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#rockbox log for 2019-11-04

00:03:11Strife89If there isn't a string defined in /apps/lang/$LANGUAGE.lang for a string referenced by a plugin, what gets shown
00:04:02__builtinmendelmunkis: oh, AI?
00:04:18__builtinit helps to have it easily disabled if necessary
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00:05:09mendelmunkisgood point. I was just working on it and wondered why they where still there.
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00:18:30Strife89join ##lynn
00:19:48Strife89FFS keyboard
00:23:56cockroachhi there. i'm currently trying to get the cross-compiler up and running but there seems to be an issue compiling gcc (see is this a known issue?
00:27:12__builtincockroach: yes
00:27:26cockroach__builtin: any easy workarounds?
00:27:54__builtinI can upload a zip of prebuilt toolchains
00:28:08__builtinthere's probably a patch floating around somewhere, but I can't recall where
00:28:54__builtinargh, sorry
00:30:01__builtinI've got arm-elf, arm-linux, m68k, mips, and sh binaries
00:30:49cockroachI'll see whether I can find the patch (I'd rather build it myself to be honest) but if I can't, that would be very nice
00:32:05__builtinah, yes: g#2273
00:32:06fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2273 at : updated for newer versions of gcc host (don't push yet) by William Wilgus
00:32:23__builtinit might not fix that exact issue, though
00:34:48__builtinheh, trying to upload the zip is causing my wifi driver to lag intermittently :::::::::::::::::))))))))))
00:35:21__builtinand my keyboard to stick, apparently
00:36:38__builtin(my network is too fast, so it's probably over/underfilling some DMA buffer somewhere)
00:38:31cockroach__builtin: that link does seem to help. the patch they post there alone isn't enough, but it seems to contain the information i need. i.e., it's compiling again, at least for now :)
00:38:35cockroachthank you
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00:50:32cockroachexcellent, that did the trick
01:07:39__builtinwhat did you do exactly
01:08:12__builtin? (can't type, sorry)
01:10:09__builtin(managed to upload toolchains, btw:
01:10:47cockroachbasically, changed a few version checks to exlude gcc 9.2
01:11:04__builtinah, I remember something to that effect
01:11:37cockroachwould this be something that might be useful to others?
01:11:46__builtinyes, definitely
01:11:57__builtindid you do something like this?
01:12:00cockroachaye, I'll try to turn it into a patch then
01:12:14cockroachyes, that's where I got the inspiration from :)
01:12:17cockroachno problem
01:12:40cockroachit will be a while though since my gcc build directory has gone, should be easy enough to reproduce
01:13:04__builtinI ran into this exact same problem a while back, but I never found the motivation to actually fix it :)
01:14:23cockroachbtw, would you happen to know if rockbox include everything that is needed to boot an ipod or if it is strictly neccessary to have *some* of the original software on the disk?
01:15:16__builtinwhich ipod?
01:15:43*__builtin is only slightly knowledgeable about the ipod6g's early boot process
01:15:46cockroachit *is* running rockbox at the moment but I would like to swap disks and I don't like the idea of installing windows somewhere just to run itunes :)
01:16:01cockroachi see
01:16:14__builtinbut on ipod6g you don't need itunes at all to install rockbox
01:16:22cockroachthat sounds promising
01:16:32cockroacheven on a blank disk?
01:16:43__builtinyou just put it in DFU mode (which is burned into the bootrom or something), flash the bootloader, and install rockbox on-disk
01:16:51cockroachah nice
01:17:00__builtinyes, I recently replaced the hard drive completely −− bootloader remained intact
01:17:56__builtinthe bootloader on ipod6g is in NOR flash
01:18:59cockroachah, that makes sense then
01:19:16__builtinwait −− it might be different on ipod video
01:20:18__builtinfrom bootloader/ipod.c: "The bootloader is started from the OSOS image on the firmware partition."
01:21:36cockroachI think I have compiled a bootloader image for it, just not sure where to put it exactly :)
01:22:23*__builtin doesn't know enough about the video to tell you :)
01:22:51cockroachI'll just try a few things, see what happens :)
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02:47:10mendelmunkis__builtin: do you mind reviewing g#2291?
02:47:12fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2291 at : Pacbox AI Improvements by Moshe Piekarski
03:16:38Strife89__builtin: Not yet tested
03:22:17Strife89Maybe later on, I'll replace all the menu items with strings for multilingual support (as it is in Wormlet). But for now, Solitaire is the only one that has the problem I originally wanted to address
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03:22:40Strife89Anyway, compiling on my end as I type, just in case
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03:30:12__builtinmendelmunkis: I'll take a look
03:31:59__builtinStrife89: right, translating (and voice-enabling) plugins is a big task
03:33:00Strife89Indeed, and the actual translation bit is something I'm not equipped to do for *any* language besides English.
03:33:30Strife89But I'm willing to try to chip away at the main menus
03:33:52__builtineven preparing the plugins to be translatable is a not-insignificant task
03:34:14Strife89s/language besides English/language/
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03:41:36fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 85a4377, 281 builds, 12 clients.
03:55:07cockroach__builtin: I added a patch to flyspray, if I find some time I'll see whether I can properly integrate it into the build system, but now I should get some sleep. Thanks for the help.
04:11:14fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1779 seconds.
04:11:15fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 85a4377 result: All green
04:11:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 05dd439, 281 builds, 12 clients.
04:13:01__builtincockroach: thanks.
04:14:31__builtinour is made to work with patches already, so it should just be a matter of formatting the paths and uploading it to
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04:32:17fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1262 seconds.
04:32:18fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 05dd439 result: All green
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04:46:10Strife89__builtin: Thanks
04:47:43Strife89My second commit(-by-proxy), ever \o/
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16:28:05GolderNickServ Setpass Golder mcke12345
16:28:33mendelmunkisGolder: you forgot /msg
16:29:19GolderNickserv Identify Golder mcke12345
16:32:25GolderHello all.
16:40:30GolderI've updated and attached the latest strings for Greek here:
16:41:47GolderI hope you'll include it soon so it will go into the release. Have a nice week.
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16:50:35fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 1925d04, 281 builds, 12 clients.
16:51:52gevaerts__builtin: will you still update the 3.15 branch with?
16:52:01gevaertss/with// :)
16:53:06gevaertsI mean, some of the changes in master after the branch look like things that should be in the branch
16:55:26gevaertsBy the way, if people need a patch from flyspray and you get an incomplete file, try:
16:55:33gevaertscurl −−http1.0 -OJ −−ignore-content-length
16:56:11gevaertsThat will still have the junk at the start, but for patches that seems to be harmless. It does get the complete file though, which is what counts
17:10:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1204 seconds.
17:10:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 1925d04 result: All green
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21:27:45__builtingevaerts: yeah, I'll merge in the new stuff
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21:57:10cockroach__builtin: so euhm, is there an official way to get a patch uploaded to
21:57:30cockroachas in, some crazy complicated process? or just poke someone on irc? :)
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22:46:48__builtinpoke one of the swedes
22:46:57__builtinzagor[m] or bagder
22:46:59__builtinor email them
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