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#rockbox log for 2019-11-14

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03:21:10__builtinhmm... here's a neat project:
03:21:17__builtinthat'd be interesting to port
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06:05:37mendelmunkisI thought about it a month ago and decided that any backend rockbox can handle is probably already emulated.
06:29:31__builtingood point.. but we're limited only by memory, right?
06:30:12mendelmunkisand emulatable speed
06:38:11__builtinnot if you're patient enough :)
06:39:09mendelmunkisI'm not that desperate to play n64 games on my clip plus.
06:39:31__builtinmost of our targets have MMUs, so swapping is possible
06:39:47__builtinI didn't say it'd be a *good* idea, just a neat one
06:40:17mendelmunkisIm with you I'm almost tempted to do it just to see if I can.
06:40:29mendelmunkisI just dont want to kill my sds to fast.
06:41:17mendelmunkisalthough now I'm curious if my flash would outlast a ps1 game.
06:44:13__builtinthe PS1 has 3MB total RAM+VRAM, so we might not even need to swap
06:44:23__builtinespecially on something like ipod6g
06:44:51mendelmunkisIf I build it will you commit it?
06:45:07mendelmunkisnot that i'm making any promises.
06:45:34*__builtin won't make any promises either
06:45:50__builtinbut, I mean, I committed Quake, right?
06:49:46__builtinPS2 might be possible without swapping, too
06:50:07__builtin36MB of memory
06:50:26mendelmunkis__builtin: once libretro gets there ps2 backend working properly maybe.
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15:32:55PrinceKyleI'll need to run it quite a bit more to confirm, but my SD problems seem to be limited to a single chip that I own. I just purchased a new one, and it has no problems since about an hour and a half. Oddly enough, the problem SD was branded as Transcend, a known name brand, but the one that is working is branded as Silicon Power, not near as well known, but priced better than most other chips this size curren
15:36:36PrinceKyleMy problem with the Transcend did reoccur roughly an hour after I started using it in the ClipZip, and now appears to cut off in the ClipPlus as well. So just seeing how it works, as I just reformatted the Silicon Power, copied the files to it and have been using it for about an hour and a half in the ClipZip with no issues.
15:39:05PrinceKyleJudging by the performance so far, this may not be a Rockbox bug after all, but is more likely some kind of bug in the onboard controller or similar.
15:43:06PrinceKyleUnfortunately there's not much else I can use to test this Transcend SD. It seems to work without any issues in various USB readers, but nothing else I have other than phones can see it at all, and my phones that can see it already have 128GB adopted SD's.
15:44:21PrinceKyleBut if this Silicon Power keeps working, then I'm fairly certain that my issue is hardware related.
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16:49:30_BilgusPrinceKyle, thanks for the update. I decided it was the card (last month? :p ) Did you ever do any of the fake sd testing on it?
16:50:28PrinceKyle_Bilgus: Yes. It checks out.
16:51:57_BilgusAt least 128Gb cards have gone down down some since but that still sucks
16:52:14PrinceKyleThe long delay was due to the fact that all my other cards that size are in use, and I was only able to purchase this one this week.
16:53:06PrinceKyleThis one was only $13.50 USD, about the same price 64GB was 3 to 4 months ago. So it's all good.
16:55:02_BilgusI used to get all kinds of bad sd and flash drives but its been quite awhile since I have knock on wood
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16:56:25PrinceKyleYeah I've used this brand for a bit over a year, and my first one, which has been adopted as internal in a phone, is still working perfectly. The price, performance and reliability are all good.
16:57:10PrinceKyleAnd I can say the new one is still working without any problems in the ClipZip after more than 2 hours.
17:00:45PrinceKyleSilicon Power also has 256GB cards available, but the sweet spot is still 128 for now. 256 is still more than twice the price of 128, priced at $30 USD.
17:01:25PrinceKyleI'm fairly certain Rockbox can handle those, but the phones I have for now I think only handle up to 128 in software.
17:02:33PrinceKyleI wanted to put this one in my rather old camcorder, but its software doesn't like anything larger than 32. So I put it in my ClipZip, and I'm glad I did.
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23:10:56__builtingevaerts: can you or I delete the rbutil_1.4.1 tag?
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23:28:00__builtinI'm building windows and linux binaries only for 1.4.1, and I'll point mac users to 1.4.0 or user890104's build if they have ipod6g
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