectly readable just corrupted and readonly
01:27:14jason666The nice thing about open source is that not everyone needs to agree on an idea for it to be implimented.
01:28:01Bilgusok well once you implement it I'll believe you till then it stays in the realm of impossible
01:29:28jason666Bilgus hypothetically if a perfectly fresh installation of rockbox internal flash drive was made unwritable, where would the boot process hang?
01:29:51Bilgusit wouldn't
01:30:09jason666It never writes anything during the boot process?
01:30:31Bilgusnever ever
01:30:41jason666Ok, then I'm wrong.
01:30:49Bilgusthe bootloader is separate from the firmware
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01:33:03jason666So rockbox goes into the resume playing without any writes. I didn't know this.
01:34:02Bilguslike I said the bootloader and the firmware are separate
01:34:59BilgusI made a multiboot bootloader for the situation that your flash goes readonly but guess what its already too late
01:35:11Bilgusnew users get it by default
01:35:48jason666Does that bootloader allow you to go into a usb-data mode even if the internal drive is read only?
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01:40:27Bilgusit should..
01:43:07jason666It's strange that you don't know for sure.
01:43:48jason666The failure point is the same on all these devices. It goes into read only mode and hangs during the start up process when it first needs to do a write request.
01:45:02jason666Because nobody thought of considering that a hang might cause data loss and that a few lines of read-only detect code jump to usb mode code could be of value.
01:45:33jason666So by now a few people should have thanked you.
01:45:42jason666For saving their data.
01:47:17Bilgusoh I am sure it does go into usb mode when the cbootloader code is intact
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02:42:40jason666Right, rockbox developers were smart enough to think of this idea before. So, after about 60 seconds of "booting" my device says "Plug USB Cable" But, the code is bad. It doesn't connect to windows or linux. It does show up as an unrecognized usb device, but not as a usb storage device. The code being run during "Plug USB Cable" is bad. You
02:42:40jason666can verify this by reading this: It's a bug.
02:43:30jason666corrected url:
02:58:04jason666" the cbootloader code is intact" Did you mean "the bootloader code is intact" What's the cbootloader code?
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04:36:26Bilgusthe bootloader code is machine code compiled from c but I meant the bootloader code obviously..
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16:09:16amiconnArg. SH toolchain build fails on current debian (gcc 9.2.1)
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16:34:35amiconn...same for m68k toolchain
17:09:13 Join igitoor [0] (igitur@2a00:d880:3:1::c1ca:a648)
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17:22:47amiconn...and arm-eabi...
17:27:27Bilgus<Bilgus> only thing that might mess you up is it is silent unless errors are present I got REALLY tired of having to parse errors
17:31:04__builtinBilgus: push that to Gerrit?
17:31:09amiconnIn what way is this different from current git?
17:31:30Bilgusit works?
17:31:33amiconnBtw, it's always gcc that fails to build; binutils is building ok (albeit with warnings)
17:32:59Bilgus__builtin, will do
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17:35:43amiconnBilgus: The only differences I can see is that (1) it logs to a file instead of stdot and (2) it gets MPC from a different source (but uses the same version)
17:36:00amiconnSo how will this fix gcc build?
17:36:22*amiconn prefers stdout over logfile
17:36:28amiconnLess file clutter
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18:04:37Bilgushmm might not be the right one I remember making more changes last time
18:04:51amiconnBuilding mipsel-elf works. So that's the only freestanding toolchain that worked :(
18:07:26*amiconn should be able to transfer the (working) toolchains from his old box, but definitively needs fixing
18:34:15Bilgusamiconn try that one g#2273
18:34:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #2273 at : updated for newer versions of gcc host (don't push yet) by William Wilgus
18:40:32BilgusIIRC you'll need to use sudo to delete the old working dirs
18:41:35Bilgusin ~/tmp/
18:48:43 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@2001:1c04:3305:b700:70d3:fa7d:328d:64e2)
18:57:54BilgusSorry i'm not sure WTH that first file was maybe where I started and I grabbed the wrong one on accident I had to grab this one from backups so hopefully it has all the changes I made to get it compiled
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