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#rockbox log for 2019-10-29

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15:56:41speachywith respect to a 3.15 release, the bulk of what I wanted to get in has already been merged, and as things stand today, for visually-impaired users current builds are vastly better than the 3.14 release
15:59:41speachywhat I'd personally like to see land is support for patching the Ingenic/Hiby firmware images in rbutil; it would not only enable the in-tree xDuoo X3 and AGPtek Rocker targets to be promoted to "stable" but would also greatly help with the multiple out-of-tree targets based on the same underlying hosted platforms.
16:01:28speachy(And IIRC those devices are the only rockboxable targets that are still purchasable via retail channels..)
16:11:18speachy(managed to accidently unsub myself from rockbox-dev. oops..)
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18:21:37bluebrother__builtin: I cannot simply build Rockbox Utility off of HEAD. Current status:
18:23:24bluebrotherLinux: builds. Windows via mxe: fails due to the wrong compiler used in some cases, Makefile issue. OS X: fails due to missing cryptopp, building it manually causes various other problems, including different libc++ vs. libstdc++ issues. Windows native: haven't tried yet, but cryptopp will be an issue there as well.
18:25:49bluebrotherWe really should check on all target platforms before bumping versions. Since we already have a tag that version is basically broken.
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19:50:41__builtinI remember there being a cryptopp patch in gerrit
19:51:07__builtinAnd yes, I really should build first before tagging
19:52:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #1589 at : Use pkg-config to set crypto++ flags by Franklin Wei
19:53:45bluebrotherthat doesn't fix the issue.
19:53:57bluebrotherThe problem is that cryptopp doesn't exist on Windows or Mac
19:54:50bluebrotherI can cross compile for Windows using mxe, and that provides cryptopp. Thus the pkg-config thing will work. But that's not optimal, since it doesn't fix the native build.
19:55:07bluebrotherthough I'm simply going that way now.
19:56:23bluebrotherThen there's a problem with building statically (what we usually do for releases, at least for Windows). There's something wrong with the accessibility plugin. From what I understand so far this isn't a plugin anymore, so the code needs to get adjusted. Though that's a Qt5 issue.
19:56:55bluebrotherbut building with Qt5 these days is a good thing. Seems accessibility support was notably improved.
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19:57:15speachyDoes QT5 provide equivalent functionality to cryptopp?
19:57:27speachyfor our purposes, that is
19:57:55bluebrotherdon't know. Wouldn't help much, since cryptopp is used in mkimxboot, which is a separate library.
19:58:09*speachy nods.
19:58:35bluebrotherso for now (and Windows) I'm simply going to use mxe. I avoided that in the past since its Qt4 had issues with accessibility. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
19:59:07bluebrotheror rather, that doesn't seem to be the case for its Qt5.
19:59:52bluebrotherthat leaves Mac. Totally different story, and I've been running into libc++ vs libstdc++ issues over there when trying to supply cryptopp myself.
20:00:23bluebrotherso that'll need a couple of evenings to get things finished.
20:00:32__builtinWhat functionality from cryptopp do we use?
20:00:58__builtinIf it's not excessive we could just pull the relevant sections into our tree
20:01:24bluebrotherthat's something I was planning to do some time ago. Then real life came along and it never happened :)
20:01:56__builtinI could take a shot at it
20:02:23__builtinShould fix our headaches once and for all :)
20:03:23bluebrothersure. I added utils/imxtools/sbtools/cryptopp when trying things, that made includes work without modifications (well, except adding -I.)
20:06:34__builtinIt looks like we just use run-of-the-mill SHA and AES
20:08:22__builtin(Which we already have in several places in-tree)
20:10:59speachyJust as a FYI, QT5 has SHA built-in, but not AES.
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20:14:53bluebrother__builtin: sbtools did use their own implementation of the used crypto stuff in the past. At some point it was changed to cryptopp. That Rockbox-on-Ipod-Classic page that distributes a modified Rockbox Utility was built before that change as you can see from the source archive it has in the zip.
20:19:56__builtinSo I just need to revert that?
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20:40:17bluebrothercould have been that the change to cryptopp was done because more stuff got used. Can't remember.
20:53:59user890104bluebrother: which "Rockbox-on-Ipod-Classic" page?
20:54:34bluebrotheruser890104: user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic.html">
20:55:16user890104ah, this is a build which prof_wolfff sent me
20:56:25bluebrotherI've checked the sources, and those are pre-cryptopp. Which explains why building for Windows wasn't an issue back then. Since the current issues are mostly caused by cryptopp, not the ipod6g bootloader stuff.
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20:58:51user890104that makes sense, i tried building rbutil on an osx virtual machine, and I gave up after being unable to link my cryptopp build
21:01:03bluebrotheros x is even worse. Turns out it uses libc++ as default, but libstc++ since we target pre-10.7. I guess that needs to get changed as well.
21:01:13bluebrotherthough targeting 10.7+ should be ok these days.
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21:21:21speachy10.15 is a world of hurt right now FWIW.
21:27:36speachyit's also not entirely clear that a single binary can target <10.14 and >=10.14
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22:27:03Strife89michael@saanaito:~/rockboxbc$ ./ \ 2019-10-29 17:24:53 Starting client saanaito, revision 59, cores 4 \ 2019-10-29 17:24:54 HELLO 59 m68k-gcc452,sh,arm-eabi-gcc444 Strife89:password saanaito x86_64 64 Linux \ 2019-10-29 17:24:54 HELLO failed: error duplicate name!
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22:27:42Strife89I get the same three lines roughly every 60 seconds
22:27:57gevaertsDo you have multiple running clients?
22:28:39Strife89Aha, I did
22:28:55Strife89Thought I had killed the errant PID
22:28:59gevaertsThese error messages that state facts are annoying :)
22:29:29Strife89Pesky facts, so irrefutable
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